Travel and Food: Thailand (Bangkok) Day 3

Assalamualaikum …

This is my 1st entry for this year, 2015. Happy new year to all readers and bloggers2. This year … determined to travel anywhere..I leave it to the situation. If the situation at that time has money..he can choose to go anywhere. Pounding waiting for this year’s bonus … if the bonus is ok..God willing, he can go anywhere. If it is not ok, you have to fill the travel disaster fund. There is 1 place that my sis and I really want to go..hopefully it should be achieved …. Aminnn !!!

Sorry for taking so long to finish this Bangkok entry. Since returning to Bangkok … my fever is erratic..I’m embarrassed MC. Remember again … 3rd day in Bangkok, my fever was very bad … my body felt hot. It does not hurt very much. Our plan that morning was to go around Bangkok while boarding a boat Chao Phraya River. Without breakfast, we went out BTS National Stadium. The 1st thing we did was … buy a ticket for a 1 day pass. The pass can be used until midnight instead of counting as 24 hours. It is a loss if we buy this day pass in the evening … preferably early in the morning … it is only worth it. The price of that pass is 130 Baht. Can be purchased at the counter at any BTS station.

Our destination that day was Saphan Taksin… there seems to be no river next to the station … that’s it Chao Phraya River. There is relief because we do not need to change trains..from National Stadium you can direct jer to get to Saphan Taksin.

The atmosphere around the National Stadium

Atmosphere on the train

Until Saphan Taksin Station, we walked along the signboard .. suddenly found a place to sell tickets for the boat. It feels safe to buy there because the office looks trustworthy. It has been read that there are tourists who are deceived into buying tickets that do not know anything that is extremely expensive. The price of the river boat day pass is 150 Baht.

Nilah rupa 1 day pass tu.

This is what the boat looks like … this time the mood is right Chao Phraya River. Kesian my sis … a little bit of effect he also … he also did not enjoy. We went down at Tha Thien Pier which is said to be the location for Wat Pho and also
Grand Palace. Crowds of tourists including us got off the boat. The stop is not just a station for the boat … there is even a market that sells food and souvenirs.

Unexpectedly, we came across a Muslim stall. What’s more … I’m having breakfast here. I heard the story of young coconut water can cool the I ordered it. My sis has that she likes black tea’s enough to say ..

This is shrimp fried rice that I tasted a little jerky.

If you go to Bangkok … you can see street vendors selling fruits and pomegranate juice. It does look interesting. I once tasted that pomegranate juice … it tastes a little like pomegranate fruit..maybe the water should be red dye … hahahha.

Not far from the market … we arrived at Wat Pho. In this wat is said to be a buddha statue lying and made of gold. I had to tell my sis alone to come in because I was afraid to go in … hahahaha. He came in alone and I sat alone outside. At that time, I felt like landing on a long chair provided outside the wat.

I just round the outside jer..there is a lotus flower here … inside there are bees sucking honey …

If you look at wat-wat in the past..this shape is made of modern times is made of colors like this. I don’t know what I mean.

I shared a photo from my sis’ camera … this is what a Buddhist statue looks like and is made of gold.

Ready for that pillow haa ..

After my sis came out of the wat, we also went to Grand Palace which is not far from there. Actually next door jer..but the entrance is far from Wat Pho. We plan to use tuk-tuk because I can’t wait to walk in the scorching heat. When the tuk-tuk driver asked … he was ready to offer to take us shopping. And he said the Grand Palace was closed and reopened at 2pm. When we do not want to go shopping, he suggests us to wat where the Buddha statue stands and sits like..haish. Last-last we had to walk because the tuk-tuk did not want to send. Hold the cabpun he will not send. As long as we walk, have fun getting closer to the tuk-tuk driver … scam dorang sama jer … Grand Palace is closed in conjunction with this. Convinced that the Grand Palace was open … we continued our journey.

There are people doing shows at the bus stop.

The Grand Palace is not closed. I think this is the most popular tourist destination. When you look at this situation … ouch … glowing eyes. The situation is really hot.

I do not know what it looks like Grand Palace That … we are just at the entrance. I did give up that body felt totally weak. My sis saw my condition getting worse..she decided we would go back. He sacrificed the opportunity to enter the Grand Palace because of me. How many times have I said sorry because I spoiled our vacation. He said time I want to come again.

We don’t have to walk to the jetty when we first get off … because Grand Palace This is close to Maharaj Pier which also has a jetty for the boat we are about to board. Good luck.

View on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. I think we have wasted money buying 1 daypass for the boat.

I need to take medicine … and this bread can cover my stomach before taking medicine. Throughout in Bangkok … my favorite nilah bread … simple but delicious. Just bread smeared with butter and sprinkled with sugar … 1 slice per pack. Can buy anywhere 7Eleven.

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