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Jeng..jeng..jeng … the episode has already started Sweden. After forcing this finger to spit out the idea of ​​the story, then entry part 1 is ready ….. yeeeeaaaa applause !!!!

We arrived at Stockholm, Sweden on 21 April 2017. Time is up Copenhagen It’s very late at night. It’s not my fault at 10 o’clock like that. That’s right Stockholm Central Station. It really lost the reason to look for a bus stop to go to Stockholm Hostel. If you want to ask the workers in the station, no one will. So, we just use google map to find the bus stop. The bus stop is outside the station. Shivering coldness while dragging luggage. Extreme torture. I don’t know how to tell how to get to the bus stop. It is very easy if you have internet, you can use google map. Ticket bus buy time in Central Station ye. There is a machine ticket in there.

I finished shivering because of the cold, I got in the bus shivering because there was a big dog in the bus. The dog sat in the back once. Luckily we were able to sit quite ahead. Occasionally the dog’s dock is afraid of coming to me … hahaha.

When it arrives Fleminggatan, we went down. Follow google map, we need to walk in 3 minutes like that. The Fleminggatan area is very quiet, luckily we are safe..a few months in Malaysia right now … hahahaha.

Stockholm Hostel which my sis book is the most strategic hostel. Close to the metro station, there is a kitchen and not a shared bathroom. Although there is a hostel name, we are not sitting in that dorm room. Let’s look at the photo

It tastes good Scandinavian If we stay at the hostel, we have to put all the bed sheets ourselves. He was tired of traveling from Copenhagen, he was tired, he wanted to put the bed sheet. Not only must the mattress be placed on the sheets, the blanket must also be placed on the cover and pillow. Hap hap hap penat saya dok memasang semua tu … hahahaha. We have reached the founding country of Ikea, so all the furniture, bed sheets, toilet fittings, lamps and so on are all Ikea brands. Only the room is not the best, there are no windows. The others are all comfortable.

Stockholm Hostel is just 1 level jer. Left to right of the nilah path is the room.

Before installing the bed sheet

After fielding. Lazy to install nicely … hahahha.

Ok, the 1st day story is ready Stockholm. We go to the next story, 2nd day in Stockholm and also 1st day to explore Stockholm. If you want to see the weather that day, you can’t because there are no windows … lol. So I checked the weather forecast..wahh that day weather is very cun. Let’s explore Old Town / Gamla Stan first …

The atmosphere near our hostel … very calm.

What I like about my sis, she kind of likes to manage trips in terms of hotels, tickets, transport and so on. When he arrives at a place, he will hand it over to me to arrange the attraction places we will go to. Best to get such a selective opportunity …. hehehe.

If so Stockholm, please buy travel cards that can be used when we take the metro or bus. Worth it than buying a single journey ticket. For card fee is charged as much 20 SEK and will be returned after we return card. Want to know the value in RM, it’s a bit divided by 2. We choose a travel card for 72 hours valuable 240 SEK. In Stockholm we really need to take the metro a lot. So, it is worth buying this card. Can be bought at any counter at the metro station.

Metro station Fridhemsplan not far from Stockholm Hostel. About 6 stops we arrived Gamla Stan. Get out of Gamla Stan metro station, continue to our destination. Easy right. What’s in this Gamla Stan? If you look at the map, Gamla Stan is in 1 island. All the buildings here are from the 13th century. Wear suitable shoes, because the floor here is full of cobble stone. Payah la nak cerita kalau takde photo..jom layan photo

Ready to explore Gamla Stan / Old Town?? Pls exercise before you start walking … if not … definitely cramp legs. During this trip, I did not cramp like the trip before. The secret ?? Every morning I will jog before going to the office. If I am not mistaken, 1 month before my trip I started jogging 3-4km a day. Now it has become a jogging habit.

This Gamla Stan is really wide..start to hit any aisle … later you will definitely find an area full of cafes and souvenir shops.

Maybe early … people are not very crowded. Ehh I am … the same style in different places..hehehe.

This area can be said to be busy with tourists because cafes and souvenir shops are concentrated in this area

Standby wear suitable shoes because the road here is cobble stone..some are shaped like this …

This form is also available …

And the worst is this shape … really a stone … hahahha.

We actually haven’t had breakfast yet. During the walk, I was excited to find a souvenir shop. The cafe did not even appear. My advice, if you want a small hallway between buildings, please go. There are many cafes in the middle of the hallway actually. I just came across a cafe. Coincidentally, I want to go through that alley.

Cute jer cafe ni. Time is really cold..soon it will suddenly snow, but not much ..

There are various desserts for sale

I wish one day i have simple cafe like this. This time no one. Just the two of us. We sat by the window eating while watching the snow fall like a drizzle …

Before reaching Sweden, I set out to eat this bread. The bread tastes like cinnamon bread. The above should not be thought of as salt … it is actually sugar. Very tasty … I almost want to order again. But I’m afraid I’ll be full, I can’t try to eat other things … hehehe.

My sis pulak order baked potato..sedap !!! In the potato there is mayonnaise and crab. The salad is aduhaiiii very fresh and sweet. I really do not like to eat salads, but I like this one.

And full, we continued walking. We continued walking down the main hallway Gamla Stan. Lots of interesting ports to snap photos.

The main hallway before we had breakfast was a bit quiet..after we had breakfast it was so busy. People bring a lot of dogs right in this crowd..saturated want to run away hahahhaha

There is also a souvenir shop..the FM price here is really expensive. Because the FM and keychain are very beautiful, the eyes closed as well.

I have follow 1 instagram local people..days he will snap a photo of a different location in Stockholm. Sometimes the time he goes to work or back to work. Whatever my question, he will answer. The photo he snapped was also for my inspiration. Especially at Gamla Stan’s. Thks Natalie 🙂

I also found my favorite …. mungeeeee … hehehe

Every little alley in Gamla Stan gives its own uniqueness..don’t miss it !!!

If Gamla Stan, do not forget to Stortoget Square. Before going there..we will go through this area first

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