Travel and Food: Tokyo, Japan

Assalamualaikum …

Long time no see … hmmm. The story about Langkawi I hold first is ek. I have no idea how to write so much. Ni haa there is a new story..hehehe. This one doesn’t know yet, there is no idea to write. Entry ni just into dulu lah ek.

I just came back from Tokyo yesterday morning. Tokyo is my second trip to Japan this year. Earlier this year I went to Hokkaido. It was in Hokkaido that I saw snow for the first time in my life. And in Tokyo it was the first time I could see autumn. Infinite gratitude to the Divine Majesty who gave me the opportunity to witness both seasons.

I first shared some photos that are not as big as this. All my photos are snapped using my phone only because I forgot to bring a camera 🙁

Golden leaves at Euno Park

Red leaves at Meiji Park

Night at Akihabara

Sunny day at Imperial Palace

Sunrise at Mount Fuji. View from Lake Kawaguchiko

There are many sweet events in this trip. Even for a moment on this Japanese earth, the experience I had was very, very unforgettable. Look forward to the next story from me ye;)

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