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Assalamualaikum …

See you again in the 2nd entry. The 2nd day in Tokyo just started the day for us to explore the largest city in Japan and also the capital of Japan. Everyone knows that Tokyo is one of the busiest cities in the world and also has a very efficient transport system. If we just hear the story about Tokyo, we must not be able to imagine very much. Need to see for yourself how busy this city is.’s similar to Wikipedia pulak bercerita … hehehe.

Early that morning we plan to visit the park first. Amboi … early in the morning I want to look for dried leaves..hehehe. The first place we will go is, Yoyogi Park. Get out of the hotel … how cool it is. Every time the wind brings a lot of cold. I shiver too. I don’t want to bring a winter jacket. My sis ordered but I was stubborn not to bring it..hehehe.

When it was noon, the atmosphere of the hotel area was a little clear. Wahh … JR station near Giler. A minute because the road has arrived. Before starting the exploration, we bought a suica card first. It is very easy to buy the card. Everything needs to be done using a machine. This card will hold a deposit of 500 Yen. This card can be used for any transport such as JR train, subway, metro, monorail, bus and also at 7Eleven or any convenience store.

For starters we put in 2,000 Yen. Usable is 1,500 Yen. For recharge / top up and return card, everything needs to be done on the machine. Keep in mind, before boarding the monorail to the airport to return home, you must return this card and get a balance in the card with a deposit of 500 Yen tu ye !!! Like my case, remember you can make this process return card at the airport. So sad counter to return and close when we arrived at the airport. Finally had to buy water and snacks at 7Eleven. Now I still have the card. looks like I have to go to Tokyo again this time … hehehhe.

This is a machine to buy a suica card, top up and return card

Make sure to save this route in your phone.

That morning we used the JR train to get to the destination. The best thing is to take this JR train, we can see the view. If you take the subway, in the underground you do not see anything..hehe. What’s not best, it’s fun to stand. I was shocked to see that there were still trees with golden leaves. Can’t wait to get to the park then.

Out of Harajuku Station we continued to see a cafe across the street. To avoid walking in the park later, you need to charge first … hehehe. The toast is very soft and crispy on the outside. My satiety eats that bread..hehe. This cafe is very small .. had to huddle with other customers. Although sitting in a closed cafe..selamber jer dorang smoking. But there is a kind of smoke inhaler, so there is no feeling of shortness of breath in it.

Harajuku station which is conceptualized in Japanese architecture. Yoyogi Park located to my right ye. Please walk a little jer..when you find a crossing, please cross..that’s where it is located Yoyogi Park.

To enter this park, you need to go through this giant gate. The pole is probably as big as the hug of 3 people..hehehe. There is a shrine in this park. But I’m not interested in going there.

I don’t know what the barrels are looks unique because I feel like I want to take a picture … hehehe

Jumpa daun ni..excited dah..hehehe. Momiji leave is reddish, yellowish and orange. When you look in the park, the trees are all green leaves jer..hmmm … where are the reddish and yellowish leafy trees ?? Not far from the main path of the park, I saw as if there was a hut to enter another park. An entrance fee of 500 Yen is charged to enter the park. From a distance I saw the trees I really wanted to see. Without thinking long I kept asking my sis..hehehe.

Such paths are provided in this park. I was amazed to see this beauty. Very reconciling. The chirping of birds welcomed our arrival. The air inhaled is very fresh. Unexpectedly this very beautiful park outside there is a busy city.

I fall in love with autumn. I snapped all the photos from my phone. Left camera at home..on the way to the airport just remembered.

Can’t describe the beauty of this autumn in words. The blowing wind made the tree branches twitch. The dried leaves that left me stunned..O Allah..thank you for creating this great atmosphere. And I am grateful for this opportunity that You have given ..

The weather was very bad that day. I love clear blue sky 🙂

I love this view..dah macam wallpaper kan ?? Hehehe

The leaves here are totally dry.

There is a very calming lake here. If I stay in Japan, I will always come here for a picnic or hang out while reading a book.

There are fish in this lake. In my handbag there are biscuits..the shock for eating fish..hehehe

The grass became dry..My sis and I hung out for a while by the lake while letting the sun warm us for a moment. Although the atmosphere seems hot, but it is actually very cold. If the wind does not, it can also survive. When the wind blows … ouch..very cold.

Satisfied in the park, we moved out. Our next destination is Takeshita Street. Takeshita Street this is the opposite Harajuku Station. Enter jer in that street..aduhai manusia..double more than those who enter the park..hahahhaa. Kat park is more interesting than shopping kut..hehehehe. We came here for nothing and nothing else..I want to find food for lunch..hehehe. Every time I travel about this meal, it is a priority..must be enough 3 times a day..hahahaha. This street I am quite long in 1km – 2km so. Left and right are full of souvenir and clothing stores.

Many stores sell crepe shaped like this cone. I’m not interested in trying at all … it’s so sweet. Another for others … willing to queue up to buy this crepe.

I’m more interested in trying that brown one ..

When walking forward a little..alamak..this one looks delicious again. The chocolate dessert I bought has not bitten yet. When I said I wanted to buy this one sis was noisy. He does not like me wasting. That’s right, my sis also said..I had to forget my desire to buy this one..hehehe. Full of sweet food in Tokyo. Tell me I’m sick of looking at dessert..hahahha.

Coincidentally, I found halal food here. While walking, we saw someone holding an advertisement board restaurant. We saw a halal symbol on the board. Then we asked him where the restaurant was. Apparently there is a food court in the building in front of us. Need to go up 1st floor ye. It is difficult to know the place because there is no signboard. Please pay attention to the person holding board time through this street.

My sis ordered rice with chicken and there was potato mash. I also ordered japanese pancakes with chicken. Ala..this pancake is like selling at Jusco..there is flour, cabbage..the sauce on top is very tasty !!!

For the next entry I will share our experience in the next park 🙂

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