Travel and Food: Mekong River (Vietnam)

Assalamualaikum ..

Unexpectedly, my memory is still fresh about Vietnam. One by one the events I can still remember. The atmosphere is all I can still remember..hehehe. Not just Vietnam jer..all the countries I’ve been to. Different environments give different experiences ye. And can not be forgotten

HCM is bright early’s not my fault 6 o’clock I heard hon-hon outside Peeking out the it’s sunny. It was as bright as 8am. Motorcyclists roared to and fro. We will take a tour to the Mekong River that morning. There is nothing wrong with my tour starting at 8am. The office tour is not far from our hotel. We already know that no halal food is available. Since the tour takes 1 day, we need to pack food. Thankfully there is a halal restaurant open early that morning. Can he wrap fried rice.

While on the tour office and wait in the pick-up, suddenly wilt partner of Malaysia tour of rushing about to enter that office. I was a bit of a couple in my early 50s. The wife is wearing a robe and a long veil. The husband is mediocre. Apparently their trip to the Mekong River was a problem. If there is no wrong tour from another company, it will be canceled.

2 days before that my sis paid for our tour. He gets a special price because he is good at negotiating. The man wilt ask my sis my sis already pay berapa..bila tell, he urged her staff for the tour that same price. It was time for the staff who entertained us that day not to come. Lastly, he can also get the same price as us. Not long after that our van arrived. The tour guide came to pick us up from across the street.

Ok..kisah all day little about the couple melayu lah tu ye. I named the girl sister and the man brother ye. Ok we continue..when crossing the road, the sister is serving the disabled. OKU is a beggar. He donated some money to the disabled. Suppose the sister is a little slow to cross because she serves the disabled. We got in the van … wahhh dh almost full. Everything is mat and minah salleh in the back. Only the seat behind the driver is left. The brother went up behind because there was 1 more seat and we both sat once with the older sister.

I’m kind of light-mouthed, I asked the sister who she alerted not about food. The reason is that they look like spinach without carrying any supplies. Kind of amazing not amazing because he is. Tell her husband she replied that they are ready to eat. Suddenly our tour guide spoke up … “Next time, don’t give him money. He will go and drink alcohol.” Said our tour guide to the sister. Excited when the sister answered..I forgot the answer. The way he replied to the tour guide was different from my reply. Along the way our tour guide told stories. According to him, almost all residents in HCM own motorcycles compared to cars. Oooohh … it should be crowded with motorcycles on the road.

Congestion is caused by riders who have thousands of lemons

This area has a lot of French architecture. Many of the people standing in front of this building are Malaysians. Maybe company trip kut.

There was a time when the tour guide did not speak I would fall asleep. Suddenly I realized my head was being held. Apparently, the older sister held her head up and sniffed. I have it, I think that sister is different. Then I bowed my head leaning towards my sleeping sis. I don’t know why I think there is something wrong with that sister … hahaha. Apparently we will not only go to the Mekong River. We were taken to a place to produce souvenirs. This stopover provides an opportunity for all of us to go to the toilet.

Persistently uses eggshells as a work of art and for sale. This process seems complicated. Alahai boboi tu … cutenya … hahahaha

Very artistic

Lots of proper ceramic decorated with Vietnamese amoi paintings

I bought a packet of biscuits at Ben Thahn Market, cute because those biscuits 20 are worth 20 cents. The taste of cheese..salt fat so. 1 USD jer..have a lot. So our snack all along at HCM. In the van, we were busy serving the biscuits. Our van stopped again somewhere. Kind of enters the village. We never even knew there were stops to other places. Once stop at buddha temple..iskk.

The buddha statue is there makkkkk aiiii … it’s so big. Colorful again jah. All members of the group and couple masuk..tapi we did not make it wither. We just patrolled the outside area. Enter the store to buy water while eating biscuits. I saw a couple wither everyone. It’s weird to look at that shit. Our tour guide section couple of feelings also wither that. He said .. “Husband here, the wife there.” He shook his head and smiled. We just smile.

Once the husband came to us. He asked the two of us. We told you both that he was surprised. Say we dare all. Then I said la..encik ni pun berdua. The he answered, dorang takpe because he is a man … ohhhh. I asked him … he likes to travel. Then he answered..I wife does not like. She still likes to be a housewife. But he has a little problem. I didn’t have time for him to finish his sentence … the tour guide wanted to move. So, that depends on that dorang story.

