Travel and Food: Europe Trip

Assalamualaikum …

Thanks to God for giving me and my sis the opportunity to explore 3 new countries on this earth … Germany, Austria and Hungary. Before this, my sis once asked me what country in Europe I did not want to go of the ones I told her was Germany … nahh..I didn’t think I would get there..hehehe. I remember Germany can see the skyscrapers..I’m underestimate Germany apparently.

In the month of December last year, as usual my sis will riki-riki cheap tickets everywhere .. sustenance at that time can return tic KL – Frankfurt RM2,400 per person. He continued to strike. Best of all, the 12-hour flight continues to Frankfurt and vice versa without any transit. Settle ticket matters, my sis riki-riki is the appropriate route according to our budget allocation. As usual..our trip is simple, more to leisure, I don’t want to cover all the interesting and best places..part eating..hehehe.

Ok, in short..our trip which is about 2 weeks through the route below ..

Frankfurt -> Munich -> -> Fussen -> Salzburg -> -> Hallstatt -> Vienna -> Budapest -> Frankfurt -> Heidelberg

About a month and a half we have time to study this trip.

Jom layan photo dulu

Trembling with cold in Fussen, Germany.

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