Travel and Food: Hokkaido – Sapporo (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum …

Hey all. It is time for me to tell the story of my exploration on earth Japan. I was very shocked by this trip because this is the first time I totally arrange itinerary and also budget cost… hehehe. To process book hotel buy flight ticket as always, my sis’ job. Usually my sis’ trip makes everything and I shake my legs jer … hahahaa … but I also study like a place to eat all that. According to my sis, she left everything for me to decide where to go and what to do in Hokkaido later.

Like the previous trip, my sis always told me not to study too much about where to go..or fun watching youtube..just just looking for info on how to go from one place to another and the cost. Why? I’m afraid I’ll arrive later, I feel like I won’t … everyone has seen it from the internet. In other words… travel is like exploring new things, talking to local, seeing something we never seen, learning how to struggle, and the result we will understand what is life. For reference, I put all the info in my phone. For example, folder, JR Line Timetable, translate some words in Japanese, screenshots from some websites and blogs. All of that is very helpful.

We bought a flight ticket in the last 4 months … that is in September 2015. When did you know about Air Asia Hokkaido..I really can’t wait to go there. This trip is on 21/2/2016 – 29/2/2016. Our flight is at night which is 11pm and arrives at New Chitose Airport around 8am. We had to Q for immigration for about an hour..saturated. Many people are right at that time. After picking up the luggage, we continued to the JR line. With the help of the staff information center, we were helped to buy train tickets. We take reserved seats to avoid standing all the way to Sapporo Station.

This time he wants to land … gabra also sees the clouds far as I know if the flight wants to go through the thick clouds, it will sway … grrrr … but Alhamdulillah everything is safe. It won’t shake very much. I like to travel..but most x like to take a flight..kdg2 I don’t want to breathe sitting in there..then gabra if it becomes what2..hehehe

Here we come Hokkaido !!!

During our trip to Sapporo Station, we could see the snow white. According to our estimates, the time we left the snow was over and we had to go to the mountains to see the snow … apparently we were wrong. There is still snow !!! Oh..thank you.

Shock to see the houses in Hokkaido … simple and nice design. I like to look at the shape of the roof of the house … really interesting !!!

Here are the routes for JR Line. Before arriving … I did not really understand what a subway is and what a JR Line is. When I arrive, I just understand. Subway is a train that connects places in the Sapporo area and JR Line is a train on the ground that can connect a more comprehensive outdoor area around Hokkaido. Because we are concentrated in Sapporo, we use the subway a lot.

When I got there Sapporo Station, people are in a hurry… we are hesitant to go anywhere… hahaha. After calming down for a while… we looked at the signboard inside the station..understand for a moment the subway line. Ok… got it. In the subway there are 3 lines ..Tozai Line, Namboku Line and Toho Line. Our hotel is in Nakajima. So, we need to ride the Namboku Line. Good luck need to change subway. Only 2 stops we reached Nakajima Koen Station.

Subway route …

When you leave Nakajima Koen station, eh… where is this..left..right ?? This time my sis started talking… eh… xleh wear the leader of the group !!! Hahaha. After being stunned for a moment, my sis gi asked the cab driver in front of the station..and at the same time I can’t wait to hold the snow..heheh. A little can not hope that time..hahaha. Then this aunt reprimanded me warmly. He asked where it all came from. Coupled with that … he and the cab driver, please tell me the direction to the hotel. Either correct this Japanese people even long before evil kat melayu..hihihi land.

Nakajima Park right next to Najikajima Koen Station … this time I want to hold the snow. This is my 1st time in my life … jakun sikit … hahaha. Oh My God !!! Very fine ..

This is the driver’s uncle and aunt who passed in front of the station. I really want to help … my aunt is really happy to meet us … hehehe. Although dorang has explained … we are still lost.

It hurts him to pull luggage in the snow. Wheels kind of do not function… kind of pull luggage bag without wheels. Plus the cold feeling that just started to feel right… guess right. Pusing-pusing… .macam lost !!! To avoid feeling very guilty to my sis, I acted to ask people in the area. When asked, it still feels blurry. Hahhaha. People say Japanese people are very English. But believe can withstand even if you have English. Last2 I talked to my sis..u stay here..i think the hotel is there..while I pointed in that direction. He took care of the bag and I ran in that direction..yes !!! That’s right..I’m a bit familiar with the area because I had a street view before coming. Then I just ran to get my sis and my bag.

