Travel and Food: Tokyo (Japan)

Assalamualaikum ..

This Tokyo entry is about to end. Although this Tokyo trip was in December last year, the memory is still fresh. Despite the trip 6 years ago, thankfully every memory is still engraved in my memory. The atmosphere and fresh air that is inhaled is still felt to this day. Want to know tips on how to make a memory stuck in the mind and in the soul ?? As people say memorable trips. Happy jer..the answer is by writing. Write like me for example. When I wrote the story a few months ago, surely that beautiful memory can come to life. A feeling that is difficult to express.

Next tip, live your beautiful moment. How to do it ?? Hmm..for me, if we have reached the places we want to go, sit calmly and appreciate the beauty of the place. Thank God for giving me the opportunity to see the world of His creation. Don’t let it be because he is busy tapping the camera or cell phone button … he is busy posing nonstop. Just take a moment to appreciate the condition of the place as well as the air you breathe. The mind that captures the atmosphere is better than the one recorded by your camera. Easy right ?? This is what I used to give tips. Let’s go back to the original thing I wrote this entry …

13 Dec 2016 … that was our last day in Tokyo. Our activity that day was just relaxing in the garden and eating seafood at Tsukiji Market. Yen money is still a lot because I don’t do much shopping. For me, I do not like shopping in Japan, it is very expensive. That morning we went to Ueno Park. Ueno Park ni cun giler time spring..boleh tengok sakura. The time I went here was just to see the cherry tree branches..hahaha. Let’s serve a photo …

Can you imagine the trees are full of cherry blossom ?? That day the weather was very cloudy. It was raining when we were on our way to airport.

All the lotus trees are dry …

Lalang …

Flowers …

Trees …

Pagoda ..

The middle mamat for eating this cat looks like something a little wrong. From then on, his voice echoed in Ueno was weird at that time..why did this sucker scream? Apparently he was calling these cats to eat. See..this cat is fat. I passed by while snapping this photo..once he attacked me I told him to go far away. Maybe I’m scared to make the cats run away. I’m afraid to look at this sucker … hehehe. In this park I met 2 to 3 people who don’t seem to want to be right..I’m also scared.

Why do people call this red gate

The road has a road in this park, suddenly found an area where the dry leaves fill the ground. My dream of taking a picture while sitting on dry leaves has finally been achieved..hehehe.

I feel so is my last day at Tokyo 🙁

I is sukeeee …. hehehe

These shoes are used for travel, for jogging, for zumba and playing badminton..hopefully next trip I want to buy new shoes..hehehe

When we wanted to go to Ueno Station, we stopped at a shopping street not far from the station. I still haven’t bought any souvenirs for my officemate at that time. What kind of souvenirs do I have … I love it … I can’t afford it. My officemate is not one or two..many are very dong. Suddenly I heard this uncle was in the middle of selling’s unique how this uncle sells snacks. You look at the video below, you know how interested I am to buy. I bought a snack from my uncle as a souvenir for my officemate … hahaha. That’s because I can afford it..let’s serve the video …

With 1000 Yen, I also get a lot … the DARS chocolate is very tasty. When I come back here, I use apps to check the ingredients of each snack. If you have any worries, I will share it with a Chinese officemate.

From the room early in the morning I was planning to go to Tsukiji Market to eat seafood. Tsukiji Market we just made an option jer if all our places had time to cover. When we go to the market thats that means we have covered all the places we want to go … yahoooo. 5 days 4 nights we are in Tokyo we can cover many interesting places in Tokyo. Trip this time we do not feel tired or force ourselves to cover various places.

It is very easy to identify the direction to Tsukiji Market when we exit from Tsukiji Station. How to do it … look at the direction people are walking … haaa..that is the direction to Tsukiji Market..hahahaha. He just got out of the station..he has reached the destination … haa..hamikk. Humans are like the ocean … amboi, that’s the assumption hehehe. We imagine Tsukiji Market as big as Nijo Market in Sapporo nuu haa. But completely wrong. Tsujiki Market is 20 times Nijo Market. Clever jer..but the’s really huge. Humans huddled together. Sometimes I am squeezed and almost separated from my sis. This market does not smell bad and is very clean.

