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Assalamualaikum …

More and more people are emailing and also private message in IG to ask Scandinavian trip and also Balkan trip. Alhamdulillah..many of whom Allah has provided for exploring places around the world, including me. Thank you very much when 2-3 PM I said best Norway … ready to follow my itinerary one by one. Writing this blog is rewarding..God willing.

Talk about the itinerary..I want to explain a little to you who are busy posting in the comments asking me to email the itinerary. InsyaAllah I will reply “ok..I will email” and etc. But do not be sad because it is not the itinerary that I emailed … I will email all the notes I typed in google document. Each of my notes, there is a photo, there is a direction map, there is a list of halal restaurants or food must try, attraction places list, location to snap view cun, blog or website link that I refer and etc. If you really want an itinerary, in fact you can all get it. Each of my entries is in 2..etc. What a word ambiguous little time read and jot down. InsyaAllah … later it will be an itinerary … I allow all the info I share here for you all to take. Just do not allow it if the person copies my info then say the info he himself can. Bad temper yer.

Ok, day-3 connection at Budapest. That morning was a bit gloomy. That day is Sunday. Must be people Budapest There are a lot of people waking up..more gloomy and shocking sleep..people Budapest who said..not me yer..hehehe. We have a 24 hour daypass. Can take the tram & subway until tomorrow morning. Cun is the reason tomorrow morning we will move to Frankfurt, Germany.

Where do we want to explore that day ?? Hmmm … we’re moving on Heroes Square. To Heroes Square we took the subway train. Classic giler subway train tu. Make sure to buy a ticket … even if you don’t have gate time to get on the train..people who check tickets are rubbish. If you do not want to be sued … be careful. Subway is really quiet’s not fibrous at all.

Taraaa … here it is Heroes Square. Looks like no matter how gloomy the weather is. It’s really cold, don’t mention it. Subway station here does not complicate like other countries .. get off the train .. go up the stairs and see this view. Cross the road … until then.

Ginilah if winter trip..looks like in this photo like a barrel with a head..hahaha

What place is this ?? Sorry yer..ask for google help if you want to know citation..sis has this blog not Wikipedia..hahaha. These historical chapters I slowed down a bit..that’s why SPM failed. But if the prince charming fairy tale is like that … I like it … hahahaa

I don’t like history either..serve because it’s a work of art from ancient times. Teruk-teruk kut dorang nak wat ni..bagi muka sikit..hehehe. Sorry … this sis likes to joke ..

Not far from Heroes Square is an ice skating rink. Next to the ice skating is visible Vajdahunyad Castle. So, we walked a little further. Not far … within 300m – 500m like that.

This castle is not big at all..coming is free. If it’s in the castle, I’m not sure.

Really fascinated by the uniqueness of this castle architecture. It’s not easy to make a camgini roof. Again, there are those statues … the people who built this castle are really persistent.

Look at the window design, remember the Harry Potter story. Camgini design is more or less like a building near Oxford.

I love castle. If you can attract prince charming can request a castle from

This uncle’s jap friend … sorry for him … for centuries sitting alone.

We took a quick picture because we couldn’t stand the cold

Bai Vajdahunyad Castle

Our time then we want to go to the subway station, this ice skating rink is more lively..the songs that are installed resonate all over the world. This leg feels shaky to join once..but whatever the power..not even smart..hahaha

Nilah one of the subway stations … go down jer continue to the platform

I am not mistaken this building is the National Museum

I shared an idea with my sis to go to a market. Unfortunately the market is closed on Sundays. So, we just serve the view because …

This is another bridge that connects Buda and also Pest.

In the building is the market I mentioned. Officially we seem to be fully covered Budapest you. Stomach asked to be we walked around the shopping street area not far from this place.

Jalan punya jalan..terjumpa cafe kecik molek ni. This waffle we both really like.

Eat Belgian Waffle here and like eat in Belgium..hehehehe. Delicious!!!

We both jer this time … there is also a place to rest tired legs walking

I covered my stomach with Belgian Waffle and a cup of coffee..we continued walking. Buy souvenirs and eye herbs.

The building along this shopping street is really doesn’t matter what we really want to we decided to rest in the room before going out again in the afternoon.

After a short break in the room … we continued sightseing by taking the tram. Quick ride on this classic type of tram..modern ride fast..24 hours daypass let’s say … hehehe.

Budapest Parliament from Buda side … satisfied with using that daypass … we went back to the room again … hahaha. Then we went out at night.

Buda Castle at night … that night we were presented with sunny weather..the atmosphere was no longer gloomy. Clearly visible sky without clouds … only no sun. It was really beautiful that night. The atmosphere of life is right

If so Budapest… the road misses the opportunity to see Parliament at night..very beautiful.

Do not be afraid to come here because many guards guard around this building. Despite the quiet atmosphere, we will feel safe with the guards.

Our last night at Budapest. Feel quite satisfied to explore Budapest ni.

The night is still young..this restaurant we jumped in just 2 minutes walk from our apartment stay … hahaha. I was shocked that night to taste rice …

This restaurant is really comfortable..not many people.

We just shared this grilled chicken wing together with a plate of rice. The salad looks simple..but it tastes good. Thankfully we were full that night.

A little jer again our story in Budapest ni. That morning we will move on Frankfurt by riding Wizzair. I advise..stay near this shopping street because the bus we want to take to get to the airport starts from here. I see this bus can’t stop another bus stop because 1st station org is already full. Sorry. Like the two of us, thank goodness there is a seat.

I forgot to tell you about our breakfast that morning. There are many restaurants in the shopping street area..and we can enter the restaurant that serves this delicious breakfast. The price is ok. I ordered bun and my sis ordered crossaint. The white one is unsalted butter and the strawberry is placed with strawberry jam. This is the most delicious breakfast during our trip. My bun order is soft and moist. Croissaint my sis pulak soft inside and cruncy outside. The presentation was also appetizing. Amboii … people tell me to review food must do this … hahaha.

Me and my sis … travel and food are inseparable. Thankfully I can understand travel buddy..90% like the same thing and do the same thing time travel..understand each other’s situation. Today my sis returned from performing umrah. Thankfully when he heard the various facilities, opportunities, pleasures, tranquility that he got throughout Illegal land. For me he said there are many things he bought … hahaha. Eiii … I can’t wait for the evening. And one more thing, I can’t wait to see what mega trip planning he wants to do.

Ok … settled the article entry Budapest, Hungary. For me Budapest This has its own uniqueness. The atmosphere is a little different Istanbul and a little Crotia..a little jer lah, not much. Budapest is also like other places around Europe which maintains the old building and the design is not much different. If 2 full days here is enough, it feels like going for a walk.

See you again in the next entry … to Germany again we will..hehehe.

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