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Assalamualaikum …

About 6 months I did not travel anywhere. It feels like life is incomplete if you do not travel for a long time..hehehe. Saper told me to fall into a hobby that requires big expenses ?? hahaha. Let’s continue the story in Europe …

After we were full of curry rice, we moved to buy a Flexibus ticket. My sis did not book a pape bus ticket to go Budapest, Hungary. Something funny is happening. We headed to the bus stand not far from Vienna Hauptbahnhof. Supposedly remember that bus is kind of as fast as he can get a seat. I’m ready to stand in front once to get on the bus..hahaha. My sis standby wants to put luggage in the bus bonnet. Apparently many people there have all bought tickets online..hahaha. No sense in telling you now – I don’t wanna ruin the suprise. We both have no tickets. According to the assistant driver, if there is a new empty seat we can buy a ticket from him and take the bus. Thankfully there are still 2 empty seats..only we had to sit apart. Travel about 3 hours. Because I do not sit in the seat next to the window, so I do not have any photos that I can share.

When we reached Budapest, it was dark. I think we will stop at the main bus station. Tup-tup bus ni stop by the road jer. My sis seems to know … I think my sis is ready to study. All passengers move to the tram station not far from there. That time I was not wrong because it was only at 6pm was already dark like 8pm. When the tram arrives … we go up. Eh … where to buy a ticket ?? Earlier at the tram station there was no machine the tram there was no … hah already. We trust because we do not buy tickets..others are the same because they are arrogant like us..hahaha.

Thankfully nothing happened … within 20 minutes we reached the apartment area that my sister had booked. The name of the apartment is The Post Apartment. The apartment area is in the section Pest. While Buda on the other side of the river. Buda + Pest = Budapest… haaaa gitu. We walk follow google map. We went through a happening shopping street. It’s not wrong for me to walk for 5-10 minutes and finally we reached the front gate of the apartment. To enter the apartment, we have to follow the owner’s instructions via email sent by him. We need a key-in password to enter the house. When I entered, I saw there were 3 rooms. Each room is numbered. All I remember is that one house we owned … had to share apparently..hahhaaha. Each room has a key stored in a password box. When you change the password, the box opens..then you can just pick up the key and enter the room.

The bed is really comfortable, the pillows are a little flat..hahaha

Wardrobe is complete..can store a lot of things..this room is spacious ..

The toilet is also clean … only when the water bath is slow to come down … stagnant.

Shared kitchen..we just use dish soap

The night is still young … after touching Maggie Lontong, we went out to look for dessert..hehe. Bestnya we found trdelník we had eaten in Sarajevo last year. Are we going to the country of origin of this bread which is Prague ?? Is next year..muahahahha. Round a little around the shopping street area, then we went back to the room. As usual, I watch movies while my sis updates our record expenses.

Time to explore Budapest. Before starting exploration, the stomach must be filled first. That day Budapest rather glomy.

Not far from our apartment there is a bakery. Luckily this bakery has a table and we can have breakfast as well as appreciate the delicious smell of baked bread. I love bread and the smell of fresh bread.

Our mission that morning … to cross Chain Bridge from Pest ke Buda. Walking jer..building upstairs is still in part Pest.

You can see the iron railing at the back … that’s where the rail for the tram is. The tram station from our accommodation is very close. But our goal at that time was not to get on the tram anymore..we want to follow up Danube River and then cross to Buda. Main attraction in Budapest That is the building that haaa kat faintly behind me tu..jom ayuhhh !!!

The road in the cold does not feel very tired … let’s go Chain Bridge

Sit for a moment to appreciate the uniqueness Chain Bridge

We plan to follow up Danube River by taking a cruise at we have a chance ??

When cross Chain Bridge

When I got to the other side that is Buda, we can jer up the funicular to go up to Buda Castle. But we chose another way, which is by taking an electric bus like the one above. A fee of 8 euros is charged. The bus covers the area Buda cf. Tickets can be used 1 round jer. I do not remember how many places this bus will stop. We chose 2 jer stops. Small bus so there is only a cover with plastic really holds the cold arrr.

Our 1st stop is at Fisherman’s Bastion.

If you look at this design feels like a feefeling in Istanbul

There is a church next door Fisherman’s Bastion ni

View from Fisherman’s Bastion… if not gloomy sure again play this view. The building next to the Pest is Parliament.

Not so big Fisherman’s Bastion ni..15 minutes is enough to take a picture here. The atmosphere is very cold..the place for us to warm up is not we decide to go to Hilton for a while while drinking coffee to warm up.

Originally wanted to drink jer..finally bought a cake.

Have a dozen dap snap lily and rose at this round table..almost this table is about to turn upside down when I press … hahha..haishh … I’m excited

Rich people can arr stay at this hotel..people like us can only afford to drink coffee and eat cake jer..hahahha. After settling down for a drink and going to the toilet like … we are waiting for our tour bus to go to the next place that is Buda Castle.

I snap Buda Old Town This is from the bus

This is the atmosphere of the environment Buda Castle

The panorama view from this castle is really cool..let me tell my sis, I’m tired of looking at the view from above..hahaha. All the buildings look faint … maybe he wants to see the building that is plastered in front of his eyes..hahaha

This castle is wide..go in any can definitely be viewed Budapest and Danube River. Is that light?

The great castle architecture

Chain Bridge from Buda Castle

From Buda Castle we took a tour bus for the last time. We stopped at the place we started to climb. We then cross the Chain Bridge to the Pest side. The stomach has started to fill.

The faults are visible Fisherman’s Bastion from Pest side. When you look at this photo, the atmosphere is like in Istanbul.

We just follow where the footsteps go..finally to this area. If I’m not mistaken, my place is part of Shopping Street. Our apartment is not far from here. This throat doesn’t seem to be able to accept rice cooked by myself..hahaha. I feel like I want to eat restaurant food. The road has a road, we include a souvenir shop. The shopkeeper is Muslim, I’m not wrong he is from Labanon. When asked about halal food, he said there is no halal restaurant. According to the mamat, he ate anything..tawakal because he said..hahaha. We are shopping for souvenirs while looking for a restaurant.

Thankfully we found a restaurant that was sure for us to have lunch. The food served is vegetables and seafood. Farmfood Tractor nama restaurant ni. At that time, we made sure that the wine was not in place.

Taraaa …. the food here is so yummy..the atmosphere is cozzy.

Grilled salmon tastes perfect. Tak over cooked..i like. Grilled potatoes are delicious. The green vegetables are grilled cauliflower sprinkled with raisins..this one is also delicious. This food is enough to satisfy both of us.

When you are full, your eyes become heavy … hahaha. My legs are tired because I enjoy walking. My sis agrees when I say let’s go back to rest first, later it’s time for the sunset to come out again. This is both of us, it can be said that the behavior of both time travel is the same jer..can not force time tired. If you are tired, you still want to go here and there because you want to make sure to cover all the attraction places..for me, what is the use. Enjoy later ?? Some people say … “promise until..tired and tired.” For me this travel is not a “promise until” … but..must enjoy to see around and live the atmosphere, InsyaAllah when you return to Malaysia, that feeling will remain in your heart. I can still feel every atmosphere and feeling in a place I have been to, the food I have eaten, the people I met, the struggle I faced..and etc … InsyaAllah.

We have a daily life sometimes tiring, then work problems again … time travel nilah we want to try to put it all aside first. Sometimes I can forget what the problem is with the office..hahaha. This is the importance of not tying the head of time travel .. less to force yourself to cover all kinds of things that are over our nature.

Oh yes … next entry I will continue again 🙂

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