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Assalamualaikum ..

See you again for the next story. My story is still on the 2nd day in Bergen, Norway yee. After settling on cleaning the bird droppings on my sis’ jacket..we came out again. The first thing we want to do is..lunch. The place we are going to is Fish Market lah. From the first night in Bergen we were about to have dinner there, but could go to sleep because of jet lag..hahaha.

Food prices at Fish Market We already know a little bit..we are really ready to spend the money because we think, only that day we have the opportunity to taste the food there because we will leave Bergen the next day.

Before deciding which restaurant to eat at, we first round the closed market. Look at this salmon..Gravraxs. I ate salmon at breakfast time at the hotel. It’s delicious too. Ever seen how to cook this salmon..just use salt, sugar and dill. Wrap and store in the fridge..not even cooked. Good to know …

Restaurant inside Fish Market That’s just 3-4 pieces. We randomly select a restaurant. My sis ordered creamy mussle and I ordered prawn with rice. Before ordering, you have to confirm first that there is no wine. Usually for seafood, dorang will put wine to get rid of fishy. When asked, yes dorang is indeed the location of wine. Many times I reminded him not to put wine..the waiter assured us he would not put wine. For one meal, the price is about 180 NOK. It’s really expensive, right? What’s wrong with that once because I ate..hehehe. For plain water, do not charge. The taste of the food we ordered is very ok. Seafood and salads are very fresh. is there rice in Norway ??? hehehe..I think because the chef here is Japanese..can I get rice and sushi at this Fish Market.

We have all settled lunch..we want to continue exploring Bergen. It is really fun to see the gloomy weather in the morning has turned bright in the afternoon. The blue sky began to appear. Bergen is really beautiful in such weather.

View Bryggen that I snap from Fish Market

We walked towards the ticket counter that the white building was going to Mount Floyen. There is a tram that can take us to Mount Floyen for a fee 90 NOK. From the top of Mount Floyen you can see the view of Bergen. Unfortunately, our time to buy a ticket, amoi selling the ticket said there was a technical problem..tram could not operate. He could not confirm when he could operate as usual.

I shared the idea with my sis..what did you say? narrow street first..then he is ok. To get to the narrow street, start from the back of the white building. Is it on narrow street ?? Actually this narrow street is a housing area in Bergen. The houses in the area are close and cute. Also located on the slopes of Mount Floyen. When walking down this narrow street, we seem to climb a hilly road. This is the activity I really want to do before going to Norway. Thanksgiving is a dream come true..hehehe. Let’s serve a photo …

Hmm..this place is very safe, peaceful, clean, beautiful and unique.

This housing is very quiet … it doesn’t look like there are people. Occasionally meet tourists like us..not very many. The other one I noticed, dorang ni takde kereta ke ?? If there is, there is no park at the bottom..saturated also want to tread..weird..weird. From my reading, the residents of this area do not care about the tourist streets of this area.

I like to see this view … i wish one of the house is mine …

If the road surface is too steep..cobble stone is arranged on the stairs like this ..

Because the house is very close..planting flowers in front of this door is also possible..hehe

Alas, this door is really small … if fat people do not fit to enter ..

Standard door like this too..high people have to bow to enter..hehehe ..

I really like the way I look in front of the houses here ..


I think this flower is kind of daisy

Cute tulips in front of a house

This flower has not yet flowered

Purple + blue bell flowers..put your own name..hehehe

The name of this flower Grape Hyacinth… the one I like the most … if it blooms again, it’s beautiful. The flowers I found in Denmark if I’m not mistaken … I’ll share later.

I asked my sister … I pointed to my mother for my photo from facebook or IG..then she said yes … but my mother was more interested in seeing the flower photo I shared than my photo with the view … hahahaha. Like mom like daughter..haha

Greens make me fall in love with nature

Climbers have climbs, finally we are presented with a view of the roof of the house

Remember the quote “Life is a climb. But the view is great”… it absolutely right !!!

Please don’t mind me putting too many photos in this entry..hahaha … because I really like all the photos I snapped..heheheh

Let’s go down..this time it’s really’s raining but not so heavy. Apparently it didn’t rain, but 1mm ice cubes like that..ohhh it must be very cold. The ice came down 5 minutes like that

The day is still early. We still hope the Mount Floyen tram will be ok. We want to try again to the tram ticket counter after we go to Bergen Central Station. The purpose there is to buy a bus ticket to Gudvangen tomorrow. The story to Gudvangen, I will tell you later. To get to central station, we need to go through a very large park. In the middle of this park there is a very large pool.

It’s best to look at the row of houses on the hill …

This park is the best..which is not the best, there are a lot of dogs.

Flowers around the garden

This view I snap on the way to the central station

When I reached the central station, I did not find the information counter or ticket counter. I’m like normal … I’m nervous … what is it … I’m afraid I won’t be able to see the fjord tomorrow. My sis said yes, tomorrow you can buy it from the bus driver..but I was stubborn to come and check at the station early. I’m really worried … my sis is cool because … hahaha. Even though my sis has convinced me many times … I am still worried. sis jer leh hold my temper … hahaha.

Our activity that day is not over yet. We went back again to the hotel to rest and then went out again when it was getting dark. Our goal is to see the sunset at Mount Floyen. When you get to the ticket counter..alahai..still not operate anymore. Amoi tu macam for the hope that soon it will be ok..we wait in the cold. Thankfully, 5 minutes after that the tram is ok ..

Jommmm …

Mount Floyen tram not only serves as a transport for tourists to climb Mount Floyen, it is also a public transport for residents sitting on the hillside..ohh just found out … before arriving at the last station at the top of Mount Floyen, tram This will stop at some stations. This tram is like a tram near Hong Kong..The Peak.

Bergen sprinkled with twilight light ..

I missed this moment

In Mount Floyen, you can also do activity hiking or jungle tracking … like us, it’s almost dusk, it’s not good to go into the forest..hehehe.

Originally I wanted to wait until the sun disappeared..but we couldn’t stand the cold anymore. The last tram to get down is 9 pm..the sunset is about 9 doesn’t seem right. Kang missed the tram and wanted to faint to go down..hehe.

Let’s go down … this tram goes through the cracks of mountain rocks, the edges and bottom of people’s houses

Bergen is filled with golden light … love this moment

Very calm atmosphere. One full day we spent in Bergen. More than enough actually all the attraction places around the hotel only. Which makes me really like Bergen because … this small town is very clean..each corner is all beautiful..the houses on the hillside are very beautifully arranged and colorful..this town is also not too bz and not too quiet .. and I am quite satisfied with the experience I went through all day in Bergen..experience that is worthless.

Before returning to the hotel we stopped again at Fish Market..I want to try eating smoked herring told by mulan in his blog We both had a big meal that night..hahahaha. Smoked herring that size is 30 NOK. My sis really likes this smoked herring. This fish has a lot of bones but the bones are not hard and very sharp..even if eaten, it is not dangerous..hehehe.

For the next entry..I can’t wait to tell our highlight in this Scandinavian trips, that is ..Norway in a Nutshell. I will share a photo that is God’s creation that is very wide and very impressive 🙂

Ok dah … gi exercise fingers that are sluggish because a lot of scrolls..ehehehe.


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