Travel and Food: Thailand (Bangkok) Day 4

Assalamualaikum …

4th day in Bangkok. When it comes to shopping, if you want to be healthy … hahahha. Our destination for that day is Chatuchak Market. Chatuchak market is one of the largest markets in the world. Before coming here, standby is what it should be..for example …

1) suitable clothing because it is very hot

2) Suitable shoes cause many roads

3) Standby mineral water

4) Standby bag for shopping items so that we do not carry many plastic bags

5) Go in the morning because it is not very hot.

As usual, we use BTS as our transport. People at that time were really crowded … crowded in the train. Dah la ramai, pakat pulak bawak bag besar-besar nak gi shopping … fuhh sakan tul.

The station to go to Chatuchak market is the last station. It’s not hard to go there.

See ?? Got a lot of people until the stairs jammed to get off the BTS station … hahahha. The market is located on the right … walk in 2-3 minutes … get there.

This is the Chatuchak Market folder. Remember you can get pamphlet time to come to this market..apparently not. If you know you can’t, sure print this map ready. If you notice..a row of layered is confusing. Sometimes I’m not sure it’s over yet … hahahha.

This non-covered area looks a little best..You can easily look left and right. If you walk on the roof, it looks like there is not enough air jer..haahaha. But the outside must be heat resistant. This is the area where I came across Coconut sister ( He seems to be used to being with his travel gang. Due to the difference is quite spontaneous..we had a little chat and I did not have time to say hello to his other travel gang.

Among the items sold

This key-chain is the original price in 100 Baht … after negotiation it can get 80 Baht.

Very fresh fruits. I bought honey dew … fuhh..very sweet … besides adding to the sore throat because the fruit is very cold.

que people are very long for stalls selling this coconut filling … it seems that the coconut filling sold once with this shell is delicious kut..I didn’t even try because I couldn’t stand it in the scorching heat.

Then we reached the food area … that’s what I want … this is what I want..what a computer I want..hahaha. Honey dew is still there … kind of greedy, right? So I am patient.

Many people dock eating this bread while walking. Glupppp … kind of delicious. But I was hesitant to buy it because I was looking for mango glutinous rice … whoever eats this bread later can’t eat mango glutinous rice..hahahah

Finally found the coveted mango glutinous rice..good luck ..

This mango glutinous rice is the best..perfect !!! There are cute benches in front of this stall. You can also get rid of tired shopping and also eat. My sis is patient because she is waiting for me to eat because she is not a fan of glutinous rice. In the middle of the meal dock..tourists from Japan and Singapore join once.

Not far from the mango glutinous rice stall … there is a halal stall that sells heavy food. My sis invited me to eat there. My stomach is full at that time..but I also order because I want to taste … hehehe

There is kebab … there is beriani rice and so on. I can speak English very fluently … so I have no problem ordering. At the back of this stall there is a table that can sit in 6 people like that

My sis ordered nasi beriani

I ordered kebabs

Various spices are sold..I have a purchase.

Found an interesting mango glutinous rice seller …. there is a mango on his head..big is not big …. hahahahha. Take a picture instead of a shock … hahaha

In a little over 3 hours we were there … both we were looking for a way home. Compelled to leave the market …. had to ask the sellers …. hahaha. The photo above shows some of the parking area next to BTS Station. Many people come to this Chatuchak Market

Victory Monument that I snapped from the train..we actually want to stop here before returning to the hotel … but I can’t seem to afford it at that time..tired giler.

Wait for the next entry..I will tell you an interesting experience when I had the opportunity to stand on the tallest building in Thailand.

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