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Assalamualaikum ..

This is the entry that I can’t wait to share. Ehhh … sounds like the best jer..haaa … it’s the best baq hang !!! I always remember my mother’s order..don’t be so shocked, I’ll cry later. Just everything will be smooth. Time kecik-kecik used to be really shocked..playing there..playing here..last-last crying because it fell to..fighting only’s all sorts of things. I hope I learn from my mother’s advice and also my life experience 🙂

Ok..the 3rd day in Bergen. That morning we will take a rather long journey to see the fjord. So, that morning I ate earnestly..hehe.

Discuss had a discussion we finally decided to leave the luggage bag at the Scandic Neptun hotel. Even though we checked out, this hotel does not matter if we leave luggage. Luggage storage is also very convincing..need a key-in password to enter. We just wear a bagpack jer..bring what you need. After all we will return to Bergen before going to the airport to Denmark. And we don’t need to be busy dragging luggage bags with difficulty..hehehe.

Buffet breakfast at Scandic Neptune … that croissant tastes like I ate 4 pieces … hahaha

Our long journey that day included ….

1) Bergen to Gudvangen – about 2 hours more by bus

2) Gudvangen to Flam – about 2 hours more by cruise

Ever heard of it Norway in a Nutshell? I have never heard of it. When I decided to go to Norway, me and my sis study where to go in Norway. That’s when I just found out about it Norway in a Nutshell. If you follow the website Visit Bergen, we can book tour Norway in a Nutshell from agent. And this tour can be done in 1 day only. We made the tour as a reference, but we DIY. It turns out that DIY saves more. Reference? It can be said that there is no reference because not many people write blogs like our style. Mostly complete the tour even if DIY is from Oslo – Myrdal – Flam – Gudvangen – Voss – and ends in Bergen.

Our style pula … Bergen – Gudvagen – Flam (stay 2 nites) – Myrdal – Bergen. We should have taken the train to Voss from Bergen first then take the bus to Gudvangen. Unfortunately, the train we booked has been rescheduled and can match the time with the cruise Flam. Good luck refunding. Eventually we had to take a direct bus from Bergen to Gudvangen. We just passed by Voss. And there is true wisdom. First, we do not need to change the train to get on the bus..keep direct because the bus. And secondly, we can live the view along the way. If you take the train, the train is a bit fast and you can’t snap a beautiful view.

Oh yeah..what are you Norway in a Nutshell?? Norway in a Nutshell is a tour that requires us to take buses, trains and cruises to see the beauty of the fjords, mountains, houses on the slopes of the mountains and many more natural beauties. I highly recommend you try this tour if you go to Norway … very worth it.

Ok..let me start my experience ye. After we stored the luggage bag, we moved to the bus station. Just walk in 10 minutes so. The weather that day was very beautiful. The 10 minute journey became half an hour because we were busy stopping to take pictures … hahaha.

Pictured around the feels like I’ve been in 3 times I took pictures in this area all the way to Bergen … hahaha.

It feels like I see IG Bergen, this flower has blossomed. At first I was frustrated not being able to see sakura in Norway, but I found it in Denmark and Sweden..keep reading for the next story in both countries.

The weather that day was very …

Pink hyacinth

The bus station is’s cold waiting for the bus. Need to be does not have a counter to buy a ticket..can buy from a machine or from a bus driver. We choose to buy from the bus driver. Thankfully the bus we were waiting for arrived and headed right to our destination. My worries are over..hehehe. Free seat ye..make sure choose on the left, because the view is awesome. Let’s serve a photo

Station bus. Please download google map can see what time the bus is Gudvangen E16 and want to wait on which platform. The platform knows a lot here. We chose the bus to Gudvangen which is 11am more because we want to meet with our cruise to Flam from Gudvangen.

I snapped from the bus station

Buy a ticket from the bus driver.

So, our journey begins to appreciate the beauty of nature created by Allah SWT. Believe me..2 hrs plus having this journey feels very instantaneous. I didn’t have time to wake up in my seat..hahahaha. Ehh …. betul maaa..happen to me … hahaha. Left right view cun poison. Instantly snap a moment record view. Luckily there is a seat belt, it will not fall over when the driver passes a sharp bend area … do not lean on the seat, say..hahaha. There are many tunnels … some are long and some are short. And every time you go out of the tunnel..ready for the standby camera..because ?? Every time you go out of the tunnel there is a beautiful surprise view. There is no picture of how beautiful the view all the way to Gudvangen is. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh!

Around Bergen you can still see the housing is quite dense.

Farther away from Bergen, I rarely find a house. Those who meet are rarely between houses quite far away.


Our trip presented a magnificent view..very beautiful. This time we think this is the most beautiful view we saw … apparently there is something more beautiful … Subhanallah.

Then there are snow spots..hah ?? snow ?? More lively snap here and there..hahahha

patches of snow are increasingly visible

This bus also has many the one above..this is the bus stop. It feels like that time we are both tourists..hahaha.

Around Voss. If we take our own car..can stop looking at the waterfall up close.

I like to see people’s houses here … cute and beautiful paint.

Finally we arrived Gudvangen E16. My guess is correct..only we tourists come down here..hahaha. Gudvangen E16 This is not the last stop … so I have to alert time to go down. I got off the bus..haa hamik..cold shivering..hahaha.

From the main road you have to walk towards the bridge nu ha to the jetty cruise. Come on …

Before the cross bridge..we went to the toilet in the I didn’t pay. Then there is a grocery store there..we buy bread and hot coffee for lunch.

Our lunch … table chairs are provided in this area. What kind of R&R is this place. Many people stop to hang out like us.

While eating, serve the view..At the top of the mountain you can see the snow melting into a waterfall..amazing !!!

I don’t know if this is a house or what..just this one jer ..

Let’s cross the bridge … we are cold this time. It was unusually very cold even though the atmosphere seemed hot. Our target is to enter the souvenir shop to warm up.

View when cross bridge

Love to see this flower

The intention to enter the souvenir shop was postponed when looking at the fjord view..Subhanallah it is beautiful. I remember the movie2 I watched on TV.

Sampan Viking

You can hang out here if you can withstand the cold

Yesss..I’m here !!!

If it’s a traditional Scandinavian house, don’t let the grass grow (roof turf) on the roof … unique.

Various souvenirs in this shop..jackets are also for sale. As usual … the price is incredibly expensive..hahaha. We can use the toilet or hang out in here. There are many seats. There is also a cafe in here. It feels like we waited for the cruise in 3 hours as well. But it does not last long.

Not long ago, a group of midland chinese raided the store. I already know, dorang ni something sikit..hahaha. Sometimes it is not polite. There are many places I go to find the dorang that many giler tu. Dah la bising giler..pening dibuatnya..haha. Our port is pictured with a shameless face that can block us..the story is true, you know..haha. I have read in this mat salleh blog..he is busy complaining jer midland chinese ni spoil kan tour Norway in a Nutshell. By the time we both turned pale … hahaha. Won’t our trip on the cruise spoil ??

Thankfully … apparently a group midland chinese there is no private boat. Very relieved. Ehh..but right..we won’t both of us because we want to take that big cruise..hahaha. My gabra also came …. hahaha. My sis kept shaking her head looking at my behavior..hahaha. Yala..if in Malaysia the express bus does not work as long as people are not full..I used that concept anyway … hahaha.

Ohhh …. there are people coming..that’s a Korean bus..haha. I had a chat with this Korean tourist guide..he was alone to take care of the passengers from the 2 buses. He said he used to bring people to Langkawi..he said best.

Bai Gudvangen ..

Here it is first ek..experience on my cruise the story in the next entry is ek. No need to type.

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