Travel and Food: Milk Ribena Recipe

Assalamualaikum ….

Wahhh..syoknya tengok uolls bergambar pakai baju raya. Me ?? Like the previous festival. My job is in the kitchen. Early in the morning it was cooked. The first and second holidays should have food like fried noodles to..tomyam to. Sometimes not everyone likes to eat Raya biscuits..some people like to eat such heavy food. Many of my mother’s and father’s relatives are also right. Sometimes until the night guests come. Recently, my mother snuggled sleepy to serve guests..hehehehe.

Entry this time I want to share 1 very tasty drink recipe. That Eid time I sat in the kitchen because..the idea of ​​trying something new started. Serving guests is not my job yeee … hehehe. Drinks are loved by all my family members. To serve this drink to guests is quite expensive. Usually I serve ribena for guests … this special drink is ribena plus full cream milk. Let’s see the ways … simple because … just want to share..hehehhe.

Put ice in a glass …

Add ribena to taste ….

Make sure to use full cream milk. If it’s just plain fresh milk or condensed milk, it doesn’t matter how much umpppp !!!

Add a little water …

Taraaaa …. ready already. Stir until well blended. Watch out !!! do not mix milk, water and ice first ye..please follow my steps. Otherwise, this drink will look so shattered. Want to make sure this drink becomes … it tastes like yogurt drink !!!

Here first yeee … later I will share my travel experience. On this occasion, I wish a happy Eid to all readers..sorry outwardly and inwardly.

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