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Inhale … exhale … inhale..exhale..breathe..exhaust..adjust the chair..sit for the window to get fresh air..turn your hair neatly so that it does not slip. Ok..standby to write.

To begin with, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Allah SWT for:

1) Rezeki got a cheap return ticket to Sweden

2) Sustenance gets cheap tickets from one country to another

3) Sustenance appreciates the nature of His creation

4) Sustenance of ability, pleasure, convenience, health and safety throughout the trip

5) Provide enough sunny weather that illuminates the whole universe

This trip starts on 14/4/2017 until 25/4/2017. On 14/4/2017, from KLIA to Bangkok is about 2 hours. A 3-hour transit in Bangkok, then a 10-hour journey to Stockholm, Sweden. Our journey is not just that ye..we stay at Arlanda Airport, Stockholm, Sweden from 9am to 1pm to Bergen, Norway by boarding Norwegian Airways. Actually, I don’t want to wait long for the next flight because we need to take the luggage, drop luggage and so on.

Why don’t we stay in Stockholm first and then fly to Norway ?? We feel better like this jer..better at once like this from going to the airport again after exploring Stockholm. Understand, wanting to go back to this airport is not close..mixed tired again. I think that day we are really tired at once..hehehe.

Norwegian, Danish and Swedish currencies. It’s really hard for me to differentiate between these three money. That day to exchange money was a bit difficult. Many money changers do not have these three currencies. Luckily there is 1 money changer in Sunway Pyramid – Spectrum Forex there. The rate he offers is also very ok. Got a little queue because of the crowd.

This is the most delicious meal ever Thai Airways Serve. This rice tastes like fish fillet with turmeric leaves and lemon leaves..very tasty. The best thing about boarding Thai Airways is, when you enter and just sit down, the stewardess will come and ask if we have a request for halal food. And our food is served first from other people … wahh it tastes like special je..hehehe.

For breakfast, I still like the bread from the omelette. Bread can be asked for jer if not enough.

Water turbulence is quite severe throughout the flight. I really can’t close my eyes. Went to the toilet and wanted..hahaha. The flight that night was full..but shut up. I don’t even hear people talking or baby crying. All mat and minah salleh boarded the flight sunburn. Maybe dorang came to sunbathe in hot Thailand. In the country, it’s very cold … I’m very smart..heehehe. Anyway, thankfully we arrived safely in Sweden.

The feeling of wanting to jump when looking from the flight window has seen the face of Sweden.

When you look at the average that comes out of the flight belly just wear a regular t-shirt and shorts. We’ve been wondering, isn’t it cold there ?? We do not standby proper clothes. Everything is just a t-shirt because as far as we know we want to wear a jer jacket throughout the trip. I don’t want to spend money to buy clothes there, do I? Sure is expensive. Tak pe … read the next story.

Getting through immigration is very easy. I do not need to fill out an immigration card. All you have to do is prepare any document such as flight ticket, hotel booking etc..he will ask to see. For the next flight to Norway by boarding Norwegian Airways, we have to check in ourselves and drop our own luggage. At first I panicked jer, but my sis relax jer..hahaha. It’s easy to see him print his boarding pass, as well as his own luggage tag. Then put the luggage tag and go to the counter..confident giler he took a scan like the shopping complex, then scan the bar code luggage tag. When placed at the place where the luggage is dropped, the luggage bag continues to pass. Indeed, I am not confident, let my luggage pass like that … hahaha. My sis is tired of explaining..hahaha.

At Arlanda Airport, I was amazed to see a variety of interesting desserts. Look at the price..sorry. I love to convert. 35 Swedish Kroner already want close to RM20 for our money. But believe me, starting we will feel the extraordinary value of money converted, sooner or later, we will get used to.

