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Assalamualaikum …

The feeling of wanting to write is still burning..hopefully this feeling will last ye..hehehe. Ok … let’s continue the story Flam, Norway.

That morning we decided to have breakfast at the restaurant area Mall of Flam you. Luckily sitting at Flam Hostel which is not far to walk to the Mall of Flam. The weather that morning was awesome. The sky was blue and the sun was shining brightly. It feels calm, because vehicles rarely move on the road. People who stay in hostels are not crowded the peace of this soul increases. The birds chirped heart was happy then. Look at any place..every corner is beautiful. Let’s take a photo around the hostel …

This is the hotel building I stayed at..the walls of this hotel are all made of wood. My room is downstairs. The second window from the right is my room.

The hostel building in front of the hostel building where I stayed

I’m not sure who will show this look are flowers or leaves

We have 1 full day at Flam that day. Often people do Norway in a Nutshell ni, just make this Flam as a stopover to go up anyway Flambana Train to Mrydal and so on Bergen or Oslo. After it ends in Bergen or Oslo, so … complete Norway in a Nutshell. But there are a few differences we do. We stayed 2 nights with Flam. Stay at Flam is highly recommended ye friends. We can appreciate the natural beauty of this village area, can stay somewhere around the mountains and far from the hustle and bustle of the city..i love it !!!

While walking to the Mall of Flam, I came across this beautiful house … the house is so cute and I love the color

In front of the house … really admire the white fence

Our destination … I really hope that time the restaurant is open.

While looking for breakfast … there was a snap activity here and there snap here..The Flam people really like to build houses, hotels, hostels or shops using wood.

In front of Toget Face..his name is funny..hehehe

The cruise we boarded the day before ..

Finally we found a suitable and convincing cafe to enter. At that time I just wanted to eat bread and coffee. Although this bread looks hard..but it is not very hard either..I really like sis doesn’t like it very much..finally I noticed 2 pieces of this bread..hehehe.

Then when we are full, we discuss what to do. Before coming here, I also studied hiking activity. There are many trails for hiking. When searching from the internet, did not find a folder for reference. But don’t worry..can go to the tourist information area of ​​this wooden building. We can ask the tourist information staff to explain what trail is right for us. Since we are both not pro climbers..and never climbed, we finally chose the shortest Can take a map from tourist information. Our trail starts not far from the Mall of Flam..ish..this hiking enthusiast … hahaha. This is not nonsense..right we are hiking..I can’t believe let’s look at the photo

Let’s go..out hiking start from behind that white building …Fretheim Hotel..ayuhhh

Huhuhu … are we going to the top of this mountain … keep reading

After walking towards the white building where it is Fretheim Hotel

Just want to start, I’m confident to go right to left..hahaha ..

Ohh..there is a signboard apparently … greed gi choose right..more

This time it is only 5 minutes to climb the hilly road … I went there huuu here … I must be out of breath … isk isk isk …

This fjord view is really not boring to look at … so lawa.

10 minutes later … huhuuu beautiful … huhuhu lawa … fjord is more visible. This time, the two of them are very proud because of hiking..wakakaka.

Actually this is our hiking it funny ?? Where does it reach its peak if it can only walk 600m..hahaha..poyo

This is also enough for me..I don’t have the stamina to go hiking. I like it because it is not very difficult. No need for any equipment … just wear sport shoes.

I really like watching the weather that day … the sky is so bright !!!

There are many chairs available in one place. Want to have a picnic can actually. But don’t dream of falling asleep here..because it’s so cold. Time I feel very calm..happy..many more. Thank God you gave me the opportunity to witness the greatness of the earth of Your creation.

Zoom in a bit

From above can be seen Flam Hostel that we stay there …. so cute !!!


I think this is a kind of flower

There are not many flowers in Flam … I found this one

I forgot to remove it then go back and plant it at home

End of hiking trail … hahaha. What is hiking..hahahah. Ala … promise rockkk !!!

Ye la uols … tu jer hikingnya..apa-apapun saya enjoyyyy !!!

Souvenir shop. Want to design your own house like this … hehehe.

After hiking, we went shopping for our lunch. In the mall area there is a shop. We buy frozen fish to cook steam. Many ingredients I forgot to bring once. Everything was in a luggage bag in Bergen that we left at the hotel. My sis was hungry at that time because she did not have a proper breakfast. We plan after lunch and rest, we will continue to explore Flam by bike.

The shop is closer to the we cross the bridge to go back to the hostel

Small peaceful village

The more it shifts to noon, the more clouds fill the sky.

That afternoon we ate steam cod fish with hot rice. It’s nice because I want to cook when the rice cooker is cute..time to cook the rice, put this fish in the container then put the top..then close. When the rice is cooked..cook the tupun fish. Luckily there is salt free kt kitchen hostel..or otherwise, eating the fish will not taste good.

When we are full, we rest for a while. Charge all phones and cameras. After getting ready for cycling, we headed to the reception. The hostel staff will test every bicycle we will ride. He test break, gear all. Then we were given a test opportunity. I’m short, it’s a bit difficult to find a suitable bike..hehehe. Charges charged are 100 NOK for an hour. During the bike test, he would not count the time anymore. Time will be calculated after we leave the hostel area. It’s a bit awkward to pedal because I haven’t ridden a bike in a long time..heehe. But Alhamdulillah I am still smart.

So..start cycling activity..excited..hehehe. Let’s look at the view during my cycling ….

This area is’s really hard to paddle … when you go down the giler because you don’t paddle.

Asyik stop nak snap view … memang tak dapat nak tahan tengok view cun-melecun kat sini.

Along the way..this is my 1st time fun uolssss

I don’t know what flower … I’m really interested

Every house doesn’t seem to have people because … I like the design of this house which has a veranda in front of the door.

The large stone blocks that are used as a fence are very interesting ..

Look at the roof of this house … wow ….

There is a hiking trail in this waterfall area..our time ago..some people are hiking

The river that flows fast..the sound of roaring water is really engrossing

At the end of the road …

We paddled to the end of the road. Do not dare to paddle a busier road area. There is still time to return the bike … so we just round the Mall of Flam area again. Then relax for a moment at an area like the beach.

Our hiking and cycling activity at Flam is over. Satisfied enough to appreciate the beauty of nature in this Flam. If you like hiking and do extreme activity … this is the place. There are many challenging hiking trails waiting for you here. Activity of people like me … capable of up to 600m hiking and 3-4km cycling jer..hahaha. I’m not even a diva … normal jer. For the next entry I will tell the connection of Norway in a Nutshell. Tomorrow is our last day in Norway. Sob sob sob … really sad to leave Norway which gave me a beautiful memory.

Bai ….

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