Travel and Food: Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)

Assalamualaikum ..

Mention Ho Chi Minh must be a lot of readers have all gone, right? If you do not go, there must be someone who knows there are selling cheap goods for Muslims. For example, baju kurung, telekung, both baju kurung, tudung and so on. This place is indeed heaven !!!! And also ‘heaven’ with scams and bad guys. Lots of places I go, this is where I get the unfortunate smell. Keep reading.

This trip is all managed by my sis. This is a real 2015 trip. Just feel like updating..hehehe. Because I did not show any interest in going to Ho Chi Minh, my sis willingly bought my flight ticket back and forth … hahahahaha … sorry for her. My sis study and book a hotel. I went to Ho Chi Minh on September 12, 2015.

When landing … view from above. I once read Prof Naramas’ blog about Ho Chi Minh. According to him, the building here is elongated. It makes the building space narrow. Forget why it was built like that.

Ho Chi Minh is solid.

Until then on Tan Son Nhat International Airport, my sis took me on the bus. I will follow. If you look at the condition of the bus, you will not have aircon … bad and so on. I have to go in and sit down, I want to walk for another half hour. I don’t like that situation … it’s hot again … I want to wait again. He has the temperament of his mother..isk isk isk. Like a cow poked in the nose, my sis got off the bus and I bought a coupon cab. Have a confident shock and all the feelings are there when you can take a cab. If you want to leave the airport area..this driver cab asked for 200,000 Dong, I’m not wrong. RM nak dekat RM20 kut..haishh lupa la. he repeated several times. The situation is like having to pay for parking like that. We didn’t even blur when he asked for money, he kept saying .. “I use my money 1st.” I don’t know how much he paid for his money. Because of the remaining blur..we did not nod and shake our heads. Throughout the trip the driver struggled because we kept asking why we had to pay. It’s expensive. He kept saying he had to be paid. He was not satisfied and said he regretted taking the cab. I don’t feel like serving a view. He also had to pay.

Our hotel is located in … which is what is the name ek..yes please do not save time details for costing that day..aduiii..Location of this hotel is really good. Close to all halal restaurants and shopping places. Process check-in no problem. My sis book a room that can see the city view. I really can’t wait to explore the area near the hotel. After a short break at the hotel, we started..the streets there are a bit dirty. Street food sellers just sit on low and small chairs while selling plastic-lined food..all items are sold in plastic and placed on the ground. Can you imagine ?? But it is not halal. There is also a restaurant, small tables and chairs are provided. When you look at it..there is a kind of sitting upright..ohh mannn !!! The worst..many motorcycles are very strong. Hon pin pong here and there has become a normal way of life. Wanting to cross the road is torturous. Be brave. If you do not dare..until tomorrow there. Eye contact with the rider should be done, so that we can cross … haaaa so pulak.

We need to fill our time all the way in Ho Chi Minh to get to interesting places. Those places are also far away. Need a tour agent too. We are round the hotel area looking for a tour agent..I’m interested in this one. We chose a tour to the Mekong River first..Chu Chi Tunnel we have not decided to go or not. Make sure nego yer !!! This is the time we just found out that the cab driver cheated on us. In fact, only 2,000 Dong to be paid at the airport gate. Evil is right. It was the tour agent who told us after we told our story while from the airport. I paid for everything..we went to eat. It rained profusely. Armed with a raincoat to buy in Malaysia, we are determined to find a restaurant. Apparently this kosher restaurant employees can talk impress !!!!

Rainwater overflows on the roads. It has reached the calf. It looks like a group of aunts and uncles walking in the rain. It looks like the dorang shopping is just ready..sorry. We entered 1 restaurant. In the middle of the order..the restaurant worker can also seem to open the manhole from under the floor … insert the water pump pipe..suck the rainwater from the inside out. An unpleasant odor came out. The water has arrived..the throat is nauseous. Finally we asked the the restaurant opposite the same ?? Ohhh … apparently the same. Same owner. Stumbling in the rain we crossed the road. Wet out. We order fried rice..order also eggs. Expensive ya amattttt … with fried rice with mix veggies. Luckily, I ordered an egg..if we didn’t eat fried rice, it didn’t taste good. We banned the restaurant to come again all the time there … no need to mention the name of the restaurant..the rice pot will be closed later.

