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Assalamualaikum …

Denmark’s entry has finally come to an end. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Copenhagen aint for me either. Let’s read the next story …

Our activity for the 3rd day in Copenhagen was just relaxing. So that morning we did not go out very early. We hung out in the room while looking back at the photos we snapped throughout the trip.

About 10am we also checked out. I do not know how many rooms Cabbin City Hotel we stayed at. The reason, according to the receptionist who has more than 3 people on duty, customers who want to check out Q to the door. We store our luggage in the room provided by the hotel. Actually, if you want easy … we can store luggage at Central Station. The reason is, in the afternoon, we will take the train to Stockholm, Sweden. We have a check first where to store the’s a bit expensive to charge. So, we chose to keep the jer at the hotel because it is free.

We headed to Central Station to take the bus. Our destination is Amelienborg Palace. We must arrive before 11am. Got excited to see the Changing Guard Ceremony, until I forgot to have breakfast. Because we had been to Amelienborg Palace the day before, so there was no problem wanting to know where the place was.

Building opposite Central Station

The last day in Copenhagen was accompanied by gloomy weather

Our time has arrived, other visitors are already crowded. Quite confusing to stand where because the place is a large square and surrounded by buildings. There are guards guarding in some corners of the area. CAUTION !!! Do not walk or stand on the guard path … later he jerked. I saw some people get jerked because they were standing in the path he was guarding and also sitting leaning on the building. Once in jerkah … echoed all over the world … hahahaha.

Guards guarding Amelienborg Palace

The schoolboys for the visit are kind of … really cute

Wait have a wait, the ceremony finally starts. The ceremony was a bit bland because it was not happening like at Buckingham Palace in London. Also brass band. Just a regular wire jer. The group of wire guards that came in 40 people went to every corner that housed the guards and then exchanged with others. So it is with the next corner. It was a bit of a boring ceremony. A few times I was yawning..hahahaha.

Every visitor has to run with the wired army group every time they wander to another corner and corner … hahaha. And I, standing at a place that my sis is happy to meet. My sis is one of the people who ran with the wire army … hahahaha. Is it weird that the cam ceremony is like that..hahaha.

Army wire without brass band … not lively at all

Visitors had to run to record the exchange of guards at every corner

My sis who was tired of running finally gave up running..hahaha. He said let’s eat. Indeed, my stomach was dangling at that time. I really did not standby any food for us that day because the night before that all the items were packing. We walked back to the building in the Amelienborg Palace area. There are several cafes that are suitable for us to enter. We chose a cafe that was a bit quiet.

Our brunch … my croissant order was very tasty !!!

We stopped at a shop to buy mineral water..the only time we knew that an empty bottle of mineral water was worth it. We need to put the bottle in this machine..then the receipt will come out. Show the receipt to the cashier and he will pay about half the price of the original mineral water if I’m not mistaken. That’s why mineral water seems expensive there because we want to return the bottle because we want to recycle. Nice way this way. The plague cashier taught us how to get the cash. He said, you can do it at any store. This time we have 1 bottle that still has half the water. Only two people swallowed the water because they wanted to return the bottle ….. hahaha. Flatulence because just drank a cup of coffee..hahaha.

Then..we plan to spend the rest of the time at Tivoli Garden. We waited for the bus at the same place we got off. It’s a little easy to get on the bus if we have internet. Can know what bus number and where to stop. There was a slight misunderstanding while on the bus. We remember the bus would stop at Central Station, but it didn’t. Wait a minute, we think the bus is heading in a direction that is far from Central Station. We had to wait for the bus to break back. Until all the passengers have disembarked, stay with both of us.

The bus driver scolded us. He was weird because we didn’t go down to the last station. Tell us where we want to go. And the best part, he said he was a Muslim … thankfully met people of the same religion. We sat at the front to make it easier for the bus driver to tell us where we needed to stop.

Due to our negligence, the time for us to jimba inside Tivoli Garden is quite limited. We wasted an hour on the bus. Follow my heart, I don’t want to enter Tivoli Garden because the entrance fee is quite expensive. My sis knew I wanted to enter the garden since before she came again, so she was forced to enter as well. We only have half an hour in there. This entry for Copenhagen is full of flowers … be patient..hehehhee.

