Travel and Food: Hokkaido – Niseko (Part 5)

Assalamualaikum …

“Huh ?? It’s been day-4 of my story in Hokkaido?” Ask my sis..hahaha … he, if possible, does not want the story about this Hokkaido trip to end. Ayooo … hahaha. If I do not update the blog he is busy complaining, if I update quickly he is sad my story will end. Isk isk isk. Because this trip has an effect on my sis, she will travel alone to Japan in the next few months..fuhh until it’s like that once..hahaha.

This entry is a continuation of our 4th day in Hokkaido. After we finished at the very best Otaru … we had to continue our journey to Niseko. In Niseko, we will go to Hirafu. Due to a misunderstanding that Sapporo does not snow, we continued to book Owashi Lodge for one night. We have many hotels and lodges to book..mostly need to book for 3-5 days minimum. Info from the internet says Niseko until April there is still we are sure he will go to Niseko. Once in Sapporo, the snow is still thick and still falling. I don’t want to have to go to Niseko because the hotel has already paid.

From Otaru, it ‘s not wrong for me to go to Kutchan Station for more than an hour. Along the way, we tido jer. Occasionally awake, he can see a very amazing view. Snow whitened along the way. A view I will never forget.

This is a slightly clear photo of me snapping time in the train. Macam buih2 sabun … love it 🙂

When we arrived at Kuchan Station, my sis continued to use the public phone to call Owashi Lodge. Cost for our pick up dorang is free ye.

This place is beautiful no matter what season

Kuchan Station which is not big at all. All ticket purchase process uses counter. There is an amoi in there for free service for us to ask anything about Niseko. Can ask him to recommend any activities that can be done.

There is a cute house by the cute..hehe

I walked near that cute house..the result of this photo..this tree is next to that cute house..I really like this photo

We were invited in 10 minutes like that. I love the view along the way. Snow there is thicker than in Sapporo. The situation covered in white snow makes the place look like in the movie I said before. Everyone must go through this experience of mine … well worth it !!! And most unexpectedly..view area near our lodge like in Switzerland..hehehehe

There are a lot of foreigners in Niseko here..the Owashi Lodge workers who are ambitious we are also minah salleh. We don’t seem to be in Japan… the situation is really different there. We are used to being treated warmly in Sapporo and Otaru, when we get to Niseko..the situation is not so comfortable for us. Mat Salleh in Niseko is not so polite. The Owashi Lodge workers are all mat salleh..from the way they the US.

This is the vehicle that took us to Owashi Lodge

This room for 1 night is about RM400 more. Toilet outside yeee !!!

When leaving the room… can see this view from the window

After a short break, we also want to walk around the lodge area. I plan to play snow rafting and snow mobile..when I look at the price..oh’s expensive. We can’t afford it !!!

If you zoom in a little around the hill … you can see people in the middle of skiing

Bestnya kalo nilah rumah saya… hehehhe

Laaa … here it is..remember to say Sapporo jer. I really like this tart..keep buying !!

It’s our time to go out, the day is starting to get dark at that time, it’s only 5pm

We plan to eat at that black restaurant … apparently we found the best and halal food

Taraaaa … Oh God, thank you very much. Indeed, I have found info on the internet about this Taj Mahal van …. but in this info, this van is gone. Kena take away ye. This Taj Mahal also has a restaurant..but a little far..need a car.

a little way forward sana meet Owashi Lodge.

Nilah our dinner. That bread is very tasty. I ordered rice… my sis roti nan. Once I ate that bread. Double delicious to compare bread in Malaysia. With that rice I ordered chicken masala … and my sis ordered chicken tikka..chicken tikka is the tastiest

We haven’t been anywhere since then. I don’t know where to go… I haven’t studied much about Niseko… why I didn’t overlook it. I want to ask the people of the Lodge..everyone is pretending. Last morning we decided to go back to Sapporo.

Tomorrow … we will be out early. We want to take the train at 9am more. With a payment of 1,000 Yen..we were sent to the station. It was a bit funny when we went to Niseko for a very short time. Whatever we have experience..enough is enough (persuade yourself … hahaha)

This is the situation of Niseko when we want to go back. The view is slightly obstructed.

Bai Niseko… even for a moment, so be it. I will remember this experience forever.

Wait for the next entry..I will share my experience as if I were in a fantasy world 🙂

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