Travel and Food: Tokyo (Japan)

Assalamualaikum …’s too late to continue quoting the Tokyo article. Takpe..takpe..a little more to finish. Be a little patient because again … hehe. CNY leave is a bit long right? Like my office is off for almost a week. Guess ok also want to gi holiday anywhere. But I just spend time with my family in the village. If the time is 1 or 2 months, Europe is usually in the middle of winter. If you look at my trip2, mostly spring time. I love spring. There are flowers of various types and also colors … love it. If it’s summer, in our country you can also feel it..hahaha..just kidding. If winter is for me, once in a while it’s ok too. The reason is, I want to go skiing, I’m scared..when the snow is heavy, it’s windy..hahahha. Autumn pula..I think I fall in love with autumn. The end of this year hopefully can experience autumn again..aminnnnn.

Ok continue the story … after we returned from Kawaguchiku, we decided to look at that famous crossing …Shibuya Crossing. People say, the place to see the crossing is from Starbucks. Actually, I’m not even excited to see the crossing..hahaha..what is my priority at that time is to drink. After getting off the bus, very thirsty. Get in that Starbucks..may aii people lined up to buy drinks can withstand as well. We just order 1 mocha. I got the order..we went upstairs to find a seat. The upper floor was full of people until there were no seats. Luckily there is 1 seat next to the Japanese mamat. While my sis snap crossing, I was so drunk that I didn’t realize it was over. When my sis came..she was frustrated because the mocha was gone..hahaha. Then I said takpe I can buy again. Go down and buy another one. This time I want to ask for a little big cup. Unfortunately, unlike Malaysia, there are several cup sizes. Very tasty mocha kat situ.

My sis told me to cross then she snapped a photo from the top of the starbucks..hahhaa..I don’t want to..nape ntah feels like weird crossing like that so focus … hahaha. The photos below are all from my sis.

Very tasty mocha !!!

The appropriate time people say is the time people return to work. We had the opportunity to cross using that crossing. That’s why we had to cross because we wanted to go to the subway station. That time cross has a lot of picture docks..I’m really weird..hahaha.

After that we went to Tokyo Skytree red. We want to see the view of Tokyo City from this tower. Hmm..without planning, we have many places to see the big cities from above. Examples are Bangkok City from Baiyok Sky Hotel, London City from London Eye, Sapporo from Sapporo TV Tower and Soul City from Namsan Tower. Only did not have the opportunity to see Paris from the Eiffel Tower, Hong Kong City from The Peak. In fact, sometimes the unplanned thing is a wonderful experience.

Photo source: Skytree wesite.

This is what the Tokyo Skytree looks like..high right. You can see Mount Fuji from this tower, but we can see when it’s dark … you can see the building and the lights.

Because our time to Tokyo is near Christmas, you can see all kinds of decorations.

We arrived at a very cun time. Remember the crowd because they want to line up to buy tickets, apparently not at all. Everyone is waiting to see the lighting show. Alah..ala-ala projector tu. Various images will be reflected on the wall of this tower. The resulting music caused the condition of the area to resonate. Power is the show. Free jer..dap abis show ni, orang ramai pun bersurai. The crowd just wants to see the show. We continue the desire to go up to the tower

Taraaa..our ticket. No need to wait long to buy a ticket. Like any tower we climb, there will be an elevator guard. The elevator we boarded was really fast..until it didn’t feel like we were going upstairs using the elevator. Be amazed. Believe it or not, this Tokyo Skytree is the 2nd tallest tower after Burj Khalifa in Dubai… so fantasies pasni naik try naik Burj Khalifa pula..hehehe. Luckily the fantasies are free. Let’s look at the photo …

A rapidly developing city … Tokyo Tower nun at the end there is golden in color ..

The view from above is really awesome. The building looks organized

Ignore that tired and hungry face..hehehe

Shock look at this christmas tree

This tool seems to look at the view from the outside from the top of this tower.

Ancient Tokyo

Tokyo today

Mirror to look straight down … lol..gayatnyaaaa ..

Get off the Tokyo Skytree, we plan to stop by Asakusa. Due to just 1 jer station from Tokyo Skytree station, we decided to go to Asakusa with the intention of looking for dinner.

While waiting for the train to arrive, we took the time to snap the train.

Nilah JR train..let’s go up

This is where the shopping is. Many shops are closed, but there are still many visitors.

Many restaurants are still open. Swallow saliva look at this ridiculous food..gluppp ..

This time I’m not wrong, it’s already 8 pm. I forgot..look at the wrong picture as if my blog reader who is now in touch with me via FB, this place is crowded right the time he left. But when it’s over … it’s quiet.

Suddenly I came across this shop … the employees of this shop are still busy cooking fish cakes with the essence of black beans even though many other shops have closed.

There are two cores for this fish shaped cake. I forgot the name of the bean used to produce another yellow core.

This cake is very tasty … I asked for something freshly cooked..hehehe

This cake is very tasty

The main motive here is for dinner. Many restaurants are not suitable for us to enter. We arrived in front of the restaurant downstairs..if you look at the menu, everything is seafood. But it is not that easy for us to enter..need to be really sure right. When I asked the waiter, I did not understand English at all. My eyes darted to the kitchen area. Once I made eye contact with the Indian hero chef..hahahaha. Keep calling me. He also came. I’m sure he can speak. I have a dialogue more or less camgini…“Do you serve meat here?Then he replied, “No, all seafood. Don’t worry.”

“Do you know about muslim?” ask me again. “Yes” replied the mamat. I’m relieved. Then I asked again. “Do you know we need to eat halal food?” Then he said yes again. I am more relieved..hahaha. Then we entered the restaurant with such joy, soul and body.

It’s nice because I want to find this restaurant … there is an aquarium in which there are various fish.

No need to order water..we will be given free tea !!!

Isn’t my food merry ?? hehehe. Mostly the food here is tempura. I ordered ell tempura. There are sekor prawns and some types of vegetables. Ell tu besar giler..tak larat nak habis. My sis red order seafood mix.

That night I slept in exhaustion and satiety..hehehe. Finally, the intention to eat tempura was achieved. Tomorrow we will go home. For the next entry I will share our last activity in Tokyo…

Sayonara !!!

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