Travel and Food: Hong Kong (Disneyland & Aveneu of Stars)

Assalamualaikum …

Can’t wait to finish the entry Hong Kong and then Macau again. This time the entry is related to the activities of happy children … hehehe. A place where you don’t have to feel ashamed to enjoy …DISNEYLAND. Seriuosly I said ye … along in Hong Kong my favorite place is at Disneyland. Bestnya to unspeakable. Can shudder and giggle without feeling limited because everyone knows..hahahaha. Actually time in Hong Kong, my mood dropped a bit because my legs hurt. But when it comes to Disneyland … all the pain is gone. Unconsciously one day passed.

I want to tell you this… I have to go to Disneyland. 3 times to change MRT. It doesn’t really matter until 3 times because I want to change the MRT but ….. haish. From Tsim Sha Tsui we stop at Center Station. Then you have to walk a long way. If you think about it … come back later and you will be able to walk. Grrrrrrr ….. Read more to know the story ye.

And a very long walk … we arrived at the place to take the next MRT. Need to take Line Tung Chung… come down when you arrive Sunny Bay. Start here is the best … can take a special MTR Disneyland…. cute jer MRT ni.

Take a good look at the station we passed ye …Tsim Sha Shui – Central – Tung Chung Line – Sunny Bay – Disneyland. If possible, avoid following this line because … you need to walk far in Central Station. If possible, follow like Tsim Sha Shui – Nam Cheong – Tung Chung Line – Sunny Bay – Disneyland. When I experienced a long walk at Central Station, my sis used Nam Cheong Line instead of Central Station when we returned.

Luckily the escalator … can save a little energy. I have leg pain until I finally wear a slipper because … hahaha


Time mood is getting better … hehehe.

There are many places where you can take pictures even outside.

Do not forget to take any pamphlets … happy to refer so as not to miss any show in there. Our bag will be checked when we want to enter the entrance. We bring junk food and mineral water …. ok jer..people don’t even bother to throw it away.

Let’s enter the fantasy world …………….

This time is spring … the flowers are full of flowers and beautiful

In the beginning, I requested my sis to eat waffles like Leez … hahaha. Before leaving again I was busy reminding him … finally achieved too …. hehehe. This waffle is really cute … I love to eat it … it’s big too, you know ..

Donald Duct with kids and friend

My advice before I want to start any activity in Disneyland… better look at the show schedule. Try to arrange time so that you can see as much as you can show in Disneyland. Kind of ride tu anytime can try up… kind of show in 1 day maybe repeat 2-3 times a day. Discuss have discuss, we decide to enter Festival of the Lion King. The best live theater !!! Showcasing energetic dance and custom as in the Lion King cartoon movie. This show is not my fault in half an hour.

If you look at this show… .I’m a bit of 2 people because Hong Kong people are apes and others – others are like negroes with mat salleh

We missed going up this raft-style by entering Tarzan’s house because at that time it started to rain. Because there is a food court near there, we decided to eat first. Breakfast is not yet… where larat want to jimba..hehe. We continue to brunch jer. There is a halal stall at the food court.

Our brunch

Want to feel more of a fantasy atmosphere..let’s go The Small World. So cute this place..we just took a train-like boat with a small river below.

enter jer in The Small World ni… there is a cartoon singing merry. These cute statues are decorated according to the country category. The song is based on traditional music. The perfect place to enjoy while relaxing after a tiring jimba.

When you want to go out..ehh … Goodbye ..

After The Small World came out..we just sat in the area Disney’s Flights of Fantasy Parade which will take place soon. It is obligatory to book a place where you will be afraid of getting lost in the back tengok who sees a stinky head with mistress jer… hahaha While sitting there, I started caramel popcorn. We sat near a Chinese couple and baby dorang. The toothed baby looked at my popcorn..sorry for him a little. Got it he likes … hahaha. Until he stopped eating his mother’s rice porridge, he bribed it. Apparently the dorang is from Kuantan … ohh Malaysians apparently. Once his father bought him popcorn..hahaha. We chatted with dorang to fill his free time..cheer jer dorang.

Standby standby … dah mula dah..hehe

Cinderella is … Snow White is … the spider. The procession is full of music …

The apes roared

Tumbelina tastes like this … shivering

Full of colors

Rolling around

Among the games I dare …. hehehe

A rather boring show

Layan dorang ni main gendang guna tong paint dan timba besi … hehehe

This is a very funny part for us … in this there is a roller coaster-style game. Remember, it’s normal because in the middle of Q, behind us there are 6 – 8 year old boys like that. Hong Kong people’s children … apparently prepared a chat with us again … not blithely cemas..kami dorang pulak feel nervous. Once you can go up … arghhhhh … scream until you lose your voice. We all remember the game ala-ala jer … not apparently … He is stupid … did not open his eyes immediately … hahaha. When it comes out jer … eh when it’s time to snap a picture of us … we also look at it..wakakaka … two people stick their heads like conjoined twins …. their faces are really blah arrr. I don’t want to buy it right’s crazy crazy about 2 …. hahahahah.

The day is getting dark … we walk again to cover places that have not gone

This game just looked scary. Eeeeiiiii …. I don’t want it at all … hahaha. I have been phobic since playing the game at Genting 10 years ago … since then, I really do not dare to climb anything that I think is too extreme

That night our luck was not so good … but Disneyland Hong Kong was lucky because there was no need to burn fireworks … hehehe. After knowing that there will be no firework..we continue to walk fast to take the MRT. Fear of slowing down the fight for plaque right. It’s like a crowd going to the station. Luckily the MRT arrived quickly..Remember yee … don’t ever stop at Central Station … want to have a sore foot walking … this is a message if you stay at Tsim Tsa Shui la.

After reaching Tsim Tsa Shui, we left for the exit Avenue of Stars… ngam-ngam until …Symphony of Light dah start. For your info … this show starts at 8pm every day. We can see a light show free of charge. Not long … in minutes like that. Our time is up to this..crowded at the front..there is no space to go straight ahead..redha jerlah.

See ?? The laser light moves and changes color. There is nothing wrong with me this time the music is installed. This is the beauty of the man-made world

Heiiyaaaa … you dare to come here … said Bruce Lee..hehehe. This actor is really great..until the statue is builte.

Haiiyaaa … ok I’m coming … wait for Bruce Lee … said Chun Li: P

This place is really a relaxing shock..not far from our guesthouse ..

I was a little hungry that night … I didn’t bother to cook. Luckily the halal restaurant under our guesthouse. He said chinese food … but the owner is Pakistan and the chef is Indian Muslim … hehehe. It doesn’t matter if you know halal … nidiaaa fried rice seafood. Lots … can be shared by two people.

It has been our whole day in Hong Kong..wait for the next entry … mission to find dimsum achieved or not ?? Wait and see … bai … cheers !!!

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