Travel and Food: Hokkaido – Takino Suzuran & Sapporo TV Tower (Part 2)

See you again in the 2nd entry. The itinerary I created will not be too heavy. For the 1st day at Sapporo, I just plan for light2 activity..then go to bed early for hard activity on day two. Our plan for day two is to go Takino Suzuran. That morning I was getting ready when I remembered I had not taken note of the ways to get there. Hurry up to blog Akak blog tu detailed story to go there. We left at 8.30am. To avoid starvation, I cooked early in the morning and put it in a heat-resistant container. I plan to eat when I arrive Takino Suzuran. He must have energy before having fun there..hehe.

That morning when we left the hotel..wahhh… snow was hovering in the air..meaning snow was falling !!! Jumping in shock even though the snow that falls is rare jer hahaha… that time I did not realize the punishment when the snow fell so hard… hahaha… wait for the story

From Nakajima Koen Station, just amik line ke Makomanai..that is the last stop. When I got out of Makamonai station, we have to take the bus again. Afraid of making a mistake, I asked the staff from the station. He told me how many platforms I forgot. Wait for the bus no. 106. Don’t worry..the platform is not there at 7 kut. The platform is right next to Makamonai station. The station is also small because..I will not go astray.

Alhamdulillah, the weather that day was very good

Come on ..Takino Suzuran is waiting!!!

I forgot to snap the timetable bus Takino Suzuran. Bus 106 This last stop is at Takino Suzuran. This bus is not wrong I do not often very..maybe once an hour … sorry ye not very sure. But that day our luck was good. Just wait 5 minutes because the bus has arrived. Chuo bus his name. From outside the bus was kind of bad jer. Go inside’s just new. So do not look outside..hehehe. Go up behind .. go out in front. My sis continues to want to pay for the ticket..there is a little misunderstanding this time. Actually to pay for the ticket is time to go down. Other passengers please explain because the bus driver does not know English. Travel in half an hour. Along the way, this bus has stop2 in several places. This bus goes through the housing and then through the hilly road. Takino Suzuran ni is located on the hill yeee.

Actually, we don’t want to go Takino Suzuran, in fact there are some Thai tourists and also local people want to go there as well. When we get off the bus, we have to walk to the front of the tower. Entrance fee is free. This place is not only open time snow..even always open as a place of recreation.

This is the entrance

When entering the Takino Suzuran area. 1st, we first go into 1 building reserved for rest and store items in the locker. We took this opportunity for breakfast

Berahim fried rice is a meal.

This time the trip will not have my favorite this time is … snap a tree with snow … hehehe

When you get here … 1st time, need to go to the information table. The staff in this building will help us explain what activities can be done at Takino Suzuran. Don’t forget to ask for a map. Among the activities that can be done are … snow shoeing, skiing and even tube sledding. I really don’t want to ski..because I’m not good..hahaha. Like snow shoeing and tube sledding, believe it or not it is free ?? Please believe !!! It is free !! We chose snow shoeing first. The distance for snow shoeing is 2km..but we walked less than 1km.wakakaka.

Taraaa … this is the set for snow shoeing. We were given special shoes that just tied to our shoes and the ski-like stick had that stick. It’s awkward, he started that way..what’s wrong..he has to walk properly in a crotch situation … hahaha.

Snow here is as high as 1-2m I am a bit. If you wear shoes to walk..can sink ..

The trees are just twigs jer..later when I want to spring, the leaves go up

My little snowman … hehehe. Remember to be happy because I want to make snow for this snowman, .. it’s hard apparently..heheheh. When you wear gloves, you want these snowballs, you really don’t want the shape … to break. So you really have to use your fists..then it just happened. The cold is like holding ice …. eiiiiiii … grrrrr …

Wahhh there is an igloo … this snow if compacted will be strong. I try not to knock.

After the snow shoeing return..we also want to walk to the tube sledding area. Before that, possing it first … hehehe. This time the snow has started to fall..the sky is starting to get dark. Shock came here because there were not many people.

