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Assalamualaikum …

Happy fasting everyone. Hopefully this year’s Ramadhan can cleanse the heart and straighten the intentions.

After a few entries..the end of this entry is over Norway in a Nutshell and also our last day on earth Norway. It feels sad to leave a place that gives me a million memories. This country that is too beautiful, quiet and so on will be abandoned. But this trip is not over. There are still 2 countries that need to be invaded.

Day 5 at Norway..we are still in Flam and will travel a few hours to complete Norway in a Nutshell and back to Bergen to pick up all the luggage and move to the airport to get to Copenhagen, Denmark. To complete Norway in a Nutshell, we will go up FTrain train ke Myrdal and then take the train again to Bergen. That morning we just relaxed in the room until 9.30am. While waiting Flambana Train, we had breakfast first. We went to the same cafe we ​​ate the day before.

Veggie burger. My sis wanted this burger the day before. When you look at the price, it looks like you want to buy. But last day at Flam, we decided to buy it because I don’t know when I will have the opportunity to try it. I’m not wrong, the price of this burger is close 200 NOK. Our decision to order this burger is very accurate. The reason … this burger is very tasty. Looks like meat right ?? but actually boiled potatoes are then mashed. There is nothing wrong with me this mashed potato mixed with broccoli. The flavors I can taste are salt and black pepper. I want to make this burger, I think..I want to try … hehehe.

I still order this bread … hehehe. Sedap la..the price of this bread with butter is 15 NOK.

Time to wait for the Flambana Train..the same feeling appears time to wait for the cruise from Gudvangen ke Flam. Ehh … how do you feel ?? The fear of the Chinese Mainland people will board the train once with us. People are making a fuss. Panic when you see 2 new buses until that time..they all got off the Chinese Mainland. Keep our faces pale..ohh noo. I saw a cruise at the Mall of Flam jetty. I pray that the crowd actually wants to go on a cruise. Oh God, it’s a relief..the group apparently wants to go on a cruise. Thank you very much …

Ok..let’s go up. The weather that day was a bit was different from the weather the day before. Apparently in this train there are not many’s not wrong for me to mix the two of in 10 people camtu. train that can ride maybe hundreds of people, just us in 10 people jer ride … wahhh..this is good !!!

Everyone wants to sit in 1 carriage alone … hahahha.

In the train we will be given info in several languages ​​..

From 2m above sea level we were taken up to 866m above sea level … fuhhh. This train will take you to Myrdal for about 2 hours. On the way to Myrdal..we will go through mountains, rivers, tunnels and magnificent view points.

You can see the waterfall that we went cycling the day before

Bai Flam … where I cycled from the top view ..

Long time no see..Flam disappeared from sad.

I fought alone in the carriage to snap a view … blink left blink right … did not even sit even though all the seats were empty..hahahaha. If you take this train with a lot of, sit on the right side..because the right side has a lot of views..left a lot of rocks and mountains that do not have many interesting views. Hope not many people know this info..if everyone knows..mengenget pulak train tu..hahaaha

The view is stunning..only I am not good at snapping

Seems of increasingly sparse settlements. Falling in love right I look at the shape of the houses here.

Feel like painting my mother’s house with the color of this Norwegian house..hehehe

Until one moment..train this stop. Apparently the rail will be 1 start from here. My train is up here, I have to stay first for the train from the opposite side first. There is a worker guarding the railway here. I miss him..he doesn’t have a proper’s cold.

Probably summer time I can swim in the waterfall area..hehehe. If you think about it..fear also sitting around these mountains..if an earthquake..I don’t know what the fate of people sitting here. So far takde kut kes cmtu.

We then went back to the steep road … across the ridge..hahaha. This road is used for people who like cycling. It’s scary …

This train stops for 5 minutes when you arrive at Brekkefossen waterfall. The shock can be photographed without anyone else around. The waterfall is frozen., .. it looks like there are candles. This time the snow was falling..I really did not think I would have the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of snow for the 2nd time. The first time we tasted snow was in Hokkaido, Japan.

View that was black from the mountain and yellowish from the to white ..

The train is getting closer Myrdal Station.

Had a chance to snap these cute and colorful houses

Taraaaa … until then. We only have to wait half an hour to board the next train to Bergen. It’s cold outside. Luckily you can enter the building next door.

Want to eat or drink can also be in here.

Myrdal ..

The train to Bergen is quite fast and more comfortable. This train is a train from Oslo. It’s really easy to do DIY Norway in a Nutshell ni … again easy if the travel buddy who booked a ticket and arranged a trip … muahahahaha.

From the train to Bergen. This time can see a snow storm.

The lower it goes, the less snow it gets.

Not long ago … snow is no more ..

Actually, our route to Bergen is more or less the same as the bus ride time from Bergen to’s just that the train is quite fast and the photo I snapped is not very sharp.

If the weather is not gloomy … this view must be cun.

After arriving at Bergen Central Station, we continued on to the Neptune Hotel. The weather at that time was a little rainy and very cloudy. After arriving at Neptune Hotel, we continued to pack our luggage in front of the lobby. The hotel staff does not care if we want to pack luggage in the lobby area and are allowed to use the toilet. It has all settled..the activity of pulling luggage is very painful because this cobblestone road makes it difficult for us to pull luggage. Before going to the airport, we really want to eat for the last time at Fish Market. After all, the place for us to wait for the bus to the airport near Fish Market je.

This pancake from the 1st day in Bergen again I want to try. This pancake is quite thin and eaten with sour cream and strawberry jam. Very tasty..not enough because it is thin. If you want to order again..the price can be expensive … hahaha.

Because we are not full of eating pancakes, we also order seafood tempura..then just full..hehehe.

I fell in love with this smoked, we also asked the waitress there, we didn’t want to tap the fish and take it on a flight and how long this fish lasted. Then he said yes..the fish lasts for a week. This fish is packaged vacuum. We bought two pieces.

Then we headed towards the bustop. Bustop is not covered..luckily the rain has stopped. Travel to Bergen Airport very smooth. Process to drop luggage all smooth. Because the weather is not so much ok..sometimes in flight Copenhagen swaying. Scary too.

With the end of this entry, then my story about Norway ends. So now this is the part for the conclusion. Actually Norway is our highlight in Scandinavian Trips ni. That is, it is best to explore Norway even though not the whole of Norway.

1) Satisfied to be able to appreciate the beauty of the colorful old building in Bergen

2) Taste fresh seafood at Fish Market

3) Enjoy the uniqueness of Narrow Street

4) Witness the wonders of the fjord

5) Breathe in fresh air in a small village in Flam

6) Opportunity in snow-covered mountains

7) Thankfully because with a limited budget we can still enjoy comfort throughout the trip

Thanks be to Allah SWT who gave us the opportunity to go through this great experience. An unforgettable experience. InsyaAllah if there is sustenance, we want to go to a Scandinavian country that we have not had time to reach.

Wait for the next entry to follow my story about Denmark … until here first … well …

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