Travel and Food: Hokkaido – Otaru (Part 4)

Assalamualaikum …

Our 4th day at Hokkaido, Japan. Plan that day is to go Otaru then continue to Hirafu, Niseko. My idea is to go Niseko ni. The reason is to experience snow. From my understanding, Sapporo will not have snow again when we go there, so I decided to stay in an area full of snow one night. My guess is wrong..Sapporo is full of snow and the snow is still falling. What to do, the hotel has paid in full..he had to go too.

I told the story Otaru dulu yer. Nak ke Otaru ni we need to go up JR train. Subway only covers Sapporo area. Going to Otaru for about 1 hour is not my fault. JR train from New Chitose airport, can continue to Otaru by going through Sapporo first. That morning we went out at 8am because we wanted to catch up..after Otaru I want to continue Niseko.

Actually to save more, we can buy Otaru Day Pass at the airport. We did not choose to buy the day pass because it was not suitable. The reason is we will not return to Sapporo in the same day. Please remember, buy your reserve seat … I’m afraid I’ll have to stand up later.

There was a funny incident when I boarded this JR train. We are confused … hehehe. When it arrives Otaruchikko, keep us down. My sis said it has arrived Otaru..there is an amoi who woke up from sleep and followed us down. When it comes down …’s kind of weird. The station should be crowded, there is the last station..but not. Many still have not gotten off the train … hahaha. I also asked the staff of the station … laaaa … we were wrong..hahaha..There are 2 new stations until apparently. Si amoi tupun tersilap daaaa … maybe gara2 my sis cakap Otaru Otaru… hahaha. Luckily the next train came just after 1 minute … good luck.

What is in Otaru ?? In Otaru we can see the canal and also the old warehouse by the canal. For the history of the old warehouse in Otaru, you can search from google. I know a little bit about the history of Otaru..before these places were used as ports. The reason is that Otaru is only next to the sea. The old warehouses used to store merchandise. Even now these old warehouses are still in use. Some are converted as restaurants and so on. All this info I know from the mamat that pulls us to use rickshaw. Keep reading to find out our experience went up rickshaw.

When it arrives Otaru Station, 1st thing we do is, keep the bag in the locker. Then after leaving the station, we just need to walk straight until we meet the canal. In 5-10 minutes he also walks. In the walk, you can see the condition of the city of Otaru..the size can withstand..there are also tall buildings.

Walk along the walkway..see you later Otaru Canal

There is tourist information in a building that used to be a warehouse. Go inside to get a folder. The staff inside is very helpful.

When you have settled on the tourist information..just cross the road … in front of the canal we want to go to. This time the sky is still blue … soon it will turn sad..hehehe

As planned, we want to ride a rickshaw pulled by humans … called rickshaw. If you have the opportunity to come here, look for this mamat..he is very good. He is still easy and studying at university and also learning english language to improve his english. This rickshaw service he only made for partime..this persistence sucks. He covered us with a right because it is not cold..hahahaha.

We chose to ride this rickshaw for a while 30 min listen to the charge as much 9,000 Yen. He will take you to a relatively remote area. According to him, not many people can walk to our area because the distance is far. He did not carry it on the banks of the canal, but even the city area. Traffic in Otaru is not, he is happy to pull us to the highway area.

If we don’t ride this rickshaw, maybe we can’t afford to walk along this canal. This time is very cold. Even the hands in the glove, seem to freeze. Wanting to snap using a camera is hard to press. Mobile phones are also difficult to remove. Hot pad I use to heat the mobile phone, afraid to hang. This photo I snap before riding a rickshaw.

Here is a photo of my sis snap before riding a rickshaw

According to the mamat … this building is about in advance, the time it was built first. I was not wrong 100 years ago kut.

At the end of this river, is the port. Kesian betul mamat tu, kejap tarik kami kejap stop nak cerita. Although he stopped, he did not place the stuck behind his waist and looked at our direction..really respect !!!

Other warehouses along the canal

So fun … heheheh

The warehouse is converted into a theater

You can see this on the roof of other warehouses and buildings. If this ice falls on the head, it wants to penetrate..gggrrrr

I’m really proud to show her office … hehehe … so cute

We parted with the rickshaw puller here which is where we met. This time it is very cold … like giving up because I want to walk to the bridge on the right. We are also brave because on the bridge is the port for beautiful pictures.

Oh My God … snow is falling … grrrrrrr

This bird can withstand the cold … hehehe

Finally we reached the bridge ntah mana apa ntah..see ?? Temperature -2.4°…. grrrrr …. it should be very cold. I entered the tourist information hut … I want to warm up the body of the skit … soon many will come in and tell me to squeeze in there … really angry

Otaru map

Sorry my sis this time … she really can’t stand the cold this time. Gigih he snapped this photo … hehhee

A little way behind the tourist bulding, find this shop. Can he go to the toilet?

Satisfied with the canal area roads..we moved back to JR Station. It’s really painful to walk at that time … my legs look like they want to walk. It feels like a bekupun there are already legs at that time. Want to walk a little far. Photo has stopped snapping. The index finger to press the camera does not function …. hahaha. 1st time in my life that’s the situation …. hahaha. This time we are very hungry. Luckily in Otaru station there is a restaurant that is suitable for us to eat. Don’t forget to mention …NIKU DAMEK yer food order time.

Veggie spaghetti and scone. We only share that spaghetti. It’s all delicious, you know !!!

Ok guys, next entry I want to tell the story of the experience in the mountains … although I regret going there..but there are also good ones … wait for the next entry !!! Bai !!

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