Stall selling countless food … confused my mind to choose it. I was looking for a stall that not only serves raw seafood. Enough if the seafood is roasted for a while. Search and keep searching until dizzy. While searching..I picked up my cell phone camera to snap what was sold there

This is the appearance of wasabi before sagat

Fish eggs..nyummy

My feet stopped walking when I saw the deliciously decorated mochi. I bought a jer. The dream of eating after lunch. The mochi area hallway is stuck when other people stop to buy..hahaha … not ashamed to imitate..hahaha. Eh..I forgot about lunch when I got mochi … let’s look for lunch

Wow..tuna head

Wow … scallop with sea urchin..gluppp … this is my regret. As a result of wanting to save my stomach for lunch, I had to forget to try this..huarghhhh

Finally we found a small restaurant in the middle of another small restaurant. This is the restaurant we are looking for. There is a digrilled seafood menu. Thank you very much. We both don’t like raw seafood. I’ve tried it..then vomited. You can’t eat raw. Let’s see what we eat …

Seafood heaven uolsss … there is salmon, shrimp, tuna, regular squid and octopus. So fresh. It is not in vain to gather in this market..hehehe. Our place to sit was very comfortable.

Satisfaction of the last day in Tokyo … muahahaha

Time for dessert !!!! This mochi is very sedappppp … the strawberry is manisssss..there is a custard inside. Travel and food cannot be separate from me !!!

Poyo !!!

(o_o) /

Even though I was full, I forced myself to eat this rolled egg … I didn’t calm down at all when it came to eating … whose son is it?

We are full, we are still looking at the clock..there is still a lot of time. Discuss have a discuss, we decide to go to Shinjuku. Actually, I didn’t even go because Shinjuku is a luxury shopping place..but I just want to treat my eyes because I don’t know where to go. While walking to the station, someone reprimanded us. Apparently he offered to take us shopping area around Tokyo. There is a mini bus parked on the side of the road waiting for customers. Several pamphlets were given to us. He recommended us shopping at a complex that sells halal food. If he knows we want to go to Shinjuku, continue to promote the mall area there. Apparently amoi who is not amoi very much is like a promoter. The best thing is he provides transport. We were lucky at that time … no need to bother to walk far and up and down the train..hahaha.

We took the mini bus happily. We were greeted by the driver with respect..respect the driver’s brother. Amoi tak amoi sangat tu sikit-sikit boleh speaking english. So we share our experience for 5 days and 4 nights. At the last moment we in Tokyo can also see the view from inside the mini bus. Tokyo is very clean and not even an hour. Nearly half an hour we also went for a walk for free..hehehe.

Introduced amoi tak amoi who took us to Shinjuku. Thank you so much. He showed me the mall that read Loax for us to enter. He left us right in front of the mall. There is no compulsion for shopping at the mall. He is ready to take the streets to Isetan and various other malls around there. The toilet in the mall is very clean. In the middle of shopping with my sis..then I just thought of something. Isk we ni, do not think directly scared amoi and amoi tu and brother driver tu kidnap us both. Very easy to believe. But Alhdulillah nothing passed. All of you, if you find a mini bus upstairs, don’t be afraid to get on it. InsyaAllah nothing will pass.


With this story in Tokyo is over. All my info and experience can be used as a reference for you who need it. I really like Japan. If given the chance, I will go to Japan again. I really want to stay longer in Lake Kawaguchiko, I want to visit the garden and park in Tokyo maybe in the spring and I want to eat to my heart’s content at Tsukiji Market.

After traveling many times, I learned a lot right..among them: –

  • I think I am more mature in life right now. I feel confident to challenge myself to choose a more challenging country or place to explore.
  • Ever heard the phrase “travel like a local”? Sometimes I unknowingly what I do every day while in the country of people is like their daily routine as well. Take public transport, eat local food, chat with local people as if I am not a tourist, relax like them, walk alongside local people no matter where you are. Unconsciously I already like local worries..know where to go..feel normal..feel comfortable. A feeling that is difficult to express.
  • So far I am more aware..when we are traveling, do not rush and do not force ourselves to cover all the interesting place..just do according to your own ability. If not, we will face various problems. For example, tired, exhausted, sick, no mood and etc. And as a result, we will not get a memorable trip. Tranquility is the key to making a trip smooth .. chaos makes the trip miserable.

This is where I used to chat. If I have a writing mood, maybe I will continue the Langkawi entry. There are still 2 months for the next trip. I haven’t studied anything yet … hehehe

Sayonara ….

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