Travel and Food: Scandinavian Trips (Sweden-Stockholm) Final

Assalamualaikum …

Hi guys..finally the entry for Sweden is at the end..huhuhuhu. Thanks to those who follow my story throughout this Scandinavian trips entry. If anyone is inspired to go to Scandinavian after reading my blog, congratulations !!!

Ok..let’s connect.

After exhaustion and hunger, from Skansen, we searched for halal food. My sis search halal restaurant from the website My sis play select jer halal restaurant. Then using google map, we just follow to get on the bus number no matter how many. It’s really easy if you have internet travel, the possibility of getting lost, God willing, does not happen. Sometimes going astray is not just a waste of time, a waste of energy as well and finally makes us tired and not in the mood.

I snapped while on the bus.

The restaurant we want to hit is Hot House of Taste. At that time, I really did not know what kind of restaurant it was. When jer arrives … ohhh …. thai restaurant apparently. Best right choice my sis. For several days, during the trip, I did not eat rice with complete side dishes. So, that’s the time we really want to eat … hehehe. The joy is unbelievable.

This water also likes to drink a lot anywhere … free !!

Taraaa … this is what we ordered. I ordered rice with salmon tomyam and my sis ordered rice with seafood tomyam..then we added veggies mix. I have it to eat until I can’t walk … hahahaha. The total food is about SEK270..what’s wrong with eating big before going back to Malaysia right … hahaha.

Due to satiety, we decided to go back to the room first. It can be said that we already have a lot of cover interesting places in Stockholm. After relaxing in the room, we decided to go again Gamla Stan to spend money buy souvenirs and watch the sunset.

Afternoon view near the hostel where we stayed. The bridge that I stand for this snap photo is also the best port to see the sunset … read through to see the sunset view that was able to snap …

This time I’m not wrong at 6 or 7 like that. Atmosphere at Gamla Stan It’s very quiet. Many shops have closed.

This is the perfect time to snap a building Gamla Stan without a crowd

The blue sky is still clearly visible..but the atmosphere inside Gamla Stan is getting darker

There are 2-3 souvenir shops still open. Due to the large number of souvenir shops open, there are many tourists in there. I tried to negotiate..Alhamdulillah I got it. My tips, want to get cheap souvenirs, come late like us and enter the shop whose owner is a Muslim..God willing, you can negotiate the price.

Suddenly we saw a golden light in the gap of this Gamla Stan building … what else … we continued walking in that direction.

The golden light brought us to this view..Subhanallah that golden light is really beautiful. Pretty perfect twilight light !!! Glory be to God who made this earth full of miracles !!!

I feel very lucky because the day before I want to go back to Malaysia, I have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful evening like this … Thank you !!!

Gröna Lund’s Amusement Park across from there !!!

This place is not far from Gamla Stan, just cross the road is the best port to see the view in the evening even though it does not see the sunset.

Still engraved in my mind, heart and heart is this atmosphere..the wind roars softly, the seagulls chirp, the clouds are really engrossing, cool don’t talk … that shivering is for sure. Very calming.

Today we are busy walking. He walked for hours in Skansen..then walked again in Gamla feet felt like jamming … hahaha. Not only that..for days our activities start from Norway, then to Denmark and finally in Sweden … just keep walking. The body also asked to rest. Satisfied at Gamla Stan, we decided to end our exploration in Sweden. It feels good enough..we have to be satisfied because tomorrow we want to go back to Malaysia.

As promised..this is the twilight view near our hostel. If we were a little early, maybe we could see the sun setting. At the end there seems to be a raging fire right ??

Ok, time when there is time, I will write an entry to wrap this scandnavian trip and share what I bought. In my brain now, there are many ideas to decorate my apartment with scandinavian decor..i’m so excited … hehehehe.

Bai …

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