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Assalamualaikum ….

Trip story China – Hong Kong – Macau It’s almost over. Entry this time I continue to talk about Macau lah ek..we checked out early in the morning that day. We just left the key in the jer room. From Tsim Tsa Tsui we headed to Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal located on Hong Kong Island. Only with the MRT can we continue to reach the destination. We do not need to worry too much about ferry tickets … because we have bought tickets from Ding Ding Travel. We just need to change the ticket to the real ticket.

Ferry ticket we bought at Ding Ding Travel.

We just need to go to the ticket counter … there are some companies that sell ferry tickets, Ding Ding travel only sells tickets under the name Cotai Water Jet. When at the counter … we just said what time to get on the ferry. We chose the earliest time … it was not my fault at 11am so.

Once again, I want to cross the border … make sure the bag is not too heavy … because I have to go down the stairs and there are many people.

There is a place to put luggage

This ferry is double storey..I got the place below and in the middle of the ferry. Each front seat is provided with a paper vomit … hahaha. Seriously I almost vomited. The sea was rough. Along the way I closed my eyes. That time I had a headache I didn’t know what to say.

When I get to Macau … I want to get Q to release immigration again..Q has a long way. It’s all over … we take a cab to the hotel. In Macau we just stopped to return to Malaysia. In addition to that stop … he can explore a little. After all..from Macau because we can get a cheap price to return using Air Asia.

View along the way

Taraaaa … our room … perfect. What would be the best if I could bring back that small fridge … hehehe

This room is very comfortable..unfortunately 1 night jer ūüôĀ

View from outside the window … no cun view. After a short rest … we also started a mission to explore Macau. I can really feel the heat in Macau … so I don’t even wear a jacket.

Combined guide from hotel staff … we also walked to our 1st destination that is Ruins of Paul’s. That place is actually a church that has burned down. All that remains is the front. I do not know at all about the place..excited to know what is there.

Don’t worry … there are many signboards to get there. Hazab is also walking. It’s a long way. It’s not my fault in 15 – 20 minutes too. It’s a hilly road in the picture above.

Not only do we walk … there are also others.

Before arriving Ruins of Paul’s… we are through Senate Square. This place is like a square for any function. There is a water fountain in the middle of this place … does it look behind me ?? I think this time is a bit strange … what is this dorang thing for a lot of people like this … whatever it is..hehehe.

Senado Square is surrounded by Portuguese-influenced buildings.

We need to walk again..adoii … where are the people in this crowd ??? It’s weird that I can’t finish it..hehehhee. When we passed this crowded alley … there were many shops selling biscuits and also portuguese egg tarts. Every shop in this hallway allows customers to taste dorang products. That time was really hungry because it was not lunch. After researching the ingredients … we are sure … then we also tasted the biscuits. Not just the until you know … hahahaha.

There is also a newly cooked Taster … delicious … hahaha

In addition to tasting biscuits … can also be a shopping souvenir … random eyes.

And my target to eat portoguese egg tart was achieved. After making sure exactly the ingredients from the mamat that sells this..just bought it. Really delicious … near Malaysia there is a bakery that sells this tart with the same taste … the bakery is located at Citra Mall, Ara Damansara..forget its name.

Until jer … hahahahha..laughing at me … people throng because they want to see the church that lives on a wall … hahaha … eh, my evil … isk … not good. This place is the 1st must see attraction when going to Macau.

Satisfied with free food and possing here and there‚Ķ we also want to move to artificial Venice‚Ķ amboi‚Ķ what is it ?? Actually we want to go Venetian. Macau is like Las Vegas..a place to gamble. Venetian is also one of the famous places to gamble. But we don’t want to go gambling … hahahah … we want to feel the experience of riding a gondola. The Ruins of Paul’s area has 1 building tourist information. We just asked how to get on the bus to Venetian‚Ķ after getting the right direction..we walked to the main road which is not far from that place. Travel in half an hour so if I’m not mistaken. Time to take this’s best to look at tall buildings in Macau.

Bus stop … a bit confident to wait here or at the end there ..

The bus didn’t seem to actually enter the Venetian area..finally we got off with other people. If we do not go down, we will have to walk a long way. From the bustop we stepped a little. Enter the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe place..there are a lot of buses inside. A lot of people came to gamble … hahaha.

When you enter the building..aduhaii‚Ķ the interior is luxurious. The carpet is soft‚Ķ like you want to roll on the carpet‚Ķ hehehehe. Mistress with apek gambling pact. 1 gambling table there is a guard staff‚Ķ sometimes it seems that the staff is yawning. Sleepy kut because the mistress with apek play tak reti want to stop … hahahaha.

No more play… surrounded by sky and clouds with tiles and air-cond… hahaha. The sky and the clouds do look like real jer. This place seems to be a complex that sells branded goods and there is also a food court

This is the food court. There is 1 halal shop here. We were a bit hungry at that we ate there

This is the gondola I mean.

wink show service …

My sis can’t stand it anymore, she wants to ride the gondola. I feel like it’s funny to want to ride that thing‚Ķ hahaha. I just joined jer..moreover we still have a budget.

Actually wasting up the gondola. Quite expensive and not worth the entertainment we get. Anyway, we got to know these Korean amoi-amoi. This rower will entertain us with singing..we ride here for 10 minutes like that … hahahaha.

Last photo before we left the place.

In Venetian there are many free shuttle buses to get somewhere. Have to ask a lot to make sure the shuttle bus goes through the right place to go back to the hotel or wherever we want. With the help of the staff who manages the bus, we managed to get to this station … I forgot what the name is. When you get there..someone will arrange to take another shuttle bus. Which is really blur..remember the shuttle bus can stop anywhere we want. Apparently the shuttle bus stop at the hotel. This Shuttele bus has the role of bringing customers to gamble. Luckily our hotel is not far from the gambling hotel. It is a pleasure for people to gamble here … transport is also provided free of charge. Ready to link from another gambling place to another gambling place. If you lose the jud, you don’t have to worry about not having the money to return …. ahahahahahha

Venetian by nightfall

Cilok my sis has a photo. He snapped using his mobile phone because … Sony Experia does produce quality photos. If it’s my camera, at night it doesn’t look like a photo … hahaha.

Last photo before we left Macau … morning situation in Macau. Here I snap from the room. Time to look ahead jer … do not look at the edge of the skit … apparently can see the sea … hehehe.

With that..the entry of China – Hong Kong – Macau is over. It feels like there is no need for me to extend my entry time is very limited to write. Thanks to my sis who once again arranged the trip this time. Because I am too bz with … my sis is busy working hard to book a hotel, transport and manage itinerary. Sometimes I want him to discuss a little, but I don’t have time.

After this, I continued the Vietnamese entry. Even on the first day in Vietnam bad things happened to me …. I still spent the holiday with a positive mindset.

Bai..cheers !!!

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