Travel and Food: Hong Kong (Dim Sum & The Peak)

Assalamualaikum …

This time entry is for our 2nd day in Hong Kong. Plan that day is to eat dimsum. It’s my favorite… hehee. From the reading of some bloggers, the way to go to the Islamic Center Canteen in Wan Chai district seems a bit complicated. Can refer to the blog Syarliz for details. My way to the Islamic Center Canteen was a bit different from his, but I forgot to refer to which blog …. hehehe. Luckily we met an Indonesian, he took us there while looking for the Islamic Center Canteen.

After leaving the MRT station (sorry I don’t remember the name..hehehe) we continued to take bus no. 789. When Wan Chai arrives..we go down there.

There are not many passengers this time..this bus is like a double decker london bus.

I got off the bus … excited to see this skinny tram.

From here we need to walk in 5 – 10 min so. It’s true that blur also wants to meet. Asked the Hong Kong people, no one served..walked around because they ignored us..good luck meeting minah indon..he told us to follow him..thank you very much. The canteen that sells dim sum is located on the 5th floor. How to order..get to go to the dim sum place..and show which menu is located on the wall where you want … after we sit at the table, dorang will send it.

Here are the results of our selection …

In this there is my fault chicken ..

In this pulak is shrimp … it tastes a bit plain.

Popiah is delicious 🙂

Pau red bean is my favorite …

My sis really likes this fried dim sum..fill the fish if I’m not mistaken

Chili cicah spoil my comfort … spicy crazy. Spicy..pain..pijar..I don’t know what else it feels like I don’t know I want to explain. Finally I continued to stop eating because the spicy effect did not want to disappear..the taste of burning tongue … hahaha. My sis really doesn’t want to she asked for tapau je.

Apart from dim sum … there are various other menus..because it was early in the morning..I’m not really hungry eat dim sum jer lah. Ready to eat … we decided to go to The Peak

On the way to get on the bus, I came across this pizza stall …. looked quiet because I ate..hehehe

Time to go to The Peak … aduhaii..need to walk crazy far from the MRT station. It was like climbing a hill … plus it was raining. Indeed, our sustenance that day was not so good.

This time in the tram to The Peak … see ?? foggy right ?? Indeed, we do not have the means to see the view from the top … the view is the skyscrapers. Already bought a ticket at DingDing’s worth it ..

When we reach the top … we will enter the building, I am not wrong, 5-6 levels is also to go to the rooftop. In that building there are many restaurants, souvenir shops, clothing stores and many more … like a mall. On each floor … we can get out … but the wind is strong and it rains again. View does not see anything.

This is the last floor … there is a rooftop called ek. Time is shivering cold … there is also fear when you hear the sound of the wind..there is 1 service to snap our picture and dorang will edit as if there is a real background if the weather is good … hehehe … not even a little..hmmm

Then we stopped at a cafe to continue eating dim dum which we did not finish ..

Before circulating … possing a little

If the sky is blue … maybe cun this place

Before entering the room … we stopped to eat at the shop we went to yesterday before that … I ordered fried tastes like dorang with is not tasty..can not be swallowed

Finally I shared my sis’ rice … she ordered seafood curry. Again 1 … tea or ice has a bitter many times has the tokey restaurant put sugar..not sweet..hahahaha. Indian tea is indeed like that … luckily that day was our last day..tomorrow we want to leave Hong Kong. It can be said that the food in Hong Kong does not suit my taste.

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