Actually the distance from Nakajima Station is just 5 minutes. We turned around for about 20 minutes as well. After paying in full for the hotel, we entered our room. Wahhhh !!! It came out of his mouth. The room that my sis booked is amazing. Complete with kitchen, microwave, sofa, tv, cooking utensils, automatic toilet..amboii. For 7 nights, the cost for the hotel is 31,100 Yen. Arguably RM170 / nite. It can be considered cheap. The condition of the room seems to be able to stay as a residence instead of a hotel. Oh, I forgot to tell you the name of this hotel. His name Weekly Sapporo 2000.

Before we start exploring Sapporo, we need to eat first. With the kitchen in the room, meals can be cooked quickly. Luckily we have a small pot to buy from Daiso… it can be used. After eating, my sis looked very tired … she was ready to request to start exploring Sapporo tomorrow because … I was worried … the snow outside was melting..hahaha. I also persuaded him..arini did not go anywhere … we just went for a walk Odori Station… there can be shopping while sightseeing. Luckily he is ok.

Our room is on the top floor which is the 5th floor.

This is the end of the bed..the one that is covered with the cloth is the sofa. Transfer the TV upstairs … that’s why we put the half bag on our luggage bag

See ?? Comfortable to cook.

Everything is perfect

So we headed to Nakajima Koen Station. Be prepared to go up and down the stairs … all stations have escalators. Time to go to the subway station … one problem happened … the road became ice. Smooth … we’ve been surfing a few times then want to lie down..hahaha. At that time we just wore sport shoes..if wearing boots is ok again. Nak x nak … he had to stop by 7eleven to buy a kind of pad that was nailed to be sheathed on the sole of the shoe … a little confident to walk.

Across the clear river. Our days across the river … after that tomorrow..the river is frozen.

Taraaaa … this is the 1st place we stopped by …Nakajima Park. This park is very shocking because it is full of snow !!!

When I looked at this photo, I just noticed that we did not explore this park …. there is a lake ready … huarghhh

Art of nature …. i love it !!

If the snow has been on the tree branch for a long time, it will be like ice on the edge of the feels like the old fridge style is like that..the new style now is not cold..hehehe

Last time I was satisfied with playing snow … as promised … we just window shopping. At Odori station There are many places you can shop … underground and also on the ground..hehehe. Underground he can go shopping Aurora Town, Pole Town… I like the most Manumarai shopping complex… that’s what I told you later. On the ground there is pulak Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade. Takpe xclear kat mana tempat yang saya cakap ni … bila sampai Odori Station … banyak signboard yang Bantuan … subway station staffpun boleh bantu jika nak tanya.

From Aurora Town we walked all the way to Pole Town. And find this cheese tart. I’m sure I really want to eat because this cafe says no pork no alcohol.

Starting to buy one jer … because my sis doesn’t want to. Once he saw me eating it was delicious because … he wanted to go home. Dah alang-alang nak beli lagi..sayapun tumpang lagi satu … hehehe. This is a must-try dessert. In the middle of this meal … my aunt and uncle came from Malaysia. He is ready to buy a box of 6 pcs. Had a chat with dorang … dorang ckp that was the second time dorang came to buy the cheese tart because it was so delicious..hehehe.

Caused Aurora Town, Pole Town and Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade we went to these three places. For clothes and shoes shopping … that place is really expensive..we exchanged Yen money at a rate of 0.0361 yen = RM1. We found a seafood restaurant here.

This is the restaurant..the owner knows about Muslims … because Malaysians also visit there. We always use the word NIKU DAMEK which means, do not want any meat.

This is what I ordered … there is rice at the bottom. This dish is seaweed, king crab that is boiled..the shrimp looks like it is not cooked … my throat type can not accept raw seafood.

My sis has a menu with king crab and the yellow one reminds me of fish eggs … apparently hedgehogs. Know even after two days in Sapporo … hahaha. If you know hedgehogs … I really haven’t eaten … hahaha

After I was full..we went back to the hotel. The next day I have to go out early because I want to go Takino Suzuran. Want to know what we did there … wait for the next entry.

Baibai !!!

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