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Assalamualaikum ..

With this begins the stories about Tokyo, Japan … hehehe. Hopefully I do not delay the entry until the story has become stale..hehehe. All this time I have been listening to people say that the cost of going to Japan is expensive..if you have experienced it yourself, it will not be very expensive. With that, I feel like going to Japan every year..hehehe. As always, every time I trip, I must go with my sis jer. Plan to go in the last 2 months. While relaxing, I asked my sis ..

Me: Is there any place that can see autumn this year? And long wanted to see.

My sis: Tokyo !!!!

Me: Huh? Japan again? It was only the beginning of the year that I went to Hokkaido, then I also went to Osaka and Kyoto during the festival. (My sis really likes Japan to deliver for a solo trip recently)

My sis: Alah, let’s go..we promise we will spend in RM2k – RM2.5k like that.

Me: Hmm..ok ok.

Then when it comes to costing, our budget is reasonable. Without thinking long, we continue to buy flight tickets. Selangor should have a long 4 day direct holiday in conjunction with Maulidur Rasul and the birthday of the Sultan of Selangor. I just applied for 2 days off only. This trip is a bit short, but what can I do because it is a holiday that I can apply due to a lot of work in the office. I also want to reserve leave for another trip because my manager has warned, no more unpaid leave.

The purpose of going to Tokyo is to see autumn, but the time we chose to go to Tokyo was a bit late. The month of December should have entered winter. When looking at any website about autumn in Japan, the average shows the beginning of December and the end of autumn. Our hope then is, there is still autumn left that we can see. Wait for the next story is we have the opportunity or not through the autumn experience in Tokyo 🙂

We have no choice but to choose a flight. Only Air Asia offered a cheap price at that time, in the RM1k return. The spirit of wanting to see the dried leaves has a purpose, close your eyes and buy a ticket..hehehe. Our flight departs at 3.30pm and arrives at Haneda Airport at 10.30pm Japan time (Japan fast 1 hour from Malaysia). From my reading from other blogs, many are worried that they will not have time to take the train to the city because it is a bit late and the immigration process is slow. There are bloggers overnite at the airport and some take the hotel near the airport. What happened to us that night was the opposite. The process of going through immigration is very short. What to do after passing immigration?

1) Walk forward a little will find tourist information. Please take the appropriate pamphlet.

2) Ask the amoi who is in charge of the counter how to use free wifi.

3) Go to the machine that allows us to register free wifi. Not far from the tourist information

4) Not far from that place, you can see a machine to buy a monorail ticket. Follow the signboard where you want to wait for the monorail. No need to walk far.

Machine to register free wifi. Easy jer..follow the steps that are displayed on the screen

My sis has booked a room in the Higashi-jujo area. His name is Hotel Flexstay Inn. From the airport we take the monorail and stop at Hamamatsucho Station. From that station we had to change up the JR line. This is the time when there is a cultural shock. Even though it was almost 12 midnight, people were flocking. Dah la dengan luggage bag bagai, terkedek-kedek nak naik tangga..sesak betul nafas time tu..hahahha. When you want to change from monorail to JR line, you have to go up and down the be ready. No need to leave the station.

Look at the crowd all wearing thick jackets. I only wear jeans that are not that thick. In my heart I wonder, is it very cold ?? Look in the weather forecast in 10 – 16 deg. I did not even bring a winter jacket. Continue reading the next entry, can I survive the cold conditions in Tokyo?

Ready to save in your phone the steps to get to the hotel.

Before going to Tokyo, please be ready to save the route train that we need to take so that we do not look for it later. Already boarded the JR train, wait until Higashi-Jujo Station. There are also many 9 stops like that. The journey from the airport to this hotel is about an hour as well. From Higashi-Jujo, we just walked in 2 minutes until we reached the hotel. It’s close to Giler.

Entering the room, my sis continued to feel frustrated. The appearance of the room is not the same directly from the picture in That room looks bad. Then I’s ok. I did not feel the appearance of that room before. I checked the whole room..everything looks ok even though it looks bad. Mattresses, pillows and sheets are all nice. The toilet was clean. Toilet combined with bidet tau … hehehe. There is a sink outside the toilet. There are more than 4 plug points. A closet to store items is also provided. There is nothing wrong with this room. After convincing my sis that the room is more than ok..just she can accept. If not, he wants to change the hotel..hehehe.

The towels provided are clean and have no unpleasant odors

The color of the curtain that makes this room look bad..hahaha

Clean toilet

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. Time to wait for my sis to arrange to check in, I had a chat with a Terengganu minah who also wants to stay at the hotel. I made a little dialogue ye..hehehe

Me: How many days have you been here?

Minah Terengganu: It’s been 4 days.

Me: How many people are coming? (the nature of my body bz is really extreme..hehehe)

Minah Terengganu: All 10 people. The others are packing up tomorrow, they want to check out, then they want to check in at the airport area. Both of you? How many days are you here?

Me: A’a both jer. Ok no room here?

Minah Terengganu: Kecik giler..1st time I sat in camni’s small room. The man was fierce .. (while he showed a Japanese man who entertained my sis to check in)

Me: Kitaorg came here to see autumn… is there anything else ??

Minah Terengganu: Some more. I just got back from Mount Fuji this afternoon. I did not see Mount Fuji. Remember there is snow, no snow. Tired jer. Friends in Korea can now see the snow. The skin becomes completely dry. (Disappointment radiated from her face). The goods here are very expensive. Stupid t-shirts are already RM40 more than our money. Key-chains and fridge magnets are one to tens of our ringgit. (I’m not very surprised about that because in Hokkaidopun the price is like that. If I want to buy souvenirs from people, it is not possible for me to buy them. For myself, maybe I will buy them)

Me: If you want to see snow, you have to go to Hokkaido. Now there is snow.

Minah Terengganu: Is it far from here?

Me: Far away..want to get on a flight. Take the train for about twelve hours. (I’m a little jerlah..heheeheh)

After a little chat with him, I was worried that I would not be able to see Mount Fuji. People say it is quite difficult to see Mount Fuji clearly. Sometimes covered by clouds. Wait for the next entry as well to know the end that we can see or not Mount Fuji..hehehe.

That night I could not sleep much..that was the 1st day at people’s place. Want to adjust the place tido need time..hehee. Can’t wait to visit the park the next day. According to the weather forecast, the weather was sunny for our 1st 3 days in Tokyo and it rained on our last day.

Wait for the next entry. Bai

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