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Assalamualaikum …

Huhuhu..the story of Europe trip is almost to the top. We are heading to the last destination Frankfurt. 1st day at Germany we just stopped at Frankfurt airport then continued on the train to Munich. But this time we will explore Frankfurt red. Our flight from Budapest to Frankfurt smooth jer.

Frankfurt the airport is very busy. Time we want to take the train to the city, people are excited because people want to go back to work. Until jer Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof I was shocked mixed with panic. Throughout the trip it felt safe and secure at any station, but the opposite happened Frankfurt ni. To get out of the subway chest was beating fast. All kinds of negative things in my mind at that time. To wait for the turn to climb the escalator is a good time. When you turn on the escalator, all kinds of people rush up and down from the right side of the escalator. My handbag is tight. I noticed the people coming down the opposite escalator..everything was swarming. Scary giler looks like every human being I see.

Arriving up and out of the Hauptbahnhof, beggars roamed. The appearance of every human being outside the Hauptbahnhof once again scared me. I noticed my sis was like a cuak … hahaha. He walked fast to our hostel not far from there. I chuckled. The area is busy New York..tudiaaa …New seems to have arrived..hahahah.

The atmosphere was dark at that time..we walked through the crowded people in New ...Frankfurt. At the same time want to avoid beggars again. We follow jer google map to to Five Elements Hotel Frankfurt. Persistently pulling luggage on the sidewalk of the building. Encountered a group of people like drug addicts. Play drugs open like that … ish. Then he went to the front of the building that looked like a brothel. Ohh My God..scary very much. In many countries in Europe I have been to..this is the 1st time I feel very scared.

This is our room for 3 nights at Frankfurt. Ignore that indecent cartoon..hahahha.

Satisfied with the condition of the room..shower here is really satisfied with the shower..water speed..hehehe. Only the lights in the toilet are a bit dim. We didn’t go out anywhere that night. We also bought dinner. Don’t worry if you stay area Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, a lot of halal food. Groceries selling halal ingredients are also available.

2nd day di’s time to explore this city. See the subway map..pening … hahhaa. But with him there is my sis, InsyaAllah I am not afraid of anything … hehehe.

1st place we went to was Old Town or known by name Romer. Because it is still early in the morning and also winter … people do not even have this time. The place I took this picture is not Romer but a building near Romer.

Before exploring Romer … we had breakfast first.

Taraaa … here it is Romer. It tastes good Frankfurt ni, this place jer kut best because this beautiful old building. By the time we got to this area, a group of Chinese people had arrived. The style is like a group with dorang..hahaha.

Having photographed this area, we entered a souvenir shop in this area. Coincidentally, there is tourist information in that area..even go and ask what is the best place for us to come..unfortunately there are not many. We do not serve those museums.

Finally we decided to walk to take a picture at the big Euro sign. Meanwhile, when we found a beautiful building, we stopped taking pictures.

I believe this tree produces beautiful flowers spring this a cherry tree ??

It feels like this building is more beautiful than Romer.

Old Town Frankfurt

We had a walk, finally we reached the modern building area.

Here i am …

Hehehe …

Finally we both don’t know where else to go..hahaha. There are not many attraction places in Frankfurt..for me, Frankfurt is a bit boring. Me and my sis think I have an idea of ​​how I want to end our trip with that bored feeling … wait for the story … jeng jeng jeng ..

We went back to our hostel area to look for lunch. Finally we chose to eat salad and falafel. I forgot about this restaurant. Just a few lots from our hostel. This falafel and salad set is really delicious. We just both share this plate and it never ends.

Dusk view from the room window.

Our dinner that night we planned to eat Pakistani food. Unfortunately all the side dishes are lamb. We both really don’t eat lamb. Finally we just tapau nasi with veggie curry and then went again to the next restaurant to buy falafel that we had lunch earlier. Falafel seems to be an additional side dish. Throat like not long ago I wanted to eat our food stock..hehe.

I’m full..we start discussing what to do tomorrow. Anyway we got from another place a little outside of Frankfurt. I have indeed made notes of places that are 1 to 2 hours from Frankfurt. Discuss had a discussion finally my sis agreed with my idea to go Heidelberg. At the same time my sis continued to buy online bus tickets to get there early tomorrow morning. I’m happy even though there is zero info about that place. The note I made was just the name of the place from a distance of time Frankfurt…Hahahaha. I want to study that night but I am very sleepy … so we trust what we will go through tomorrow.

Look forward to my last entry on earth Europe ni ye … do we enjoy our last moment at Germany??? Wait for my entry 🙂


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