Travel and Food: Thailand (Lopburi) Day 2

Assalamualaikum …

Hey all. Meet us again for the story of the 2nd day in Bangkok which is 11 Dec 2014. The night before that I was ready to set the alarm from my phone to wake up at 4am. The reason we will start the trip to Lopburi at 5am. Ntah drunk what ntah..I can forget the phone has not changed the Thai time which is 1 hour late from Malaysia. So, at 3am I woke up and took a shower … hahahaha. When I came out of the sis said..hey..just 3 o’clock more..nape fast I really want to be ready … hhahhaha. We laughed that morning blind … hahahaha. I don’t want to have to do it again..right stupid.

As promised..we are ready to go downstairs to wait for Samart to come. As I told you before

entry, Samart ni my sis take her contact number from the blog Contact No. is + 6681-699-3221 or + 6689-442-5114. It should be noted … he knew how to speak english fluently but, do not know how to read watsup in the Malay language or Bahasa Inggeris. If you want to contact him easily, please continue to call or voice message from watsup. Samart is when it sounds like Samat..but he is not a Muslim..hahaha.

After Samart grabbed us, he stopped in front of 7Eleven because he wanted to buy something. I asked my sis to please buy mineral water and woods because my throat is starting to hurt. Soon my sis returned to the Samart cab. Apparently Samart was shopping for mineral water and he said in the cab he had a sore throat medicine. That’s right. Samart is friendly but not bz body … that’s what we like about him. One more thing … he is not the type to try to persuade us to add money to go anywhere else. And he is ready to highlight that he is not a sweet mouth. The 2500 Baht we paid was supposed to go to Lopburi jer..but last minute I requested to stop by Ayutthaya, he did not add the fee.

While driving Samart ni cter la..he and the father of Mawar tudung Fareeda are good friends. Ready to show Mawar’s name card. 1 album name card of Malaysians he has..hahaha. Mostly are policemen. The thing he is most proud of is … he knows the younger brother of the Sultan of Johor..hahaa. Dasyat tul acquaintance him. I asked him to say wither cmner know … he said he sat Brunei 2 tahun..dari where he studied. Later, when in Bangkok, communicate with her many friends wither her work in Malaysia Embassy.

Of all the drivers I surveyed charge to Lopburi, all 3000 Baht to 3500 Baht. So, the charge imposed by Samart is the cheapest. In addition, he happily made his tab as a portable internet hotspot. So it’s not boring in the cab. The journey to Lopburi is really feels like it takes almost 2 hours more. I am very excited to go to Lopburi after seeing the beauty of the sunflower field from Zilla’s blog ( Zilla is there for directions to the sunflower’s a bit difficult to get there if you take the train from Bangkok. Then we need to get on the bus and so on..finally we decided to look for a driver … hahaha ..

my 1st photo that I snapped … hahaha..the dream I was waiting for finally came true..I want to put sunglasses on the sunflower … hahaha

We just found out that Samart wants to get here early in the morning … the reason is to avoid the scorching heat. Early in the morning is the best because it feels warm.

Unripe sunflowers

Does it look like the moon ?? The sky is very blue … very bright that day.

See ?? hahaha … I pulled out the surface of this flower..then it looked like the kuaci I had been eating all this time. Subhanallah..every creation of Allah is very unique and interesting and beneficial to human beings.

This flower seems to be able to take the kauci in it … heehhe … when you hold it..very heavy. That is why it is subject to this.

It looks like there are no caterpillars on this flower … caterpillars are the cause if we eat kuaci xde fill because the contents have been eaten by these caterpillars … hahahha

Very beautiful flowers !!!!

Kuaci that is ready to be removed from the skin is very tasty..just bought a little. It’s cheap … haishh

This jewelry flower is also very cheap..only 20 Baht.

An hour later we took a picture with the sunflower, we also moved to the next destination which is Ayutthaya. On the way to Ayutthaya, we could see another sunflower field on the left and right of the road. Some are already cut, some are waiting to be cut and some are not yet developed. We do not request to stop any other sunflower field because the flowers are the same, namely sunflower..hehehe.

Until here first ye … next entry is Ayutthaya 🙂

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