Travel and Food: Hokkaido – Asahiyama Zoo (Part 7)

Assalamualaikum …

As planned..our day 5 in Hokkaido..we have booked a tour to Asahiyama Zoo. Will be excited because 1st time going to winter zoo. Early on we were at the Chuo Bus counter. Deliver breakfast is not because you are afraid of missing the bus. Yela … pay dearly for fear of burning tickets right. We have alerted that the tour guide will only speak doesn’t matter because this tour alone makes it easier for us to go to the zoo..if we go alone it seems a little complicated. For the tour, the entrance fee of Asahiyama Zoo is JPY4900.

There were various tours that morning. Someone went to Niseko..Hakuba la..looks like he wants to go skiing. Need alert if called. Each tour will be represented by a tour guide while holding a card to call the passengers. Japanese is used..don’t be surprised. Each ticket will have a seat number. need to scramble for a seat.

That bus is really comfortable. Along the way..the tour guide did not know what to did not understand what he was quoting. Last2 fell asleep..But beware !!! Wake up !!! The view during the journey of about 4 hours was extremely beautiful. Left-right..I don’t know which one to see..hahaha. Snow was a bit heavy at that time..the bus driver seemed to drive carefully. I sat in the 2nd seat he can look ahead. It looks like snow is whitening left and right of the road..there are only lanes in the shape of jer tires.

All vehicles look cautious because the road is slippery

This is one view along the way

Nun at the top of the hill there people can be seen skiing

The weather along the way is sometimes sunny and sometimes gloomy

After about an hour more like that..the bus stops like in R&R like that. We quickly went down to eat Berahim fried rice. Pekena pulak kopi panas time tu … perhhh. The journey continues after 20 minutes given time to go to the toilet and so on.

In R&R is full of this machine..there are for drinks and there are also for foods..want to be to..everything is ..

The tour guide’s voice is soft. It doesn’t matter if he understands anything..but his soft voice can cause me to fall asleep..hahaha. After about 3 more roads on the highway..buspun continue to exit Asahiyama. Really calm when looking at the houses by the side of the road all the way to the Zoo. The atmosphere is beautiful. The residents of the area must live in peace..hehehehe. Until the zoo..we were given tickets..everything was included. We are not tied to that tour either… .we are all free to do our own thing … i love it !!! What makes us really want to go to this zoo ?? Hmmmm… .nak tengok penguin lah… cute tau !!!.

I don’t know why I really like this photo ..

Let’s see what animals in this Asahiyama Zoo …

Until jer at this zoo..the sun shines hot..but the cold can not be reduced.

The animals that are housed in this zoo are animals that survive during the back is one of Santa Claus deer ?? Where is Santa ?? Hehehe

heiii I woke up at noon … eh wrong..the owl slept at noon..hehehe

Among the dangerous animals

There are some animals placed in the building..sorry for the octopus because the aquarium is too narrow for him to move freely

Sorry to see these monkeys..the face is red because it is very cold

This polar bear can be seen from inside the building..but not we went out to look from the outside

There are actually 2 tails..various actions shown by this polar bear ..

The main attraction in this zoo is the penguins..I’m not wrong … this zoo is open during winter only..that is Dec to Apr.

After we are ready to see all the animals in the zoo..we relax for a while while waiting for the next activity..that is … Penguin Parade. What is that?? that is the time to see the penguins released..all visitors are instructed to line up left and right of the penguin route later. Many people are really excited to see penguins walking..hehehe. It’s cold at that time, you don’t have to talk … shivering.

Terkedek-kedek these penguins are walking..hahahaha. It is very, very cute !!!

After finishing the penguin we passed quickly because we were afraid of missing the bus..who had to stay … crying..hahaha. At 4pm if I’m not mistaken..we left Asahiyama Zoo.

From inside the bus … I could see the sunset … really beautiful !!

Until we were in Sapporo..we were very hungry. Based on halal food restaurant brocher that we got from customer service..there is 1 halal ramen restaurant in Sapporo Station. Cari punya cari..jumpala restaurant tu … rupa2nya bukan fully halal..janya 1 menu jer yang dikhas kan untuk muslim. There is another pork menu ready. So we discuss again. Apparently in the Nakajima area near our hotel there is a hotel that serves halal food. Art Hotel his name. So we took the cab because we were very hungry while looking at the night view. The cab driver did not know what Art Hotel we just told him to leave Nakajima Koen Station. I didn’t think I saw Art Hotel during the road trip..then I told the cab driver to stop..fuhhh good luck.

There are 2 restaurants that we can choose..we choose that western style restaurant. If you look at the menu..everything is alcohol and pork. Let’s look at the photo …

This is my sis order..what salmon do you know …. very tasty !!!

Tempura I order..macam-maca vegie !!!

When we are full … we walk back to the Hotel..not far away apparently..hehehehe. This time my sis invited me to go the other way..hmmm kind of a little closer in addition to seeing the new view.

Hmmm ….. all day we were at the zoo. Something very interesting. Seeing animals at the zoo is open only in winter. In addition to seeing a very impressive view. A very valuable experience !!!

We still have one more day we used to explore Sapporo. Wait for maybe 1 more entry from me 🙂

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