Travel and Food: Hong Kong (Tsim Sha Tsui & Mong Kok)

Assalamualaikum ….

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Last morning in Shenzhen and also the last day in China… after breakfast at the rate at the hotel..we just want to walk around the hotel area. That time is still early..some stores are still not open. There are many malls that sell cheap clothes. We plan to check out the time given by the we use that time to relax while shopping. I did not expect to find Muslims selling bread. We asked him if he was at a halal restaurant in that area..then he showed me the direction to go to that restaurant. So, we decided to eat there before moving on Hong Kong.

The bread that was sprinkled with sesame seeds I have tried in Guilin … so I feel like I want to try the bread that is sprinkled with beans and sesame seeds on top … this bread is a bit hard … but not bad

Satisfied with shopping..we went back to the packing room. Our program that morning was relaxed. Ready to sleep for a while … hahaha. That day amoi who knows English will not … the other staff is not very good at English. It’s a bit difficult for him to understand. Luckily there is a Malaysian Chinese mamat checking in … he became our translator with the hotel staff … hehehe. The shopping bag we shot from the hotel room had to be paid for … hahahaha. Because the bag is beautiful … we paid for it. Remind free … hehehe. After I said goodbye to the mamat..we even moved to the restaurant that is said to be halal … suddenly … eh..there is a halal restaurant apparently near our hotel. So there is no need to walk further to the restaurant told by the bread seller. Thank you very much. Finally we were able to eat right.

The cleanliness of this restaurant is very tip top

My sis fried rice is the tastiest !!!

After that I was full..we even left the restaurant … continued to get the front cab as well..hehee. Where are we next ?? We need to cross the border to get to Hong Kong. Don’t worry… it’s not difficult. Ala-ala want to cross the Thai border because only the China – Hong Kong border is more modern. All immigration processes are in the building. We just need to
Louhu which is the last MRT station. To avoid getting lost and getting too tired, we chose to take a cab. When you enter the immigration building, just follow the signboard.

Let’s go to Hong Kong 🙂

During the walk, I wondered how to cross this. Walking is a long time tau so standby know… do not carry a very heavy bag..kang semput. Go up and down the building do not use the stairs..there is an elevator. People in a row of Q want to get rid of immigration. Got Q twice yer..once Chinese immigration and once again Hong Kong. These two countries are just separated by a small river like a drain jer..hahahaa. The building is connected. Get out of immigration until we get to Lo Wu’s smart to buy MRT tickets to go to their respective destinations. Very systematic.

This ticket is quite expensive … it takes about 1 hour to reach the destination

We stop at MTR Tsim Sha Tsui.
MTR station there are many exit need to know which exit so as not to get lost. Luckily my sis is ready to info on how to get to the hotel. To be sure, you have to ask a lot of people. I advise..ask a foreigner..they are more polite and help to appeal to locals. Hong Kong is like London … a lot of foreigners. Because hotels in Hong Kong are very expensive, my sis just booked a guesthouse. When called Chung King Mansion… God willing, people around will know. My 13 – 15 storey building is an apartment. Many giler apartments are converted into guesthouses. To go up to the 12th floor of our guesthouse … we went through the shops under the building. Mak datukk … giler many people bangla and india..seolah-ola go to India pulak..hehee. Even India can withstand it. I want to take the plaque elevator … grandma..she’s already small..once I go up and play with the plug because she came in. Trapped … hahahha..he’s up with the same bangla people. He had to hold his breath… hap hap hap.

On the way to the guesthouse. In 5min walk jer

Already reached the guesthouse sis call the owner… just wait for a moment for him to come. Ohhh so apparently guesthouse..owner can’t yer if you need to service him. He pointed to the room we booked… the rollers were narrow .., .. there was no place to put the bags except under the bed. The toilet was very small..he looked at our reaction, he shared a room option for 3 people. Kamipun gi la tengok..haaa … ni ok kami agree nak bilik tu dengan bayar extra sikit. After completing the payment process..we relax. The legs hurt a lot because of the many roads. Oh ye … for water to drink … there is a mineral water refill provided.

This room is for 3 people … 1 master bed and 1 single bed.

View from outside level.

After rest … we started the mission. Based on Leez’s blog..we will go DingDing Travel. What’s wrong there … mai cheq nak habaq. We can get entrance tickets for these few attraction places in Hong Kong … for example the ones we bought ..Disneyland, Peak Tram & Sky Terrace 428 and also a ferry ticket to Macau. For directions there..please refer to Leez’s blog … it helps … this is the link Leez @ HongKong. You can also see how much we save if we buy here.

Once you have to do it … buy it Octopus card ni ye. Available for sale at any MRT station.

Head to DingDing Travel office.

Tickets are ready to go anytime throughout our stay in Hong Kong

Already reached the area Mong Kok ni … do not miss the opportunity to walk in Ladies Night Market. There is a bad experience here … I was jerked by a slipper seller mamat. Just because he once asked for less price … he yelled at me by saying loudly about the price of the sliper while staring sharply at me …. eeeiiiii kureng tui. Tell his friend a stall with him and look at him. Something wrong right there. Last-last can also be a cheap slipper.

Fridge magnets … everything is beautiful. The sellers here are all rude. Everything is kind of disrespectful to the customer. It’s really bad. If you don’t buy … I want to be angry. Ask for less..angry. Then when people blah don’t buy … fool people, they reduce it to 70-90%. When people break back to buy … they do not know how to return … eiiii angry tui. My advice … if you want to buy seriously, you can ask questions or ask for a lower price ..

This bracelet is really beautiful

There is a row of restaurants in the night market … due to being too hungry and tired..we chose the restaurant to eat Turkish ni

Look at this dessert is really threatening … the price is too expensive … so I have to forget

Fries with eggplant … delicious too

Rice with grilled chicken … amboi for your own name … hahaha … sorry he forgot what the name of this menu is. To get this rice … we had to wait close to 1 was too late. But when eating … delicious … it feels worth the long wait.

My leg hurts so much. I forgot to bring balm. After eating, we headed to a Chinese drugstore … tiger balm if in Malaysia in a few ringgit jer … there until I want to reach 40-50 ringgit. That’s crazy. Lastly, I don’t even want it. Alhamdulillah, there is a sale in our guesthouse building at an Indian grocery store. When we are sick … the mood is everywhere. Want to enjoy the situation where people are a bit disturbed. Choosing the right shoes is very important … don’t be like me. Ok guys see you next entry … join me to enjoy the fun at Disneyland Hong Kong..cheers !!!!

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