We arrived at the jetty not long ago. We will take a boat to the other side

Atmosphere in the boat. Windy jer. According to the tour guide, the width of the Mekong River is within 2 – 5 km if I’m not mistaken. It is very spacious.

The activity of taking river sand is actively carried out. River sand will be used in construction. Every concrete mix requires sand for building construction. What will happen if there is erosion?

Until the other side, our tour guide cleared the way to land. It is possible that the river water has reached the surface of this jetty..because the plague of the river trees is stuck.

From the jetty we walked en masse through the souvenir shop. Assorted for sale.

We were welcome to sit and enjoy the local fruits. Nothing special … in our country you can also taste these fruits. The cost of this food is already included in the tour.

While eating fruit..we were entertained by singing these amoi-amoi. Then dorang will distribute a basket for us to put money. It can be said that all members of the group do not put money.

We continued our walk to another place. Concrete walkways are provided for easy walking. The smell of mud filled the space of our area then. I once smelled the mud of the nipah tree area in my atok village. I do not like it. The smell indicates that the area is very humid. Just a 5 minute walk like that …. we arrived at one place. Humans have many docks resting on hammocks. It can be said that there are 10-20 hanging hammocks. Then I was new, that guy was a canoe paddler. What canoe ?? Read the next story

We reached the factory for coconut-based sweets. There are dogs in this factory. I ran because I was amused to see the dog walking everywhere. Iskk … it is not suitable for a candy factory with dogs. I do not at all taste the candy given free. Feel like hurrying because I left that place.

This is a small river that I will follow. From the cliff to get down and up the canoe, it was awesome. I don’t want to have to go down either. The smell of mud pierced my nose. The river water is murky. The left and right rivers are filled with nipah trees. Traffic in this river is like on the road..dense.

Forced to smile by my sis … hahahaha. Paddle paddlers have speed … very fast until the next stop. Hahahaha…

Arrived at the next stop..we were picked up by horse-drawn carriage..hahahaha. All sorts of things are true..hahaha. You can turn the horse from the horse in the front to attack us who are sitting at the end. Scary right. Ride in less than 5 minutes by car … we walked to the restaurant. Apparently the restaurant was the last place.

We were allowed to sit at the restaurant table for us to eat the food we bought at the halal restaurant. My fried rice is really sis eats nasi lemak.

The tall lotus tree …

Within an hour we were hanging out at the riverside restaurant. Apparently the boat that sent us started earlier, picked us up at the restaurant jetty. Wahhh..I almost think we need to break back through the candy factory..ride a canoe..souvenir shop and so on. Hahahaha … I praise this part … it doesn’t bother us to break back … heheheh

Tired of walking here and there all day … we were given free young coconuts. Wahh …. so fresh !!!!

Along the way we were tired. Since we arrived in HCM late in the afternoon, we headed straight to our favorite restaurant all the time in HCM … which is LEAF

Must try to eat when I go to Vietnam … this is called Pho. It actually tastes like kuey teow soup. Once again, the owner from Singapore explained how to cook this pho. All I remember is … the meat needs to be boiled for a very long time. 3-4 hours. Need to be eaten with ulam. I do not like fish. My sis really likes ulam. He said it is very tasty to eat with ulam.

This is also Vietnamese popiah. In Malaysia, I used to eat soft popiah skin and made from flour. In Vietnam..they use rice flour popiah skin. The skin of this rice flour popiah looks like plastic. Need to slightly wet the surface of this popiah skin. Then place the salad..some pieces of side dishes and shrimp. The taste is like the taste of rojak gravy. Very tasty. Roughly pounded peanuts give it another delicious taste. Because there are dishes in this popiah, I don’t really want to be able to finish all these popiahs. Next time nak try lah..heehe

Afternoon at HCM …

Food hawkers ..

That night we went out again … we wholesale cheap scarves and t-shirts. Then find this amoi selling water from the moto. Ohhh how delicious Vietnamese coffee is. I don’t really like Vietnam … but I like to eat and drink in Vietnam ..

For the next entry … I want to share our experience at Chu Chi Tunnel. I will tell you how frustrating it is our first tour with one group of rapt Malay dorang fellow porn talk. Ok … all right

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