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Dah part 5..kira ok lagi lah ni sebab tak bertangguh lama sangat kan..hehehhe. Still story mori day 3 in Tokyo on 11 Dec 2016. After being satisfied at Imperial Palace, we decide to go Tokyo Tower. Just want to take a picture because we plan to go up Skytree. After all Tokyo Tower by ala-ala Sapporo Tower We’ve been to Hokkaido before, so you don’t even have to go. From Onarimon Station, we have to walk far too. On the way to Tokyo Tower, I noticed there was a cafe. The name of the cafe is very familiar. Oh yes … I keep remembering. Pain Le Quotidien, that’s the organic cafe I used to eat at Covent Garden, London. At that time I ate a very tasty scone. My sis doesn’t want to eat there, so I just take away muffins and bread.

The muffins and bread I bought were very tasty !!!

In the fence next to me, if I’m not mistaken, there is a shrine

I like to look at the blue sky … the twigs are left, the plague of cherry blossoms And can see little flower buds

This is our lunch … hehehe. We ate at the bottom of this Tokyo Tower. There are many souvenir shops here. I bought a Tokyo t-shirt worth 1000 Yen. Quite satisfied with the t-shirt because the fabric is soft ..

Pictured in the Tokyo Tower area for a moment jer then we passed from there..there is a Tokyo Tower area park. Our feet are shivering to we have to forget to enter this park.

Lawa lah bunga ni

View from the top of the pedestrian bridge on the way to the subway station

I’m a little tired of walking. Discuss have discuss my sis invite to Lake Kawaguchiko That time too. My eyes widened … hahaha. Why not, the time is already 2 to 3pm like that. If you want to go there, we have not booked any room. Of course it has to be overnight because from Tokyo to Lake Kawaguchiko takes about 2 hours. Saya utarakan some risks we have to face in terms of hotel, transport with us a piece of waist and so on. My sis convinced me that there was a hotel in the Lake Kawaguchiko bus station area. He also thought about staying in Lake Kawaguchiko, so he has a little info on where to stay.

To return to the hotel packing a little need is not enough time. It’s already 2pm. It got dark quickly at 4.30pm. At Shibuya we follow the folder that I have saved in my phone to go to the bus station. Get out of Shibuya aii manusia ramai giler. Everything is concentrated at the Shibuya crossing area. I’m really weird..crossing so many people are flocking. Regardless of the crossing that is said to be great, we headed to the building that houses the bus station. I’m not wrong 5th floor. Bus station on 5th floor ?? That’s right. Luckily for us, there is a bus to Lake Kawagichuko at 4pm. We still have an hour to buy anything worthwhile. There is a convenience store in the building. We buy the important je. Luckily I bought a time t-shirt at Tokyo Tower, it can be used for sleeping. My sis brought a bagpack, so she can put anything.

Japan is famous for its punctuality. We were a little worried waiting in the building. So we went out to the platform. The platform is also open type. Had to endure the cold. Looks like we are two people waiting for the bus at that we will not take the bus..hahaha. Not long ago there were other people lining up behind us. Ohh … there are many a dozen people like that. There is a grandmother next to us. Alaaa … forgot to take a picture with him. She is very cute … wearing a kimono and a small jer. At that time, there was an amoi like he wanted to take a bus to the airport..he was a bit of a fuss. Then my grandmother said something. How do we understand Japanese..when he laughs we laugh. We think he said something funny to me. He kind of asked we kinda he asked us where we want to go. Call it Lake Kawagichiko then he also called ohh Fujisan … home Fujisan. We know he wants to tell his house in the Mount Fuji area. Although it is a language problem we can still communicate … hehehe.

Bus ticket. From my reading, taking the bus is the easiest option to go to Lake Kawaguchiko. Why do we want to go to Lake Kawaguchiko ?? This is where you can watch Mount Fuji That majestic one.

The atmosphere was dark even though it was only 5pm. We got the front seat … had the opportunity to also see the atmosphere of Tokyo..if not fun to take the train and subway train jer.

This bus will go through the highway.

There was an event that I can not forget this time bus exit and headed to our destination. In the concentration of the night, I did not expect, I saw Mount Fuji.’s great. There were no lights on the top of the mountain and no moonlight. But I saw Mount Fuji. My heart jumped to see with my own eyes the beauty of the mountain. I really can’t wait to wait for the sunny day the next day.

This bus has a stop at several stations before reaching Lake Kawaguchiko. When we got to the station, we got off the bus shivering with cold. Extremely cool right. We hurried into the building. Suddenly we both blur pulak … hahahha. My sis plans to go K’s Guesthouse. But we do not have an address. My sis, go ask this sucker. Mamat is like a train station worker. I don’t know English very well. I already gabra that time..where do we want to sleep tonight? Suddenly I got an idea. I heard a lot of people doc call hotel pick-up. So I thought, we can come once if the hotel offers a cheap price. I approached the hotel staff, once he said the price of 1 night hotel would reach RM800. Increased my gabra..hahahha. Why not, I’m afraid that all hotels are priced like that.

I see there is a free wifi sign …. haa can connect internet. Quick screenshot address K’s Guesthouse. Keep looking for a’s less than 5 minutes to arrive. It’s a relief. I also read blogger stay at this guesthouse. Her comment is ok, that guesthouse is ok. If you ask about room with private bathroom, no. All that is left is a dorm and a separate bathroom. Amoi who served was good … we like it. Once this bearded mamat came..the way he spoke was very annoying. My sis almost wanted to stab my tongue with that sucker … at that time my gabra increased. Thinking of the cold outside made me feel like fainting if that night we had to be homeless..hahahhaha.

Tetiba..amboi tak abis-abis ada idea saya nih..hahaha. I saw a sign of free wifi in the guesthouse. I quickly connected the internet and entered booking-com. Just 1km from there there are hotels that offer good prices. I kept talking to my sis and without question my sis said let’s get away from here. Thank goodness. Amoi tu for directions to the hotel. Time walked out it was really dark. No street lights. The place seemed to die at night. We had to use a cell phone light to light the road … hahahhaa. Luckily for us … there is an empty room Royal Hotel Kawaguchiko. Let’s take a look at our very satisfied room.

Enter jer..I’m weird looking at these sheets as if they are not ready..hahahha. The one above is a blanket. I’m not sure if the glove looks like it’s ready..hahaha.

This hotel is indeed a Japanese stayle.

Like looking at this window..curtain replaced with this sliding lid. We leave this window like this so that we realize when it is sunny. We target to see the sunrise.

This shirt is in the closet..for a moment hahahha. This dress is available to wear when we want to take a hot shower called onsen. But when you take a shower, you have to remove all the clothes..and it’s free. We will not take a shower … hahahaha.

My gabra experience is over..hahahhaa. For the next entry, I want to tell the story Mount Fuji again. Baiii …

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