With the nonstop rain we decided to go back to the hotel. When he got to the front of the like early he really wanted to enter the hotel. It’s worth doing something else … hotel workers should also tell me there is an Asian festival not far from the hotel. Discuss have discuss..we want to go there. The location of the festival is next to the big roundabout.

That’s when I took out the iphone I just bought for less than a month. And for a long time I wanted to use an money to buy an iphone 5. Once the iphone 6 came out..without delay I continued to buy an iphone 6 plus 64G. The gadget I really want is finally in hand. I have not had time to explore my iPhone yet. My office friend was busy telling me to set a password for my iphone. I don’t care about all that. I really do not like complicated things. Any mobile phone or laptop is never my password. So stupid !!!

I connected yer..I took out my phone..I snapped a lotus flower at the festival. The resulting photo is really beautiful. In my the shock of this camera phone. Then I pap there pap here snap. I still have an iphone..standby want to snap what it deserves. There is a show that uses a statue in the water..I’m ready to climb the chair to be the highest snap show. My actions invite nestafa. When passing through the food stalls of Asian countries … the situation became crowded … my hand was holding an iphone while walking through the crowded. My hand dropped as I walked back and forth. Everything passed in the blink of an eye..someone grabbed my iphone. With my panic back and forth … it looks like this Vietnamese amoi is pointing a finger in a direction that he is not sure about. I’m sure he saw that person. I’m crazy. My sis in front of me screamed for a call. We both stared like crazy people. And finally I sat stiffly. I imagine it’s all a dream. A dream that I could not keep awake from lena. Amoi was somewhere. My sis did not let go of my hand..for a moment she hugged to calm me down. But really..I’m just stuck.

There is a helping hand. He pointed to a group of policemen standing not far from us. Language issues limit our communication. We were taken by the police to a Malaysian stall. There was a mamak grinding roti canai at that time. Our country stall is full of customers. But the mamak kept coming and asking about our problems. With his oily hands he grabbed his phone for us to borrow. Nothing can help. The pouring rain should have made me shiver cold. When this happened, I didn’t feel cold at all. We rushed back to the hotel. Using a hotel computer, I try to find where my phone is by using the find my iphone app. That’s when I realized I was late. The reason is he did not set a password on my iphone.

My sis did not give up like me. He wants to go to the police station. The hotel staff took us to a nearby police station. Just walk. The police officer told us to go to the police station a little further away. Without using the services of the hotel, we went alone to the hall. Unfortunately..we can not make a report if we do not bring the hotel. The hotel did not want to follow because they could not leave the hotel. I told my sis..I gave up. Do not mention the phone again. I told my sis incident several times..then I asked more stories..I’m satisfied. The reason is that I do not like to prolong my grief. I want to quickly stop and forget. When checking back find my more icloud my account.

I kind of don’t like to think about problems or disappointments. Everything I consider to be the wind of the past. I thought, if things are already hurting why do you want to think again. Do not because one thing we want to feel sad jer all the time. We have to teach ourselves to be resilient and strong. I try to think, the iphone is too big for someone with small hands like me. Maybe the remaining savings can buy smaller ones. That night I was also planning to replace my stolen iPhone. I made a promise to myself. Missing items must be replaced with similar items either more or less. With that, my tears no longer dripped. Self-commitment to oneself is very effective. I managed to forget a little incident that night

My sis is about to buy a return flight so I feel more ok. I do not agree. For me, even if we return, nothing will change the situation. My sis said she was relieved to see me positive. We decided to do what we had planned in Vietnam. I can’t wait to go back to Malaysia to buy an iphone that fits my hand size..hahahahah. That night I slept soundly. But my sis couldn’t think of a way to get my iPhone back. The next day he was drowsy. Pity him.

Ok time don’t be like me. Regret is useless. Even though it happened for almost a year..the effect sometimes feels the same. I feel phobic about holding my phone while in public. I love to hug my bag when walking. And the situation of the incident sometimes haunts me … I seem to imagine the image of how the person snatched the phone from my hand. I can imagine if someone was robbed openly. Surely that person will be haunted by fear.

I’m sorry I didn’t put many photos. Most of the photos in the hotel all got lost phones..huarghhhh !!!

This time entry is just a reminder for everyone who wants to go to Vietnam. Just 1 day in Vietnam..2 bad things happened. For the next entry I will tell you how cruel and rude the Vietnamese we met. See ya !!!

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