Travel and Food: Lake Kawaguchiko (Japan)


Horayyyyy … the story about Mount Fuji has started. Don’t be surprised this entry there will be too many Mount Fuji photos because there are too many interesting angles we can snap this mountain. I couldn’t sleep all night because I was excited to see Mount Fuji. I enjoy checking the weather..yela is afraid I will not have enough money to see Mount Fuji clearly. On the 1st day until Tokyo I was able to chat with the Terengganu minah, he said he could not see Mount Fuji clearly because the mountain was covered in fog.

As early as 6.30am we were in the hotel lobby. I have bread for breakfast. So, we just ordered hot coffee from the hotel. The smell of coffee spread … very tasty. Originally I wanted to share a cup of coffee with my sis..once I didn’t realize I was enjoying the coffee until I almost ran out … hahaha. Had to order again. While having breakfast, we saw a man sucking on the hotel building. At that time we thought he wanted to snap the hotel..but he was very happy to snap.

When breakfast was ready, we asked the receptionist for directions to the bridge. According to the receptionist time we checked in that night, the beautiful view is from the bridge not far from the hotel. I forgot the name of the bridge. The receptionist of this hotel can speak a little but it is very helpful. When leaving the hotel, I just looked towards the hotel building. Jumping to see what is in front of me..Mount Fuji is clearly visible. It should be fun to snap … from the hotel you can see it. In that peaceful morning silence I could see a majestic and very clear mountain without being shrouded in fog. Our room is not facing the mountain, that’s why we do not know. Then we both decided to return to Lake Kawaguchiko this one day. The peace here is extraordinary.

Hotel Royal Kawaguchiko and Mount Fuji which are still active volcanoes.

While snapping various angles, we walked towards the bridge. Our journey down the lake. Our hotel stay is right next to the lake. It also hurts to walk because the weather is very cold at that time. Let’s look at the photo.

This time it can be said that the sun has not really appeared … the golden color of the sunrise is very captivating. Rarely want to see other people this time. Maybe it’s too early. But please remember..this time is the best time to see Mount Fuji. Why?? Keep reading.

Zoom little Fuji-san.

Sorry if I was overwhelmed..know that I am very excited..hahahaha

This is a view in another section

I luv this video

Satisfied with the picture in the bridge area, we headed towards the hotel area park

Found a cute house like the old days..I’m not mistaken this is a museum

Eventually the sky began to clear. Why? I guess yes … I think it’s clear, I don’t know if it’s true or not. I noticed more and more flights ago. Not one or two..tens of kut. There is smoke emitted from the flight like a thin white line jer … over time the smoke littered the air. And it looks like the photo above. Anyone who stays in the Lake Kawaguchiko area, please get up early.

There are chairs and tables available in this garden area. Concrete chair ye..bekot bontot..hahaha. Look what I snapped. The surface of this dried leaf has ice … wahhh !!!

Near the shores of the lake there is ice on the surface of the water. Maybe that night was too cold … so it formed ice.

Snap from the direction of the park we were hanging out. Haa … the bridge that we docked with the picture … hehehe.

Autumn in Lake Kawaguchiko is almost’s really winter. All the trees have no leaves. I’m not wrong about this ginkgo tree.

Relax while being accompanied by Mount Fuji

We serve the view as much as possible while discussing our planning that day. Follow my sis’ heart to stay one more night Royal Hotel Lake Kawaguchico That, but we want to fly back tomorrow night. Fear also there is a problem to return to Tokyo the next day. So, we decided to walk around the Lake Kawaguchico area and return to Tokyo that afternoon. To spend time until check-out, we relax in the room. Feel free to leave that best room.

View from the room. There are also many hotels in this area.

For the twists and turns of Lake Kawaguchico we can use bus-style transport like the hoho bus. But, the bus is very small. What a mini bus jer. Humans have a lot of people. If you don’t want to, you have to get on the bus. Where do you want to take this bus? The bus stop is not far from the hotel. Walk less than 1 minute because it has arrived. Can google this bus route ye.

This is the 1st stop we are interested in getting off the bus. There is a luxury hotel facing Mount Fuji. I did not alert the name of this stop. It feels like this is the view to snap Mount Fuji with a view of sakura time spring. Ohhh … must be beautiful right ?? This bus seems to turn around by the lake all the way.

Everyone is down this time. We also went down. Lots of people at this stop. Apparently, this is where Mount Fuji can be seen more clearly.

Any place can indeed see Mount Fuji..but here it is more cun because there are no trees or buildings. This time the sun is shining brightly. You can see the top of this mountain is smoky..maybe the snow on the top is smoky when exposed to sunlight. When you want to take a picture, the sun will be facing our face. So, the resulting image of our face will look dark.

Satisfied here, we moved back and forth towards the town. During the trip, I saw a halal restaurant..indian food. The stomach at that time was rumbling to be filled. We seem to be able to stop somewhere. We stopped early at one stop … so step on it a little.

Time to step on it, I came across this shop … glupppp..minda said let’s buy..heart don’t say..finally follow your heart..heheheh

The restaurant is at the front intersection a little jer … calm down this week.

This restaurant is really small. I can quite fit in 10 people by sitting close together..hehehehe. Still can’t see where the restaurant is ?? Tu haa there is an orange signboard … hehehe.

I ordered nan bread with seafood curry. Get a free salad. Alas, the food here is tastes the same as the bread I ate at Sapporo and Niseko. Small restaurant, don’t expect the food to be a small portion … hehehehe.

My sis eats rice. After eating a plate of rice, he ate … hahahaha … very hungry.

After eating, we decided to go back to Tokyo. At that time, I felt like I was content to hang out at Lake Kawaguchiko. In fact, there are various other activities that can be done such as cruise, rope rope and so on. But at that time we felt very tired and very full..then I didn’t want to do anything else..hahahaha. There is a little story, we just walked to the bus station to go to Tokyo. While walking, I noticed that between people’s houses, there was a lump of brown thing that seemed to be rolling. It was as if a bunch of dry bushes were rolling around like a cowboy zither in the desert. Hope you can understand what I mean ye..hahahha. When the road ahead again..ha hamikk … a group of red-faced monkeys are clinging to the electric wire. All I thought was that bush was a monkey running towards us. Not enough ground, we ran from the monkey … hahahaha. Fear not. Luckily that time was about to reach the station. Fuhh..the monkey’s face is really red.

Lake Kawaguchiko station. We reached the bus to walk in less than 5 minutes. Zap zup zip we bought a ticket and got on the bus. Not many people are on the bus. My work on the bus is just blind..hahahhaa.

We are really determined to come to this place again. Feel like sitting here for 3-4 days jer. Either achieved or not. Follow the original plan, we just want a day trip here. The decision to come here is very worthwhile..hehehe. Come to think of it, we are very brave to gamble like that. Whatever we are thankful to God makes everything easier for us. Really worth this experience.

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