Travel and Food: Hokkaido – Shiroi Koibito (Part 6)

Assalamualaikum …

The train we boarded from Kutchan will stop at Otaru..we need to change trains to go Sapporo. When it arrives Sapporo Station, without wasting time we continue to want to Shiroi Koibito. We use Tozai Line and the last stop. When out jer Miyanosawa Station which is the last station..we see there is a cab arranged waiting for the customer. We have never taken a cab yet… so we decided to take a cab. I just pointed out the location Shiroi Koibito That’s what I snapped from the inner folder Miyanosawa Station. Uncle Cab knows that place. In 5 minutes because we have arrived … hehehehe. The meter did not even have time to move …. hehehe. Uncle Cab immediately sent us into the building Shiroi Koibito. Get in there… wahhh… .it’s new to fantasy world. Very interesting atmosphere outside the building. Jom tgk photo.

If you go to Hokkaido..don’t worry..don’t go astray..God willing, the reason is that in all subways there is a map..if you don’t understand the can ask the subway staff. Like our case … we snap a map in the subway..and show it to the cab driver.

Less than 5 minutes dh arrived..heheh..the meter did not move anymore. The cab door is ready to be opened by this uncle … wahhh ..

I feel Shiroi Koibito ni best if it comes winter time..kena pulak maksud Shiroi Koibito This is White Lover. This place is a factory to produce European style femes biscuits in Hokkaido. Ishiya namanya.

On the outside Shiroi Koibito It is decorated as if we are in a fantasy world ..

The architecture of the building is very European Style

Cute house. I want to share one thing..while in Sapporo I have 2 shoes..1 sport shoes and one boots. If you wear sport really can’t stand those’s kind of frozen because when walking..haha. When I wear boots I feel a little comfortable.

My Giant Snowman … hehehe

Let’s go in..what do you want to do in that building ?? We can visit the museum and also see how Ishiya biscuits are made.

Every visitor will get these biscuits..crispy biscuits and there is white chocolate in the middle

Part of the season..there is something I really snap because my stomach is hungry at that time. Can’t wait to get to the cafe.

Steps biscuits are produced

Factory that produces clean !!!

And finally we got to the cafe. There are a lot of people looks like I want to wait for the turn to be able to sit by the mirror..ahhh … I don’t have time to doesn’t matter where I sit because I am very hungry..hehehe

Apparently many people are waiting for their turn to sit on the side of this mirror. Although I do not sit on the side..I can also snap this view ..

Everything is dessert ..

I chose this one..cicah2 chocolate … water is also chocolate..hhehe

This is what my sis has..saturated to finish..hehehe

Invite everyone to eat … hehehe

Then I was full until I was fed up..we continued walking. It will go through all the parts because the arrow has been provided. The toilet here is clean2 ..

Aikkk … what kind of house is that ?? hehehe

I love snow !!!

I really love snow !!!

Time to go back Miyanosawa Station we blur where to get this cab. In front Shiroi Koibito There is a pump station. I saw there was a cab in the middle of the petrol station..I used my hands to call the cab driver..but the station worker was visible. Pulun lah he wat sign language with me..that is whether I want to cross the road to the pump station or the cab wants to cross there..I wat my signal has a cross because I can quite want Miyanosawa Station There is a direction from the pump station. Not correct with sign language can communicate..hahaha

We went back to Odori Station..before returning to our hotel we had dinner to my favorite place..prawn curry here is really delicious !!!

We have a trip to Asahikawa Zoo tomorrow. We just book online Chua booking yee..then can collect ticket anytime before trip. That time just paid.

The ticket counter is close to JR Tower

For the next entry..I will share our experience at Asahikawa Zoo. That place is very best..and the view along the way is very awesome !!!

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