Not many visitors in this park … maybe because of the rain.

I feel so good to see you again …. tulips ..

Just there are 3 colors jer … yellow, purple and also orange

These tulips are beautiful when the petals do not bloom very much..if they are too flowery, they do not look very much like tulips

This flower is beautiful

The building in Tivoli Garden is like a mosque

All the flowers in this garden are very beautiful

Scandinavian FM is not cheap. I can’t afford to buy souvenirs from other people. Just afford it for yourself.

Who’s crazy to snap a photo of a flower raising your hand !!! Hehehe … me and flower cannot separate

There are many things to explore in this park … unfortunately time does not allow …

There is a lake in the middle of this park … if there is a lot of time, he can sit hanging out by this lake.

View other parts of the lake


Various activities can be done here … there is a theme park as well..can see jer ..

Time to get out of the Tivoli Garden, I came across a kebab kiosk. Our sustenance is right. We want to catch up … the Arab mamat is busy chatting..hahahaha. Had to explain that we want to hurry. He used to go to KL, he was excited to chat.

We had allocated enough time to be in the Tivoli Garden, so we chased back to the hotel to pick up luggage. I was pounding when we missed the train to Stockholm, Sweden. When I took my luggage, I rushed to Central Station. Indeed, the Cabbin Citty Hotel ended up sitting because it was close to Central Station.

In the cold coupled with the drizzle that started to fall, I hesitated to pull luggage through the cobble stone. When I reached Central Station, I did not know the direction to wait for the train. My sis gi asked the counter train and I waited for the bag. My sis came back with a panicked face. Huh already … why is that? Did we miss the train? My sis kept talking..let’s hurry..that person said our platform is too far to walk. Hearing my sis say that, I feel like fainting. How far is the platform ?? Will we not have time? All kinds of questions in my brain. My sis walked without turning left or right. Chased me because my steps were shorter than his steps. And finally I had to run to catch up with my sis who was faster.

From inside Central Station I forgot we got off or took the elevator … then we got outside Central Station. Apparently our platform is outside the building. There is no train station from London to Paris that requires us to wait in the building. There will be a guard just check passport so jer. Scandinavian is like Europe, no need to go through immigration if you want to cross boarder.

Train waiting platform … We won’t be late. One of the earliest actually … what daaa … kamchong especially jer. The train is already there, just can’t get on yet. Luckily at that time the rain was not very heavy.

I was relieved to be able to sit in the train. Throughout the day we just ate bread with coffee ye. Luckily there is a tapau kebab time at Tivoli Garden. Sit down, then we go eat that kebab. That kebab is really delicious..usually this kebab uses chicken slices, but this kebab is like chicken floss. Unfortunately we just bought 1 jer. Luckily there are fries, it can also cover the stomach for 5 hours in the train.

Our seat is really comfortable..want to eat there is a table for everyone. Foot space is also wide. Only one problem … this train seems to sway very much. Up to that point I was dizzy and wanted to vomit. If you don’t want to, you really can’t. It was a very, very painful time to get to Stockholm. The train will stop at several stations. There will be police checking passports when we cross into Sweden.

Trip this time I noticed my sis did not immediately provide a hard copy booking ticket like. Everything he saves as PDF in the phone. As long as we take the bus, train and cruise, they all just show barcodes and people check tickets just scan. I never want to worry about my sis booking all those bookings. And I also do not directly experience any booking during the two of us travel … hahahaha. This is the time I really impress and respect my sis … she is able to do everything on her own and is perfect. The best travel buddy is the main reason for one successful trip …. pls believe me !!!!

My story ends in Copenhagen, Denmark. Very beautiful memory in Copenhagen. Sometimes I think … wow, luckily I got to Copenhagen. I never even thought of making Denmark one of the countries I really want to go to. Thank God for this kind of opportunity. Sometimes a blessing that can come suddenly without dreaming is the greatest blessing from God. Enjoy, appreciate, be grateful and set an example on whatever we can and go through.

Stay tuned for my next story in Scandinavian. Sweden is the last country I stopped at on these Scandinavian trips. Each country brings a different story … stay tune.

Bai ……

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