Travel and Food: Hokkaido – Nijo Market & Daiso (Part 3)

Assamualaikum …

We’ve reached part 3 apparently, right ?? hmm..this entry I want to tell our 3rd day story at Hokkaido Island ni. When the 2nd day at Sapporo, we are experts about subway. Already quite familiar with Odori and Sapporo Station. I already know the behavior of the Japanese. hanging here and there has become a habit. Isn’t it..this Japanese is very, very polite. Really different from the Japanese who colonized Malaya first..look at the movie EMBUN first..right angry with the Japanese..rape people at will …. shoot here and there.

Anything that needs to communicate with the Japanese, we must be treated very well. That respect has become a habit. If you pass in front of the subway staff, you must bow down to everyone. I can’t afford to be like that..heheheh. Another thing that I respect Japanese people, dorang does not force people to buy dorang goods. If you go into the store, you want to go here and there and wait for the service..if you don’t buy it..people smile and respect. Kat Sapporo, it’s hard to find garbage bins… I can’t find garbage dumped everywhere … hmmmm … that’s weird. Homeless did not appear. My message, if time wants to get on the subway or get out of the subway… .don’t want to walk around in the middle of the road..because the Japanese are all fast roads like that time for gold. Want to walk slowly..sit on the edges.

Another thing I noticed..go to any store, there is a small container for us to put money if we want to buy anything. Take the same cab… from the smallest shops and the largest shopping complex and restaurant. I don’t know what the government’s conditions are … heehe.

Back to the next story. According to my planning, that day is a day for us to Hokkaido Historical Village where we can see all kinds of houses from all over the world. When I look at the weather that day, I change the planning. The weather that day was a bit heavy snow. It’s cold, don’t talk … shivering..stucking teeth because of trembling..hahaha.

This is my 1st snow experience. Don’t want to force myself to cover all Hokkaido. My sis who has many years of snow experience can’t stand the cold..what else am I..hahaha. It can be said that my sis is wrapped until her eyes can see jer..haahaha. Sometimes I snap a photo of him with that situation..I will say..I don’t know how to snap this..hahaha. I language myself dikla with him..Zila = dikla. If in the village, people call me by that name. If the younger ones will call me kakla..lalalalala..hahaha.

Ok already… long chatter pulak. That morning I plan to eat seafood. We want to Nijo Market. We also took the subway Odori Station. With the guide from the information table..we also took the last exit… I’m not wrong exit no. 43. The shocks went on..stopped at Manumarai Shopping Complex.

Mandatory things before leaving the hotel … must be photographed in front of the hotel. That night, the snow was very heavy, so the road was covered with snow..there were bulldozers carrying snow so that the road was not covered with snow. When the road is full of snow..walking will not be slippery.

Not far from the hotel I stay … there is this old style house … beautiful right ??

It looks like there is no tree branch on the rope ?? I think the purpose is to support the branch from breaking when snow accumulates on the branch. Some are ready to cover the tree with plastic.

The river that we passed these days has frozen its surface

Enter the shopping complex which is 9 levels if I’m not mistaken. This complex is 2 floors down..can enter this complex from Odori subway station. Enter jer… wahhh… .food paradise. All the food there I think I want to eat !!! I picked up some biscuits that I believe are aggredient. Then we bought famous biscuits in Hokkaido as a souvenir.

Entrance … can be seen when walking to exit no. 43 at Odari Station.

Giler look at the cakes and biscuits here

Lots of very nice biscuits and chocolates in the pack … perfect for souvenirs. Amoi is very good at speaking..he told all the ingredients..sure to buy

There is also a hot cake here..I bought the red bean core … put it in my jacket pocket..when I remember wanting to eat … it is not tasty because it is cold..the other core is one..a nut is a kind of nut. .

We were told by the biscuit sale girl that we wanted the 9th floor to claim the back tax we paid for the biscuits. we bought. We also went up there..once… .food paradise again. This time it can be ready to taste again.

Not only us jer dok try to eat the food sold there… even local… hahahah. We ate until we were full… hahaha. Then I said to my sis..we are full of reeds now..let’s go for a walk first. Then he agreed.

