Travel and Food: Tokyo (Japan)

Assalamualaikum ..

It’s almost new year..the time is passing quickly. Everyone, when it comes to the new year, must talk about the new resolve. I never want to be determined. Sometimes I do not have time to be determined because I am busy with work. Some people ask, are you busy with you have time to study when you want to travel? answer so easy. I have my sis..hahaha. Before and during the trip that exerted a lot of energy was my sis. 10 stars for my sis … hehehe. He is the best travel buddy (echeh … it’s like ever traveling with someone else … hahaha). My sis is the one who did a lot of survey flight tickets, hotels and so on. For itinerary often we will discuss together.

For expenses, I never want to know sometimes..hahaha. My sis just said rough cost that I need to spend … that’s all. When I got to any country, my sis took care of the payment. Me ?? Lenggang-kangkung..serve view … look at people. Is it bad ?? Hahahha. If you read my statement, sure say … how bad this blogger is..the streets are kid..but lazy..all sis he does..hahaha. My sis is an expert in management matters..and enjoy what she does and also the nature of her responsibilities as a person older than me. Most important thing, we enjoy the little things we do together.

In less than 4 months we will go to Europe sis is busy studying the places we will come across. My turn?? Busy with a new project..west coast highway … it’s stressful for me. This is the 1st time handling this big project. Hopefully the next Europe trip can release tension and add a new spirit to improve in career.

Eh..panjang pulak mukadimah..hahaha. We change to the original topic ye..our 3rd day in Tokyo we follow our itinerary to go Imperial Palace. From the hotel continue to follow the route guided by google map. We are very sure we will find any cafe area Imperial Palace. When I got out of the station, ouch..there was no cafe. We two are about to have a complete meal..hahaha.

Before leaving the room, you have to be ready to save this route in your mobile phone.

View from outside Imperial Palace..for the story behind this Imperial Palace please google it..hehehe.

At the entrance Imperial Palace. Entrance fee is free.

Just as I entered, I saw flowers here and there blooming. I did not expect that in winter I could see the flowers. Happy birthday. I love flowers..hahaha

It feels like I want to eat these little fruits..hahaha

Luckily the croissant you bought at Akihabara. Eating with anchovy sauce is the right thing to do. And again good luck inside Imperial Palace The garden has a hot drink machine and chairs for us to sit on. That day the weather was very sunny and refreshing. The wind did not blow as fast and cold as yesterday. The atmosphere is very comfortable. Dust croissant scattered on the floor attracted the attention of small birds. We seem to share food … hehehe. When we are full, we start exploration. The garden is spacious and clean.

There are not many people in the garden.

Love to see ginkgo leaves undulating blown by the wind

I like to look at the trees that live here

From this building we can actually see Mount Fuji..but not allowed in

Ripe leg bananas

Zoom in a bit

Although the heat looks very hot, the cold still feels even though I wear 1 t-shirt and 2 layers of jacket and 1 layer of windbreaker. We sat sunbathing for a while. Then more and more people are sunbathing on the dry meadow..hehehe. When I saw my sis as if she wanted to hang out in the field for a long time, I took the opportunity to snap sakura.

A cherry tree is because its flowers have blossomed even though it is not the whole tree. This tree not only attracted my interest, but other Japanese people as well.

We continued our journey to explore the garden all the way to the exit.

Satisfied properly appreciate the beauty of autumn. The weather was beautiful right with the blue sky without clouds and the atmosphere was quite calming. We also did not feel leg cramps for this trip except for heel pain due to standing a lot when standing on the train. Another trip before this, we always cramp. Then I just remembered, before the trip me and my sis always jogged early in the morning before going to the office. For those of you who will walk a lot when traveling, practice first by jogging. I just walked jer..not running like that, later my knee hurts … hehehee. Just half an hour a day ye.

My nex entry will tell a story about Tokyo Tower and also the shocking story of being shocked to Lake Kawaguchiko to see Mount Fuji. Bai ….

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