Travel and Food: Pantai Cenang (Langkawi Island)

Assalamualaikum …

How are you guys doing?? This is my first entry for a trip to Langkawi Island. Indeed, I have long been determined to go to Langkawi. The first time I tracked Langkawi was more than 10 years ago. At that time I took a study tour for geology subject at UiTM. At that time, there was no camera, no money … hahahaha. Other people buy a lot of chocolate, I can afford to buy a tray for my mother. Alhamdulillah mak guna until now. Can he put a jar with 6 glasses to serve a drink..hahaha. My mother took good care of the tray until now it still looks new. It feels like RM10 because I bought it..hahaha.

As usual, my travel partner is my sis. My sis bought flight tic 2 weeks before we flew. He just looked at the price tic jer that time. When he saw the return tic in RM121, he continued to buy it. What’s more, I jumped for joy..hahahaha. I really want to go back to Langkawi. I went to Langkawi on 19 August – 22 August 2016. Just a moment..hehehe.

Our flight is at 7.30pm and delay until 8pm. Just an hour jer in flight. I didn’t have time to sleep on anything. Get off the flight, wahhh … it was really beautiful that night. The moon is floating full.

The weather was perfect enough for me to see the full moon

We continued to head outside the door to meet the rental car representative we had booked. My sis booked from A deposit of RM50 must be paid at the time of booking. We chose Viva Auto. Satisfied with the price and condition of the car. The price is RM60 / day. Process to take the car is really easy, pay the balance payment then place a deposit of RM50. The car is already standby in front of the door when I want to exit.

Road in Langkawi clear jer. Traffic light was not found, it felt like our time was heading to Cenang beach. Not far from the airport to Pantai Cenang. It feels like 15 minutes have arrived. We stayed at Sunset Beach Resort. The main reason we chose this resort is, this resort has a private beach. We went to Langkawi to release tension, it is very suitable for this resort. Let’s see my review of this resort.

Until jer in the resort parking lot, ehh … gloomy. There is also fear. But we are positive. I just need to fill out the form, then take the key. The resort worker told me to pay the balance payment tomorrow. No deposit required. For the room we had to go through a walkway that was left and right full of small trees. In the gaps between the trees, occasional stone statues as high as 2 feet were seen. Those statues are weird. I don’t want to think too much but think too … hahahha. Dim lights installed along the route. Our room even though not facing the beach, the roar of the waves was clearly heard. In the dark, it is not appropriate to go to the beach again. We just went into the room and rested for 10 minutes like that. Really satisfied with our room. The toilet is very clean and comfortable. There are many places to put things. Curtain is a bit of a jerk with a window. I use my luggage to tighten the curtain..hehehe.

Satisfied with the condition of the room

The stomach is really hungry. We headed towards a lively area with rows of shops and restaurants. The place was really crowded even though it was already 11 pm. Tourists can be seen everywhere. Parking is very limited. Parking available along the crowded area is just side parking on the left and right of the road. If hegeh-hegeh a little want to park, sure got hon and got scolded.

Tired of choosing a restaurant, we finally stopped at a Thai restaurant. Forget his name. I really want to go in because there is mango glutinous rice. Then I ordered this mango glutinous rice. Very tasty. I like to eat steamed glutinous rice if I want to eat it with durian or mango. If glutinous rice is grown, I do not like it. Please tu aduhaiii very sweet. Not my fault, the price is RM10-RM11. Coconut milk is a must..if not, it is not complete.

Mango glutinous rice should be considered dessert, right … but, that’s what I finished first. Hahaahha. Once the side dishes arrive, slow down a little to finish. The food here is mediocre jer, just mango glutinous jer jer which is incredibly delicious..hahahaha.

Satisfied, we just walked around the area. Many stalls sell souvenirs, clothes. Makk aii price, expensive too. The situation in many areas made me nervous as well. Yela, I have lost my mobile phone, right? My handbag is holding tightly. It’s too late at that time, at 12 o’clock too. Finally we returned to the room.

I can’t do much. The heart can’t stand the roar of the waves. I can’t wait for noon. Tido right tak lena, tido left tak lena. Last-last gap until morning. Tomorrow, when you look at the sky, it will be a little brighter at 7 o’clock. Then I said to my sis, I want to go to the beach. He himself walked to the beach. This heart jumped to see the sea. I haven’t seen it in a long time.

The situation is not like 10 years ago. In the past, the water was a bit calm. Happy bathing. When you look at the condition of the waves, it is not suitable to swim like that. The wind was blowing hard, really cold. I hung out under a coconut tree.

I sat down thinking, hmmm … it feels like I have to do island hopping too. If not how to bathe in the sea. Maybe give the island a sea bath. Follow us we will not do island hopping. But I feel like I have to do it. The reason is, I want to bathe in a safer sea.

Path from the beach to the room. I go round the whole area of ​​this resort. Occasionally come across the residents of this resort, there must be someone saying hello or good morning. This resort is like we are just local … the others are all mat salleh.

This is just a panel for decoration. This resort is themed Balinese style

I like to see trees like weeds.

This is the route we took that night. We walked quite a distance because our room was practically at the end as well. That’s why you can hear the roar of the waves.

Strange statue..eeeeiiii

The resort is full of plants. The mind feels fresh when looking at the greenery of the tree. The inhaled air feels very fresh.

This tree is easy to maintain, put water in it. But be careful of the larvae. Although this resort is full of pots and containers like this, there are no mosquitoes. Anyway, I am very happy to stay at this Sunset Beach Resort. This place is beautiful, the beach is soothing, the air is fresh and my room is comfortable.

For the next entry, I also share your island hopping activity. Get here first …. baiii.

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