This lady told us to taste this anchovy..I’m a Korean and Japanese drama … anchovies really taste so raw … we also taste it..crunchy and a little fat..I bought 500 Yen .. back in Malaysia I fried chili and onion … perhhh..delicious … lost a little

This oyster and squid are very tasty … the person who sold it said he put jer soy sauce. When I asked what was in the squid..he was ready to draw the squid and showed the shape is in the squid’s body … it means squid eggs … what else … keep breathing..fuhh very tasty

Sweet potato mixed with sira sugar … sedapnyaaaaa … I want to try it for sure

So cute … this is a kind of food too … but takleh try rasa

After being satisfied round Manumarai..we continue our journey to Nijo Market..can’t wait to eat king crab..hehehe. Near the exit … saw a person who entered full of snow in a dorang jacket. That means snow fell like our 2nd day in Sapporo. Oh no !!!! It hurts to walk when the snow falls … cold to the point of not being able to breathe. Luckily my jacket that day had a cover. From the exit it is only 500m to walk. After crossing Odori Park..look at Nijo Market … yeeee !!!

Want to walk from Sapporo TV Tower is also close … this park I think is part of Odori Park.

Then cross the small river … it’s on the right side..that’s it Nijo Market

In this building there are several lots of shops..each shop sells seafood. Find a store that sells fresh seafood..that is alive again. We walked to the left end of this building … and found a shop that sells live seafood. Our mission here is to try king crab.

Mostly shops that sell food that is raw … my throat is this kind of can’t accept food like that. Ever tried … but wanted to go out again..hahahah

6000 Yen for this king crab is expensive. Dah la tak fresh..boleh dapat harga lebih kurang gini untuk king crab yang hidup. This shop that sells seafood also has a table for us to eat seafood of our own choice..very interesting !!!

I’m not wrong, this crab is called hairy crab … it has feathers on its skin

Oyster … some are still alive … some are dead

This is the new time we know the 1st day in Sapporo where we ate sea urchins. At that time we thought it was a fish egg … hahahaha

still alive..

In the shop we chose, it was full of king crabs sitting in the aquarium..bro ni amik crab and weigh..if you can negotiate a little ye..which we choose is more or less 8000 Yen. Discuss has a discuss, we agree to look at this the 1st time we want to eat. We choose to boil..can also ask him to bake ye.

Hot tea is given free. This shop only has 1 dining table that can accommodate 6 people like that..when there are 6 people at that seems to come to eat together jer..hehe. The Japanese mamat next to me sometimes bumps into my hand … bowing means sorry..hahahaha. When the food arrives … this person looks at that person’s food … that person looks at this person’s food … hahaha.

We can get female crabs apparently … looks like there are eggs ..

Every crab pinch has been cut right … it’s very easy to eat … the contents are really sweet and fresh … no need to add other foods already..more crab is enough. You have to try if you go to Hokkaido …. really recommended.

Very satisfied this time ..

I’m full..we decide to go Daiso. My manager said Diaso Japan is the best from Malaysia … and cheaper. I also asked the restaurant owner how to go … laa … close because apparently..he pointed to the orange building which is just 500m from Nijo Market. We also walked to Daiso.

Trees near Nijo Market

Let’s go shopping !!! mak aiii …. best giler shopping di Daiso ni … ada 5 tingkat tau !!! Every single item is 100 Yen!!! 100 Yen!! That means just RM3.61 jer !!! If in Malaysia it is RM5.30!!! Hahahahh … I have a shopping spree !!!

After shopping..we still have time. So, I decided we were going to Hokkaido Former Government Building. I don’t know what I read on the singboard..we got to another place …. hahaha.

If I made a mistake..we went too..because it was not far to walk. Just 250m from Nishi subway station.

also tormented the falling snow … oxygen feels not enough..haha …

i missed this moment

Until then … this is Sapporo, Japan … not Europe ye !!!

This design building is really beautiful

The interior is beautiful … there is a cafe in the building..we noticed coffee secaweeee ..

Looking out the window..i really missed this moment. An unforgettable experience..dreams all this time come true. With the blessings of dreams, efforts and prayers … I am finally here … seeing the wonders of the Almighty God. The beauty that can not be smooth this snow is and fills the land of Hakkaido.

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