This time there are children who seem to do sports activities for skiing

Want to walk here in 5 minutes like that. Although this tube sledding is free, do not think we play this thing without security control. To take the tube there is a guard..then there is a machine that will bring us happiness. No need to drag the tube every time you want to go up. We just sat in the tube..the rope in the tube is attached to the machine rope that pulls up. There is a person at the top at the top of the disconnect then we drag the tube a little je area want sledding tu. Time to sledding even if someone notices. When the sled gets to the bottom there are people noticing. Like you should not make this tube sledding is free right ?? But it is indeed free !!! Hahahah.

This aunt looks shocked right ?? in fact he is a coward. Before the sled, I was happy to hold my chest because I was scared …. hahaha. When he slides his face, he is not pointing forward..but backwards … hahahah. When the snow screams into the mouth..wakakakaka. Last-last surrender. He told his sis, he was afraid of lying on his back then broke his neck..sorry makayah in the village if he died..hahahaha. Then, he had to look at his sis because he was playing..hahaha.

We plan to take the 2nd last bus, which is at 2.30pm, I am not mistaken. After that, my sis is satisfied with this game..we even walked to get the items in the locker. That time the snow was getting heavier. I shivered coldly. Lastly, my sis wrapped me in mafla. Walk me with jer eyes not wrapped … hahahaha. Hamik … I really want to see the snow fall … haha

Bai Takino Suzuran … I really enjoy being here

It doesn’t look like that small house … in the plague we are waiting for the bus. There are chairs to sit on. And we met again with the bus passengers when they arrived..hehehe

For our next destination is Sapporo TV Tower. Locationny is at Odori Park. So, we direct jer subway from Makomanai to Odori Station. When it comes to Odori Station, I don’t know much about that time Odori Station There are dozens of exits. When I see exit 5, Odori Park, I invite my sis to follow that exit. When you go out… you can see Odori Park, but Sappro TV Tower tu nu ha 1KM ke depan..memang nampak jugak dari exit tu. We can go back to Odori Station and exit another exit … tapiiiiiiiii … suddenly we see the restaurant signboard …. write halal..the name of the restaurant is Krishna. For all info, if you follow exit 3 you can continue to find this restaurant. It is actually the same level with subway station exit 3. When we exit exit 5, we have to go down 2 floors to the basement.

When you enter the restaurant … there are some customers. I saw a customer eating a menu that looked delicious. When I ask because I want to order the same as the customer, the owner cum as the chef said..I think u will not like it. Ok. I also order jer without looking at the menu..I want prawn curry, omelet and rice. My sis is ok jer..he just asked for 1 more rice. Oh God, my choice is really delicious … tell me I forgot to snap. The picture above I snapped our 2nd time there. Salad given free tu..perhhh crunchy and fresh. 1st time he came here he shared the salad half of this picture. 2nd time came we asked for a little more. Really recommended this restaurant. The food is ready quickly. The price is also considered cheap. The taste of this food until now I have imagined … hahahaaha

I’m full..just we headed to Sapporo TV Tower. Persistently walks in the snow. We will climb to the top of this tower … grrrrrr

Here I share one tip. Enter this web -> Coupon Dicount. Save coupon in your phone then show time to buy a ticket. Amoi take care of the ticket at a glance and then continue to give us a discount … hehehe.

See ?? The steel structure I’m holding looks like it’s about to end, right ?? Ohh ye … when you want to take the elevator, don’t worry..there is a beautiful amoi that will take us up and down.

Sapporo from above … humans are like ants

Zoom in a bit

It’s okay to wait until it’s dark..when you see the lights open a little..snap there snap here a little..then we decide to go back to the hotel. This time is only 5-6pm so … it’s already dark, right?

Then we entered Odori Station, then wanted to have coffee. Because we will not have dinner again … then I am ready to eat this waffle. We like to drink coffee in Sapporo because the price is cheaper than Malaysia.

Ended 2nd in Hokkaido … wait for the next entry. Follow our planning to go to Hokkaido Historical Village..but so ?? Wait for the next entry !!!

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