Winter Travel Tips

Assalamualaikum ..

This is an opportunity..I want to share useful tips for everyone. Because I had the opportunity to Hokkaido, Japan in the winter, so I will share tips based on my experience lah ye. Check it out…

1) Cost

I can say trips during the winter require quite a bit of cost. How to overcome the burden of buying various necessities during the trip, please buy goods in stages. For example, once you get a salary, buy 1 item such as a jacket. Next salary buy boots and so on. Those who have a lot of money are no problem. Anytime you want to shop for goods, you will immediately have no problem.

2) Fatigue

The luggage bag of our bag will not function if it is pulled when there is snow under it. The snow will stick to the wheels will cause us to pull a heavy load. You have to look around to find a hotel you can’t’s really painful. This is what I said when we just arrived in Hokkaido. To avoid this problem, take a cab. If you can stand it, make sure you know how to find a hotel so that you do not torture yourself.

3) Shoes

There must be boots !!! Recently to Hokkaido, it feels like wearing sport shoes is ok. Once feet seem to freeze when I keep walking in the cold. Luckily my sis told me to bring boots that I originally wanted to wear when going to the site only. If there is more space in the luggage..I will bring it too. at Guilin..our money in RM70 kut. Hehehehe

Avoid wearing spot shoes yeee

4) Mobile

I heard from Azian sister that he went to Kashmir time winter kut..handphone he was busy off. After he puts the portable charger, it can be turned on. I think maybe the reason is very cold. So, the mobile phone will turn off on its own. It did happen to me. I use this method. Buy hand warmer. If you buy from Daiso, you can get 1 pack in 4 pcs kut..I forgot it. Put the hand warner in the handbag and the edge of the mobile phone. In other words we heat the mobile turns out my mobile phone is hot and does not turn off on its own.

5) Warmer

Do not buy a lot of hand warmers. Sometimes you don’t have time to put your hands in your pocket..if you put it in a glove it is not difficult … later you want to open the glove, it falls off .. Buy a lot of body warmer It was very helpful. Stick on the back of the shirt.

An example of a hand warmer

6) Skin care

To prevent dry and cracked lips and wounds, please prepare lip balm. When you are in the room to sleep that night, apply it on the lips and the outer area of ​​the lips. Also provide moisturizer cream. Apply when you want to sleep and also when you want to go out on the streets. I put my whole body. I use Himalayan’s really good. My body does not feel dry and I feel comfortable.

7) Cold

If possible, please buy a jacket with a hood. When the snow is falling… grips the brain. Breathing is not enough. I can’t even talk. Even though I wear a really doesn’t help. And one more..wear long jonh. I used to go to London, I bought a long john, but I was not comfortable wearing it. So when in Hokkaidopun I do not use. Seriously I really can’t stand the cold.

8) Coffee

Coffee is a drink that can warm the body. Vending machines in Japan are everywhere. I just found out that there is a vending machine in which there are hot drinks in cans. Hahaha..jakun betul. Besides drinking coffee..can he hold the hot drink can.

9) Snap Photo

Cool hands when removed from gloves to snap photo from mobile phone ?? If it’s a camera, even a hand in love doesn’t want to snap a photo. If a mobile phone ?? Now there are gloves that can touch the mobile phone screen. No need and want to open the glove for mobile touch. But for iphone users, you can use the volume button to snap. I once experienced a very cold situation in Otaru. The hand inside the glove does not function. If you want to press the camera button, you will not be able to bend your finger. For this situation, there is no solution … hahahaha.

10) Underground Station

In Sapporo for example, there are underground stations that have so many exits. We just need to walk through the underground to any attraction places around Sapporo. This way we can reduce the cold a little. There must be someone saying …’s gone winter time..must he treat the snow view like that. Ni walks in the underground pulak. Alaa…. I like how comfortable he is. Follow suit.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Hari Raya, I apologize to my blog readers and friends who occasionally visit my blog..hehehe. I returned to Penang..uols ?? Be careful on the road yeee ..

This used to be from me..I’m old enough to meet again … baiii

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