Travel and Food: Tokyo (Japan)

Assalamualaikum ..

Still the story of the 2nd day in Tokyo. Once satisfied to appreciate the beauty of nature in Yoyogi Park, we go to Takeshita Street. Already feeling calm in the park, began to feel the fibers crowded in Takeshita Street. After a full lunch in the area Takeshita Street, we decided to find the next peace. After all, our trip is to release tension, I have no intention of shopping.

Discuss have discuss finally we decided to look at ginkgo tree. At that time, the head of our two knees was shivering and the heels were sore..hahahaha. It was a bit persistent at that time, let us know because the JR train took us somewhere. The important thing is that time to sit and calm the shivering knees..hahaha.

We need to go to the area Icho Namiki where is the ginkgo tree located. We imagine the golden leafy trees in the park. Actually the rows of trees are just on the side of the road. I was quite within 1km and the length of the rows of trees. When we get out of the subway, we blur in which direction to go. But there is a small police station by the station. I also asked the police and was shown directions. Within 2-3 minutes walk arrives.

Until that sad, a lot of leaves have fallen. Looking at the height of the trees, you can imagine the beauty of the golden leaves are lush. Although most of the trees are still twigs, but the visitors there are not many.

Ginkgo leave form

Some trees still have leftover leaves that have not fallen..these trees are really high

When it reaches the end … eh..there is still a tree whose leaves are still lush..very beautiful. The color is more golden when exposed to twilight light. Finally we can also see the real condition of this ginkgo tree when the leaves have not yet fallen. I did not think it was true that only one tree was in this condition.

The day is getting dusk even though this time is only 5pm.

When we walked to the end, we decided to go back to the room first. Want to re-charge energy ..hehehe. I requested my sis to go out that night for dinner. We plan to go to the area Akihabara. Time on the way to our first day hotel, I saw the excitement of the lights in the area. So, I also want to see exactly the condition of the place. From our hotel just 1 line jer JR train nak ke Akihabara you.

When I was about to cross the road, I came across this dorang on the road..and the most excited was haa..the row of ginkgo trees..hehe.

Listen to the story of the place that is famous for its product animation. the past school time I was interested in sailormoon it’s not..hehe. We just walked without direction. Intention to find a place to eat. The road has a direct road to a convincing restaurant to enter. But finally we found a turkish food stall. Unfortunately there is no seat to sit and eat. It’s not comfortable to eat standing. But the stall owner said he had another restaurant that provided tables and chairs. He told his employees to send us. Within 5 minutes is also a walk. The employee is ready to ride a bike and we follow from behind hahaha.

From day to night we touch turkish food jer..hahaha

And time on the way to JR station, you can also have the opportunity to take a picture at this ginkgo it !!!

Found a bakery on the way to JR station..can he make breakfast for tomorrow.

Ended day-2 in Tokyo, the next day we will go Imperial Palace. I’m most excited to go Imperial Palace That is, I must have a garden or park in there. I like nature..I want to enter the long forest of mountains, I really can’t afford I just hope to enter the park … hahahaha.

See you next entry … ok !!!

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