Travel and Food: Hokkaido – Sapporo (Part 8)

Assalamualaikum …

Tudiaaaaaa… crawling to prepare this Hokkaido entry until it runs out. Ok..ok..ok..I’m telling you exactly what happened on the last day in Sapporo. I want to fly back to Malaysia tomorrow. I am a little proud when my sis is busy praising my planning throughout Hokkaido..hehehehe. Yela..always that’s the only one who takes care of it..I’m lazy because … hahaha. Actually, not all our interesting places are affected. I made the itinerary lightly. If you want to cover everything … later tired..don’t enjoy it. If you follow my heart, I want to stay in a cabin outside that is filled with snow..just want to do that. But my sis does not agree because she thinks it will be a waste of time to do that … she is also right..hehehe

Ok..back to the story of our last day in Hokkaido..I really want to see it Reb Brick Bulding or known as Former Hokkaido Government Building . Our fate that day was very good. The weather is very sunny. We were quite comfortable with the coolness. Snow sparkles with sunshine. Snow is melting. Walking on the snow is not slippery. There is no need to be careful when walking.

The river near our hotel in Nakajima is frozen on the surface ..

My sis read the experience of the forumer in the forum looking to eat shrimp sandwiches in Sapporo station. My sis also requested to eat kat Cafe Croissant ni … I as the leader of the group (supposedly) agree la … perhhh this sandwich is really delicious..not one enough.

Satisfied, we headed to the Red Brick Building..I also found this dessert shop … glupppp..luckily it hasn’t opened yet, otherwise I must have entered … hahahah

From the exit how many I’m not sure, we will get here..the location building is really beautiful. The path to the building is decorated with rows of leafy trees. If the snow is heavy, sure snow is stuck on the branches of the trees ..

The closer we get to this Red Brick Building..the more beautiful the resulting yourself pulak..hahahaha ..

Let’s get closer again..I’m in this’s not interesting at all

The looks like a nobleman’s house..hehehe.

Look at the arrangement of the red bricks … it is not easy to arrange the bricks as neatly as possible ..

Fingers frozen as soon as they write on the surface of the snow … hehehe

A rare view I can see … thank God

Streams that are part of Odori Park also freeze the surface …

This photo is a memento if I miss the situation in Hokkaido. Now and then, I really miss the Sapporo area walking atmosphere, touching the white snow, the snowballs that are chopped into balls and playing propeller with my sis … a joy that can not be described..hmmm 🙁

Just walking … we headed to Sapporo Tower Clock. If you want to get in here, you have to pay …

Ntah saper buat ni..eiiiii..takut !!!

Excess Yen a lot we want to spend it for shopping. Step into the Factory Outlet..this shopping mall is really big. But expensive goods are sold here

Just because I want to see the directory of the complex .. suddenly I do not believe because .. eye-scratches .. clam literate clerk to ensure the truth in front of the eyes .. there is a TAJ EXPENSIVE restaurant in the complex .. oh .. no .. we never know !!! Our sustenance that day can eat more delicious food that we ate in Niseko … hehehehe

It’s just in front of the restaurant..I’m excited to eat that bread. Lots of people eat at that restaurant. We had to wait for 5 minutes like that. Tokey restaurant is really interested in chatting with us. Apparently the restaurant is the focus of Malaysians who take tours.

Very the Indian style you know !!! The decoration in this restaurant is totally Indian style..the workers are all Indian and there is a Japanese jer. Ehhh… we are in Japan to India… hahahaha.

Look at the full of herbs. Creative la dorang ni. Look at that’s really good. This bread is tastier than the bread in mamak. I ordered bread with prawn curry. My sis also ordered bread and cheese with masala fish, it is not my fault. Satisfied to eat near there. Service is also very fast.

Undoubtedly we eat more Indian food than Japanese food. We have never been to India again..but we already like their cuisine …. hehehehe. After we were full, we decided to take a little walk in the complex. Tokey the restaurant invited me to chat again..we had a little chat then blah la.

This area is like Convert Garden in London

I really fell in love with this cheese tart. I went to buy another box..hahahaha.

After quite an afternoon, we decided to go back to the room. Before that, we stopped at Nakajima Park first. Even though the 1st day had stopped, we seemed dissatisfied. I really like this park. The twilight atmosphere makes this park very beautiful and peaceful

We went back to the room to relax before going out for dinner. It’s not over and I want to eat rice with Berahim product. Waiting for the right time to go out to eat, we are ready for packing. Tomorrow morning we will go to the airport as early as possible.

We do not really want to explore the area around the hotel. That night I felt like I was moved to the streets while looking for a suitable restaurant. Unexpectedly, we came across a restaurant that only serves seafood. The main menu is based on king crab. We are on the right step … hehehe. Look at the outside of the restaurant, there is a fully booked post. But we just tried our luck to ask..thankfully we were accepted. We were treated by an amoi..he was the one who took us from below..take the elevator and put us in a special room, a room that is only for both of us …. amboii … best gila lah … hehehe. The restaurant has a traditional concept. All waitresses wear kimonos. Let’s see what we eat.

I ordered disteam rice in this pot..there is king crab in the rice. Luckily the waitress here understands English..we explain that we can’t eat food with alcohol.

My sis also ordered grilled king crab..wahh very tasty..the crab is fresh and sweet

This grilled king crab is provided for us to enjoy eating

Our weakness that night..hehehe

This king crab is indeed defended by the owner of the restaurant..the way it is defended is not in the it is really good. If anyone wants to go to Hokkaido and want to try to eat here..cer look at the name of this restaurant on the banner..Sapporo Kani’s clever google it..we found it..hehehe

After we were full we went back to the hotel. The bags are all packed..I have already ordered the hotel staff to call the cab for tomorrow morning. I really want to leave the place where we camped for more than a week.

As planned, the cab arrived just in time. Out of the room, the atmosphere was really dark. Most likely, at about 5am I could see a snowstorm. The falling snow was not as I had seen all along in Hokkaido. Labat is right and the wind is quite strong. We just asked the cab driver to send us to Sapporo Station jer. We will use JR Train to get to the airport.

When we arrived at the airport, and when we finished through all immigration .. not long after that we only knew our flight was delayed. Apparently at that time the weather was very bad. Maybe I can say there was a snowstorm outside. Not only our flights, there are also flights to Thailand and Korea I am not mistaken. Everyone is hanging out at the airport. Should depart at 9am finally last until 1pm I am not mistaken. Really tired of waiting.

Conditions outside the airport. Thankfully this situation did not happen while we were walking around Hokkaido. This time the snow is really heavy … it looks like the situation is not normal.

InsyaAllah if there is time I will update our cost throughout Hokkaido, Japan. All I can say is, it costs a lot to eat. The food in Hokkaido is quite expensive. Because I am this type of travel & food..I must try food that I have never tried..for me it is not wrong … hehehe. Then the entrance fee is not how much money we spent. Cost for transport can also be withheld. My opinion, if you already have about RM2,500 to RM4,000, you can go to Hokkaido. A trip here is also a bit convenient..because the transport system is very efficient..local people who respect us..attractive atmosphere. If given the opportunity, I would rather stay in Hokkaido.

Who has never experienced like me, when again ?? I highly recommend this Hokkaido. Please come 🙂

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