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Assalamualaikum ..

Hi everyone..still follow my mori story in Scandinavian ?? InsyaAllah I will finish sharing my experience soon. To anyone who likes to see travel’s photo, can follow Instagram “akulovetravel”. IG I do not have selfie2 tau..because I am not interested … hehehe. Can serve photo travel & food that I share in addition to motivational words that can lift our spirits together. Ber IG ke, FB ke, blog ke..hopefully every partnership benefits each other. As the pious people say, sharing is caring;)

Continuation of day-2 at Stockholm. After hours of joli in Gamla Stan, we move to Kungsträdgården (The King’s Garden). Not far anywhere to walk to Kungsträdgården. I can’t wait to see the row of cherry trees at Kungsträdgården. A week or 2 weeks before the trip, I saw that this cherry tree was full of flowers. I’m really worried about missing this cherry blossom. When my IG friend stays at Stockholm say I will have time, I will be relieved.

Walk to the other side

Connecting bridges Gamla Stan and also Kungsträdgården

Leaving Gamla Stan… tomorrow I will go again Gamla Stan..hehehe.

Time to see this tree, I misunderstood the tree, the sakura tree..hahahha. I almost wanted to cry because I couldn’t find sakura..hehehe.

The road ahead is a bit new haa just met. Happening giler this place.

By the time we got there there was a Japanese show in the middle of this park

Taraaaaa …. hehehe

What is not the best here, many dogs are right. Sometimes I do not realize because he comes from the cracks of many people..not really calm to take pictures

The tree full of sakura seems to make the path like a flower cover. At Copenhagen I had the opportunity to witness the beauty of white sakura, while at Stockholm I can see the pink sakura … best giler !!!

When the weather is a bit cloudy, the color of this flower does not rise very much.

This is when the weather is sunny

It looks like this tree is low, but I still can’t reach it … luckily my sis is tall..she is the one please hold me for a snap … hehehe

Follow the dissatisfied heart again to take a picture here … because there are more and more dogs, we move to the next location. I advise if you want to see sakura here, come early in the morning.

Our next location is Monteliusvägen. Before the trip, I searched for where to see the view of Stockholm from a high place. There are some suitable places..but I choose Monteliusvägen. But before that, we stopped at several metro stations. For what? For your information, among the attractions in Stockholm is the metro station. Each metro station in Stockholm is unique. To get to our destination, we had the opportunity to stop at several metro stations. It can be said that this tourist attraction is like swimming while drinking water … hehehe. Jom kita Stockholm metro stations underground art …

We are from Kungsträdgården Metro Station have to go up the blue line T-Centralen and then change trains to Mariatorget to Monteliusvägen. Kungsträdgården Metro Station and T-central Metro Station are 2 stations that must go ye..because the station is really unique.

Because we are from Kungsträdgården, so we had the opportunity to see this metro station..I’m really persistent with this art.

Of all the stations, I like this station the most .. T-Centralen Metro Station. At this station we changed trains to Mariatorget. If there is a lot of free time, you can go down at each metro station to see all this underground art … moreover, we have a train travel card that can be used unlimited for 72 hours. Like us, it won’t be very long Stockholm… just can while swimming drink water jer … hehehe

Around Monteliusvägen

From Mariatorget Metro Station, we have to walk in 5 minutes like that to get to Monteliusvägen. Monteliusvägen kind of residential area. The place we will come across is the top view to see Stockholm. If you have a top view, the place must be high you see this photo ?? We had to climb a slippery road and climb the stairs. My sis dok wat kelakar that the name of this place is from the story of Maria who walked tonggek because of the slippery road conditions and caused the person who climbed tonggek … hahahaha …Mariatorget = Mariatonggek…Hahahaha.

After passing the stairs … I also found a rocky road like this..hehehe. The front is a little jer because it has reached the top view point …. let’s go …

In the morning hang out for hours at Gamla Stan, in the evening too, service view Gamla Stan from top view..what a beautiful experience

Best place for a panoramic view of Gamla Stan.

Zoom in a bit … this time it’s gloomy and the fine snow starts to fall … it’s cold, I don’t know what to say.

Time to take the train to get here, we have that cross bridge

We only ate bread and baked potatoes that morning, it can also survive the stomach. But it feels like I want to have afternoon tea. Discuss have a discuss, we remember to stop by any cafe on the way back to the hostel. And before returning, once again we want to see another subway station.

The one I circled was the station we were about to hit. Because we are from the Red Line that is from Mariatorget, so we continue to Technical Högskolan and Stadium metro station… then we broke back to T-Centralen because we wanted to go back to the hostel to change the Green Line. Fridhemsplan station is the station where we need to get off to go back to the hostel. Before the trip, I googled all the underground stations in Stockholm … I chose the most unique jer. If you want to go to all the stations, I’m full..not a little..hehehe.

Metro Station Stadium ..

Technical Högskolan Metro Station

When we arrived at the hostel area at 4pm like that … then we just stopped at this cafe then wrapped in crossaint and daim cake. I haven’t eaten this cake in Ikea for years. I did not expect to see this cake again Sweden. The same taste near Ikea … nyum nyum. Crossaint was delicious.

I haven’t eaten rice all day … this is the first time we want to use the kitchen Stockholm Hostel ni. The kitchen is clean and spacious. I like coffee machines here the most. Anytime you want to drink brewed coffee is also possible … but you have to byr lah ek. Just insert the coin. I forgot how much it costs.

We spent all our side stock … hehehe.

Up to here first yer my partnership, InsyaAllah next entry I will also share my experience at Skansen. This scan is an open museum ..


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