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Assalamualaikum …

Happy Hari Raya Sorry Zahir and Batin. About a week I celebrated in the village. This heart feels really satisfied..hehehe.

Continuation of the Scandinavian Trips story. I have shared my story in Norway, now is the time for me to share my story in the next country ..Denmark. At Denmark, we just focused the area Copenhagen only.

After about 1 hour flight, we arrived at Copenhagen Airport from Bergen. I’m not wrong, that time is already 9pm. Our body is tired right because throughout the day we boarded all kinds of transport Norway and then to Copenhagen again. After the touchdown, we continued to the ticket machine. The same machine sells tickets for buses and also trains to the city. We chose to take the train. The train station is not far, just go down to 1 level. We went down to the front of the rail..we are weird. Why not an entrance gate like any train we’ve ever ridden. Play in like that jer. Ehh..if this is the case, I won’t even buy a ticket..hahaha. At night the temperature does drop to 1 deg celsius. Trembling while waiting for the train to arrive.

Train ticket for 2 people = 72 DKK

It didn’t take long to travel from the airport to the town..I’m not wrong, it took less than half an hour. With internet data, we just use google map to go Cabinn Hotel. In the concentration and coolness of the night, we huddled in our luggage. It is quite torturous. We walked in 5 minutes like that … finally arrived Cabinn Hotel. For the 1st day in Copenhagen, we have not really seen the real look yet Copenhagen because when it gets dark, right?

The room we booked is a double deck bed..this is the bottom one

This is the top

The toilet is cute too … but it’s a little bigger than the Easy Hotel in London

Our room is considered comfortable … just a little cramped. But everything is enough … comfortable bed, sound proof, there is a table for me to cook and there is a small cabinet to hang a jacket. This room is considered compact Easy Hotel, London… but bigger than that hotel. Satisfied enough.

So, let’s read my next day story …

2nd day di Copenhagen is the only 1 full day for us to explore Copenhagen. The next day, we will go Stockholm, Sweden. If you follow the original plan, we just want to go Norway and Sweden jer..when you look at the time we have, it’s like jer had time to go Copenhagen, so we thought what was wrong with going there even for a moment. For a moment, not for a moment, it is very real..we also had time to explore almost all the attraction places in Copenhagen ni.

When the day dawns..then it looks like outside the room level. Lazy before going out while looking at the view outside the room even though it looks like a block building..hehehe. Meanwhile, we discussed where to go for that day.

Thankfully the weather that day was very sunny..the first place we headed to was Copenhagen Central Station. The purpose is nothing but … to have breakfast. Building the black roof of Central Station … let’s go !!!

Another side of Central Station

Inside Central Station.

Read from the internet … this bread is a must’s like cinnamon bread.

We also bought kanelsnegl and scone … unfortunately these two loaves are not tasty. 1st attraction place we are aiming for is Cristianborg Palace

Time then ahead Tivoli Garden ni … excited giler dah saya sebab nampak banyak bunga dalam garden tu. Unfortunately it is not yet open. Apparently Tivoli Garden This is a garden + theme park. You have to pay to enter. We continue our journey to Cristianborg Palace

Buildings around Copenhagen. Copenhagen is more or less like Amsterdam … many people ride bicycles.

Meet this unique walkway … we just walked along google map.

Then I found a row of this building next to the river..I just took a picture in front of this building. Apparently this row of buildings is Copenhagen Old Town named Magstraede. I should go to the crevice area of ​​this building … sure beautiful. The disadvantage.

More and more leaving Magstraede

Love the architecture

Finally we arrived at Cristianborg Palace..We are late to see the changing guard ceremony.

There is 1 story about this door … this is the story. Last time in front of this door I want to snap. I also went down a little from the walkway. My sis has walked without looking back. Ala..wink because I want to snap, I let him walk first. At that time I was protected by a row of cars in the parking lot in front of the building. Suddenly I heard my sis screaming and calling me … Dikla !! Dikla !! Anxious is not his voice. I was shocked. The funny thing is, he shouted to call me because he did not see me. He remembers someone pulling me into any building area. Wakakakaka..tak larat saya nak gelakkan dia time hahahahaha.

We walked to Nyhavn Harbor. Nyhavn ni macam Bryggen, Norway. In ancient times this place was a port for trade. The row of colorful buildings here is very beautiful. And this building is more than 350 years Let’s look at the photo …

There is no railing along this river … the wrong day of the month can fall in this river..hehehe. Really like the atmosphere here..calm down. People are not very crowded.

Snap from here you can see the whole building Nyhavn Harbor ni.

Many yachts are anchored in Nyhavn Harbor ni.

Has arrived Nyhavn Harbor do not miss the opportunity to take a cruise. I noticed there are 2 types of river cruises in Copenhagen. One type is like having to pay a little expensive and it seems like you can stop all kinds of stations and valid for 2 days if you are not mistaken. And another kind of way we went up here. Just pay 40 DKK / person for a cruise tour in 1 hour. We took this cruise from Nyhavn Harbor and disembarked at Christianborg Palace. That means there are two jer stations to take this cruise.

I snapped this photo from inside the cruise. Cool giler time on this cruise. Luckily there are parts that are you can also survive.

Leaving Nyhavn Harbor.

The green dome, if I’m not mistaken, is the church. The building near this river is Amalienborg Palace

Navy camp

From the top of this cruise my eyes saw a tree full of white flowers. I think at that time the flower must be cherry blossom. Excited giler dah. I said to my sis … we must go to that place … it must..hahahha.

This cruise will end soon Cristianborg Palace. We had to walk towards it again Nyhavn Harbor to the park that looks like the white cherry blossom. So my advice, please take this cruise this time at Cristianborg Palace and down at Nyhavn Harbor. What is the name of the park with the white cherry blossom … keep reading.

For everyone’s knowledge, it is expensive to go to a public toilet. If I’m not mistaken, our money is in RM6 – RM10. I advise … please find a mall that looks a little grand..then go in to find a toilet. Toilets at this large mall have free toilets. I forgot the name of the mall I entered … but it looks like Harrods.

Suddenly my sis wants to eat this baby potato … it can be boiled using our cute rice cooker. I noticed the vegetables and fruits in the mall were cheap.

Get to this entry first … the connection will be expedited 🙂

Bai …

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