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This entry is just an intro..hehehe. As usual, every time my trip is definitely with a travel buddy, my sis. And as usual, my sis is the one who diligently searches here and there to get the flight ticket we can afford. For this year’s trip, we have discussed which country to explore. We have an option. For example, Switzerland, Istanbul and etc. We put the last Scandinavian option..I think it’s a bit weird. This is because the cheapest flight ticket can even get RM3k – RM4k and above. At the determination of my sis try and try, once he gets a tic flight to Sweden less than RM2k … Thai Airways. What’s more, without delay we continue to buy. Imagine RM1.9k return to Scandinavian ?? It is our sustenance, right?

4 months to go..we discuss together the appropriate route for us to explore. We chose 3 countries for us to explore. The three countries are just one side je. I have decided which country to go to, my sis’ job is to arrange transport from one country to another and book a hotel. How happy I am muahahaha.

According to my sis, it was very challenging for him to arrange transport from one place to another by having to consider the cost, time and facilities for both of us. As for the hotel, be is very expensive. Because we both care about comfort, we really don’t want to. Average hotel 1 nite in RM400 – RM500 per night ..

The previous travel experience matured a lot for both of us. We already know, the day that requires us to travel from one place to another is very tiring. Definitely when we get to our destination we will not bother to start exploring one place at a time. So, we try to avoid staying in one place just for one night. Later I did not have time to do anything because I was tired.

I summarize my 10 day trip this time:


Bergen – 3 days 3 nights

Flam – 2 days 2 nights


Copenhagen – 2 days 2 nights


Stockholm – 3 days 3 nights

Take a look at the pictures below …

Our trip’s route. From KLIA we boarded Thai Airways then transit for 3 hours in Bangkok then flew to Stockholm about 10 hours. In a few hours in Stockholm, we flew with Norwegian Air for about an hour to Bergen, Norway. We stay 2 places in Norway..that is Bergen and Flam. From Norway we go to Copenhagen, Denmark fly with Norwegian Air as well. Then we went to the last destination, Stockholm, Sweden by 5 hours by train.

Famous tourist spot in Bergen, Bryggen.

Enjoy beautiful panoramas on a bus ride from Bergen to Gudvangen, then take a cruise to Flam.

Unspeakable how beautiful the nature of Divine creation … Gudvangen fjord

Breathe in the fresh air of a small village in Flam, Norway.

Take the Flambana Panoramic Train to Myrdal, Norway..even though it is spring, I don’t think it is still full of snow.

A row of colorful old buildings in Nyhavn, Denmark.

Enjoy the beauty of spring in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Through the cracks in the building at Gamla Stan (Old Town) in Stokcholm, Sweden.

Experience the beauty of cherry blossoms in King’s Garden (Kungsträdgården), Stockholm, Sweden.

Too many beautiful memories engraved in my memory. And there are too many stories I want to tell. This trip can be said to be 70% successful by my sis. Another 30% is for me a little..hahahaha. 30% is the reason, my time trip is cooked, I take note of the attraction places we go to and from here write a blog, can he when my sis read he can scan the beautiful memory of time trip … heheheh.

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