I have food standby for us to eat at the airport. Ketupat nasi with chicken floss and fried onions. There was a story, this rice ketupat we did not finish eating. Put it in a backpack. Time scan bag, immigration ask permission to look backpack. He took out the rice ketupat and asked what it was. If you look at it, it looks like a drug pack, right ?? hahaha. Already explained everything, he maybe discussed with the superior officer then returned and said thank you, perfect while smiling. Arlanda airport is very simple. Not wide anywhere.

Cost of flight for Norwegian is about 50 Euro / person. Travel just an hour jer. Yelah kan..just country next to jer. When the face of Norway is visible..hah ?? snow ?? I said in my heart..maybe this area is high..the place we will explore confirm no snow.

After an hour of travel … we arrived. Apparently Scandinavian Countries like Europe, no need to chop passports from country to country. And that time, the process to explore Norway begins. Let’s go …

Oh ye..for info, my luggage is safe until ye..hehehe

Our destination is Bergen. My sis dah book Flybussen it’s early. Just show booking then he shared the receipt. Just 20 minutes away, the cost for this bus is 99 NOK… you really have to be ready when you get to Norway, so that you don’t faint looking at the prices..hahaha. 100 NOK = RM59. Mineral water 500ml costs 30 NOK … erk.

For our trip, we are on standby using the internet. Ever heard of flexiroam? Please google it. The reason is, it is easy for us to search from one place to another. With the internet, you can reduce wasted time and reduce tiredness if you get lost. It really makes it easy for us.

Our hotel is from the bus stop just a few hundred meters jer..but so tormented dragging luggage bag … hahahaha. Dah la after getting off the bus the cold gripped my’s really painful you know … hahaha. With this cobblestone, even 360 deg wheeled luggage does not function. We had to drag the bag while the wheels got stuck in the cobblestone cracks.

The name of the hotel we stayed at is Scandic Neptune. Originally my sis book hotel whose name is Scandic Byparken. A few more days we want to leave, my sis got an email that the hotel had to be closed for unavoidable reasons. We were given 2 other hotels to choose from at no extra charge. We chose Scandic Neptune because this hotel is closest to the attraction places. Our choice is right is very close, I want to go everywhere. And this hotel is very, very comfortable.

Very hungry at that time..luckily there was an instant maggi. Eat refill energy before going out to explore Bergen.

About 4pm so we went out to explore Bergen. The atmosphere is a bit gloomy but not rainy. During our stay in Bergen, temperatures ranged from 3 ° C to 7 ° C. Although it has been spring since March, but the atmosphere is still winter. On average, the tree only grows a few leaf buds because the flowers have not yet flowered.

Just cross a building and a road, we see this magnificent view, Bryggen. Bryggen is a historic port in Bergen, Norway. Supposedly the center of trade in ancient times. For that day, I just looked from behind the river jer..tomorrow I just went near and entered some shops that sell souvenirs in those buildings.

Not far from Bryggen, you can see a view of a row of houses on the hillside. This atmosphere is very pleasant with fresh air and the chirping of birds. This city does not look bz.

Not far from the place where the view is served, you can see the fish market that I always read from the official website visitbergen. If you look at the menu..erkkk..1 meal costs close to 200 NOK. Then my sis said … takpe..we try to eat this time. But at that time we were still full eating maggi. This fish market closes at 11 pm..then we decide to come again for dinner maybe at 8pm like that.

With the rest of the energy dwindling, we just walked around the hotel area jer. Happy I found flowers..hehehe. These daffodils are beautiful.

When you get to the park, the energy is gone. We decided to go back to sleep and then go out for dinner and sunset. Which is very funny, my sis without removing the hood and sweater continues to sleep and I just want to lie down because I keep falling asleep. When you realize that, look at the clock that is about 11pm. If I’m not mistaken, I fell asleep from 6pm. We are really tired..hahaha. My sis woke up after that and kept rushing to take me out..then I’s too late..I went back to sleep..I want to be 11..hahaha.

Ended our 1st day in Bergen, Norway. Wait for my next story for the next day in Bergen ye … there are many interesting views I want to share.

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