Travel and Food: Scandinavian Trips (Sweden

Assalamualaikum …

Hi guys..dah planning next year trip ?? Like travel buddy aka my sis, I started to want this plan. If I am..I don’t know..I’m dizzy to think about where to go. The reason..all places on this earth are just beautiful. Just docked google this one place..think about another place. Lastly, close your laptop and watch a movie … hahahaha.

When my sis asked me what kind of place do I want to go to? My answer..let that place be surrounded by mountains like in Norway..the city is beautiful in every corner like Sweden..and has colorful buildings like Denmark. He shook his head..hahaha. Seriously, I think the three Scandinavian Countries I have traced are the best experince. If there is a lot of money, I really want to repeat. I also feel this time to Japan and the UK..and now this feeling is stronger to go to Scandinavian countries again.

No more mega trips for this year. Maybe just spend time to breathe fresh air by the beach in one, two more months. InsyaAllah, if next year, if the bonus is cun, I will have a longer leg..hehehe. Oppss … at length pulak bergebang..let’s continue the story di Stockholm, Sweden.

23/4/2017 … our 3rd day at Stockholm. Before the trip, I had a study article Skansen. Skansen This is an open museum. If you read from the official Stockholm website, it ‘s kind of hard because I want to go Skansen ni. But that day, it just so happened to see small cards neatly arranged on the shelf Stockholm Hostel. Belek jer card tu, ada tulis cara nak ke Skansen. It’s easy. We just need to Kungsträdgården to take the tram. When you hear the name Kungsträdgården, happy lah saya..hehehe. I can see sakura again.

Before starting the activity, we stopped at a cafe area hostel. I can eat this delicious bread again … nyum nyum nyum.

The one with the top sugar is the tastiest you know. My sis likes to drink berries tea … wangiiiii …

This is our breakfast cafe..the right side is the metro station.

Fridhemsplan station..Station closest to our hostel stay tu.

Giant door in Kungsträdgården Station

I was relieved to see not many people … the day before that I went at noon..crowded giler.

I am minah bungaaaa …. hahahaha

What a beautiful creation of God

Lovely flowers ….

We can’t linger here … there are still other places we need to hit..ayuhhh

We need to take the tram to Skansen. Skansen It is located on the island of Djurgården. Not far away. The one above is my view of snap time in the tram.

This time our tram boarded and crossed to the island of Djurgården

We stopped blinking at Abba The Museum. I just found out … this Abba group is the old singer whose soft nasal voice is restrained … opps

From there we walked to Skansen..not far away … this is the tram we took.

The weather that day was so beautiful..the Swedish earth was really bright. Thank you Allah.

Just pictured from the outside jer..this Museet did not even enter.

We don’t even know the door Skansen There are 2 different parts. This part looks like the back. There is also good at the back door..because we can take the cute tram to the top of the hill. I just found out that Skansen It is located on a hill. And one more thing … not many people enter this back door.

Yeee got a ticket … please save the map given..fear of missing interesting places in there.

Old style house

Signboard. Never even studied to know what was going on Skansen far as I know Skansen This is an open museum. When you get here, you only know that there is not only an open museum, there is also a Scandinavian animal zoo.

It looks like in the hinterland in the old days..the fact haa the city is thriving on the other side..hahaha. Love this view.

This scan is known as the world’s oldest open museum. From Skansen This hill can clearly see Stockholm.

Where are you spiderman

The greenly is everywhere.

Flowers are everywhere

The pillars of this house continue from the trunk of the tree to the roots … very … hahaha

Ni ala-ala red indian punya rumah

Which intersection should I choose ??


I did not even think about this time to go up to this tower..sure at the top of this tower it can look awesome’s a loss.

This peacock was released just like that. He seems to like people looking at’s fun to grow that beautiful tail. Angry !!! macam nak picit-picit..hahahaha.

Look at this musk ox, I remember the story of Beauty and the Beast.

Lynx is a kind of wild cat … like a horn, right?

Best really open this museum..can breathe fresh air..filled with nature..people are not crowded..sleep jer.

There are people picnicking here..the feeling of loss not preparing food. The cafes here mostly sell bread and cakes. And at noon, we started hungry for rice … hahaha. Both people are totally tired.

Among other buildings in Skansen.

This is a school

If the leaves on this tree have grown …. sure very beautiful.

To exit from Skansen I had to tread this steep and rocky’s hard to know !!

Green Lund from a distance … there is also a heart to go there … but we are kind of tired and very hungry at that we have to forget.

We exit from the main entrance Skansen. This time the visitors are more and more.

Satisfied right into this open museum. Arguably we walked all over Skansen. I advise if you want to go Skansen, bring supplies. To walk in a large place requires energy.

So long ago from me. Later I will connect our next destination at Stockholm. Not to forget, I will share what we ate to fill that hungry hungry stomach.

See you again … ok 🙂

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