Travel and Food: Thailand (Bangkok) Day 1


Persistently typing entries while coughing and fever. Really sad trip this time..I have a fever all the way in Bangkok. Kesian my sis because she can’t cover all the places she wants to go to Bangkok. There are a few interesting places I had to skip because I could not afford to go. The places that were able to cover were because I forced myself to survive and did not think much of my health. I feel like I have a fever and cough due to the very hot Bangkok weather. Throughout there Alhamdulillah the weather is very, very ok. The sky is blue..the weather is sunny..the journey is easy and I want to find halal food but it is easy, convey the anchovy sauce stored neatly in the bag..hahaha.

We bought this flight to Bangkok 2 months ago for RM344 including select seats. Getting a seat next to a window and sitting next to each other is mandatory. Originally we wanted to use the bus from One Utama to KLIA2 … but the cab service all refused. Eventually he had to take a cab to KLIA2. Clever driver of this cab … near taknak anta. Burn the bus fare money that we bought online in the beginning.

Until at KLIA2..the operation of looking around the new airport begins. Awesome too. It is much better than LCCT. The restaurants are many and interesting. We chose Nyonya restaurant for breakfast. Our flight is at 1.15pm.

View KLIA2 from the top of the flight

Afraid to find food in Bangkok, we ate ready for the flight. The soy sauce cooked meat is delicious but the vegie beriani is really not tasty.

After about 2 hours more..the Thai soil can be seen from above. Solid right ??

The one in the middle is not my fault is the temple.

Colorful roof … i like 🙂

Actually our arrival at Don Muang Airport will be greeted by Samart. Samart is a Thai citizen who is fluent in Malay. My sis can contact her number from the blog Unfortunately he had to cancel last minute. But he advised to go up and exit at the departure hall door and take the cab that just sent the passenger. From there, according to him, the cab fare will be a little cheaper. We x sure cheap to no reason 1st time to Bangkok say … hahahha.

When we boarded one cab, the driver of the cab put our bags in the bonnet all … so he really wanted to take payment from the passenger he took. This mat salleh is like a bargain dock with the cab driver … then the cab driver raises his hand to give a fist to the mat salleh. But it doesn’t matter..the driver’s cab is kind of like that. Menggelabah la sis siap bukat pintu tanya wife mat salleh tu driver tu kenapa. We want to run out but it’s too late because the bag is in the bonnet. My sis did not have time to ask more about wife mat salleh because the driver told her to close the door. We read the Chair Verse all the way to the hotel.

View when on the way to the hotel. Unexpectedly, the tallest building is the Baiyoke Hotel that we will go up to … haahah … wait for the next entry for our experience in this building.

It’s really hard to get a driver who doesn’t understand English at all … hahaa. He does not know where our hotel is. Adoiii..turning around he wat kind of knows. 1st he wanted to go to the hotel next to MKB because we told him our hotel was close to MBK Plaza and called Ibis Hotel. I also told the hotel staff that the cab driver told me to go to the Ibis Hotel. He also spoke Thai with the driver. Happy giler dah driver tu bila dia macam dah tahu … hahaha. Once you reach the hotel, I don’t know … it’s wrong too. The hotel chef happened to have an area outside the hotel … I also explained to the chef that we wanted to go to the Ibis Hotel. Thankfully the chef explained the direction to the driver … we finally arrived … hahaha. I feel like I had to punch the jer with the cab driver because the fun is not right because he brought … hahaha. My sis forgot to save the hotel phone number. Call Samartpun can not be reached.

But luckily the cab driver was ok … he was serious about taking us to the hotel. Because a lot of people are very dizzy … we had to pay 300 Baht and 50 Baht for the toll. If it is fast enough to be sure in 250 Baht so jer.

This is our hotel for 5 nights in Bangkok. Totally spent by my sis … hahaha. This is our vacation to release tension after being busy with a career all year round. This hotel is Ibis Hotel Siam which is located a few feet from the stairs to the BTS station, Really good location and really recommended.

This hotel building is shared with another hotel called Mercure Bangkok. See ?? The floor in this elevator is the floor owned by Ibis Hotel … and the floor that does not belong to Mercure Bangkok. My sis booked top floor and city view. Night time and sunrise time … you can see a very beautiful view.

The bathroom is the best … body liquid and handwash are provided.

Spacious room

Parts for putting bags and so on … hahaha. My space is half of table..and my sis is sofa … half more table, for my sis to record all expenses throughout Bangkok..hahaha. The cabinet downstairs is a fridge. No use.

Every day mineral water will be given. If the instant drink runs out..people top it up

Across the street next to our hotel … there is the National is noisy because there is no function.

Our 1st day in Bangkok, we just did a little shopping at MBK not far from the hotel. Best can get 1 sport shoes for just 500 Baht …. very comfortable sport shoes.

From my observation, MKB sells a lot of items that are copied from branded goods. Shoes, bags, shirts, watches and leather goods were all copied. MBK also has a shopping place called Tokyu. If it’s in my village, the tokyu refers to soy sauce … hahaha. Tokyu ni ala-ala Jusco la.

Tired of walking … we stopped at Yana Restaurant. This restaurant is located on the 5th Floor of MBK Plaza. The food here is a little cheaper compared to Absolute Thai in Malaysia. Our food if not wrong in 600 more Baht. Somewhat in RM60 more la.

For the next entry I will tell you about my experience visiting sunflower farm and also Ayutthaya.

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