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Assalamualaikum ..

The Scandinavian Trips entry is about to run out. It’s fun to be in the mood because I want to write. But don’t worry, God willing, all my memories of that time trip are still fresh. Remember the events, situations, feelings and even the atmosphere. Let’s continue the story Copenhagen, Denmark.

This entry is a continuation of day-2 at Copenhagen that is on 20 April 2017. After we got off the cruise, we also walked towards the area where I saw a row of trees full of white flowers. Although walking a bit far, I do not feel very tired because excited to see the flowers. In Norway it seems difficult to find flowers even though it is spring. The spring atmosphere in Norway seems to be still winter. Others in Denmark. Flowers can be found everywhere. But the cold in Denmark is not much different from the cold in Norway.

When we saw Copenhagen from the cruise, we could see which direction we should go to find the row of white flowering trees. While heading to the destination, he can enjoy the view along the way. This is the green vaulted building I saw from the cruise. I think this building is a church.

This architecture building in Copenhagen reminds me of the atmosphere in Paris.

Unconsciously we arrived Amalienborg Palace. Once again we terminated the changing guard ceremony. We both plan to see the ceremony the next day. This palace has a large space which is surrounded by buildings. Our time is very hungry. Not far from this palace there is a small park. So we had a picnic there.

Although the garden is small, but very beautiful. There are some very beautiful types of flowers. We also opened all the rice and side dishes. Luckily there is buying herring in Norway, it can be used as an additional side dish. If not, enjoy eating anchovy sauce jer..hehehe. There are some people in the park who smile watching us have a picnic while saying “enjoy your food”. I’m full, I told my sis to relax first because I want to snap the flowers in the garden … hehehe. Jom layan photo ….

Like sakura ….

My fren said this magnolia flower … wangiiii ..

The leaves of this flower seem to grow creeping on the ground

This little fruit looks’s impossible to eat. If you can eat, sure it will be bird food.

This flower is like a cherry tree … very beautiful.

In between the rocks there are flowers.

This is the tree I saw from the cruise. Finally arrived too. Apparently this flower is a cherry blossom. Thankfully I can see this lush sakura. In the past, the time to go to Korea, sakura has decreased and dropped. But this time I can appreciate the beauty of the lush cherry without even a single leaf on this cherry tree.


My sis remembers that because sakura I want to see..I said no no no no … there is more. Time I look from the cruise, there are many more rows of cherry trees. Just need to walk a little further forward. We just went down the river. That’s right, we found a row of cherry trees. Apparently we have arrived at Kastellet. This castle is one of the attraction places I want to go. This garden from above can see the shape of a pentago … but I look like a star shape. That Kastellet is really beautiful. There are many more flowers there … patient ek look at the flower photos..what to do..snap the flower pictures is my interest..hehehe. Oh yes..enter is free ye …

This water fountain is unique. At the bottom of this pool you can see coins. There are those who throw coins supposedly to set intentions..isk isk isk.

If you look from above, this lake is star-shaped … this park is also big. There are many dogs. Saturated running to avoid dogs … hahahah

This is a white cherry’s really beautiful. Somewhat gloomy because the weather is getting gloomy. It will definitely go white if the sky is bright blue. This time is a bit’s fun to see this cherry tree curl up according to the wind. It’s best if it can linger. This time we are a bit tired because a lot of walking.

Minah ni happy jumpa sakura..hehehe

Every corner is beautiful !!!

I love this place sooooo much !!!!

Let’s see another flower photo …..

Yellow flowers that captivate my heart ….

Purple flowers that cheer up my heart ….

Kind of morning glory …

Tulips ….

This mermaid statute is not far from Kastellet. There are a lot of people in this statute.

We decide to move to the next place … that is Rosenborg Castle. Actually, my leg hurts … when I look at the google map, it looks like it’s a bit far to walk. No mistake 3-5 km camtu. We started walking because we followed the google map..finally we gave up. My sis continued to take me on the bus. At one bus stop, my sis played because bus no. 24 if I’m not mistaken. He asked the bus driver if he could not get on the bus Rosenborg Castle..then the driver said yes. I’m like normal..langkang-kangkung jer gi duduk. Terkontang-kanting lah my sis nak kuarkan duit nak bayar semua … hahahaha. But thankfully, the driver said he didn’t have to pay. Good on him. From Kastellet, just 3-4 stops like that, the driver told us to get down ready to show the direction to the castle.

Our area got off the bus

This castle is in a large park … what ??? Park?? If the garden of cos has flowers …. hahahaha. The picture above is in a corner of the park.

This castle is like a fairy tales story … we spent some time here because this time is very tired. We kind of forced ourselves to have this time. Wanting to live in this park is already kind of ala-ala … maybe I am very satisfied with serving the view Kastellet. Before returning to the hotel, we plan to look for halal food first. So we decided to go to the area Stroget. Stroget is such a shopping area. There are many opportunities to get halal food there. We just walked because it was not very far from Rosenborg Palace.

Where there is a subway station, there are many bicycles


There is a crepe stall in this Stroget area … the taste of hot coffee and nuttela cold crepe is the best. While serving crepe..while watching people passing by.

We checked out the area shops Stroget ni. I have no intention of shopping … while on the way, we went to some kebab restaurants. It’s really nice to get this halal food area. The change of sausana that was the garden to this sausana adds to our energy … hahahaha. We plan to go up to the next round building naaa.

Let’s go up the round building to see the view of Copenhagen from the top of this building.

Entrance fee is not very expensive. We imagine wanting to climb the stairs like going up the light house..apparently not. The path to the top of this building is the floor. It feels really good..hahaha. To avoid slipping..we were advised by the ticket seller to walk in the path near the window. The path in the middle is quite steep.

Ayuhhh !!! If you are tired, you can sit by the window area.

In 5 minutes … get to the top. The people upstairs are not very crowded..they don’t want to be crowded.

Copenhagen ….

After descending from the round building, we continued to the kebab restaurant. Any halal restaurant in Stroget, do not write the word halal on the front or inside the restaurant. To make sure that the Arabs are Muslims..we asked first. The employee we asked convinced us..he was ready to introduce his other friends and they were all Muslims..thanks. Actually, there is 1 more Stroget park that we have not gone to Botanical Garden. But I thought, I already went to the garden … it’s okay to snap flowers..hahahha.

At the time of purchase, we were still full because we ate we just took away. I like kebabs that use this type of pita bread … the taste of this bread is like the taste of arabic bread that is sold in Penang. The Arabic bread from Penang is fried and chopped with curry sauce. Kind of bebab like nilah I was like in London before..when 2nd time to London, the restaurant is gone. To return to the hotel, we took the subway. Just 1-2 jer stops to get there Central Station.

Dusk in Copenhangen. Nun there is a theme park area Tivoli Garden.

Our 1 full day in Copenhagen is over. Apparently we used that day to the fullest. The next day we will move on Sweden, that’s why we make the best use of our day. But the next day there is still half a day for us to explore Copenhagen.

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