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Assalamualaikum …


I haven’t written a blog for a long feels awkward..hehehe. Even though I haven’t updated my blog for a long time, I still look at my own blog. There are times when I want to recall the memories of past trips..I read my own writing … hehehehe. There are 2 different feelings between looking at a picture and reading a personal experience. Haishh..beautiful memory ..

We put it aside by memory trip a long time ago..we focus on the new trip jer abis yer..hehehe.

It was a bit fibrous before the trip. Suddenly I was assigned 2 new projects. As a QS, one of my jobs is the preparation of subcon awarding. I really did not have time to study the entire countries that me and my sis will be affected by. Days had to stayback..saturday and Sunday had to work. One day 2 cups of concentrated coffee I live..hahaha. The managers have been battling throughout my absence..haishh. One week because I don’t have that … the other week is CNY leave … what the heck.

1 Feb 2019..after returning from work, get ready to go to KLIA. Condor Airlines is not the same as the flights I have boarded before … for example such as Saudi Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Thai Airlines and so on where we can choose which menu or what seat. If you want to choose the menu, seats, even entertainment on the small TV you have to pay. Mahai pulak tu. Luckily luggage allow up to 20kg free. And halal food is served. About my food story jap gi.

After completing the luggage drop process, we headed to the boarding gate. The average passenger is mat & minah salleh. I kinda dorang ni transit from US to Germany. Our seat is in the middle. Luckily our seats are side by side. Another seat is occupied by either the US or Germany mamat. Annoying giler dia tu..kaki dia smpai ke space kaki saya … pastu on volume video dari hp kuat-kuat. Luckily, his cell phone battery was about to run out and the USB port charger on the small TV didn’t work … ready to borrow my USB port to charge. Then I did not share. Pastu ntah cmner he made him be able to move arrr … hehehehe.

The seat is also comfortable..there are also new seats. There are 1-2 types of movies to serve..the others are all worth buying..cis. When the movie is over … we both play looking at the map on the little TV. Pastu discuss pulak pasni nak ke mana mana … ekekeke..ntah pape jer..belum lagi sampai Frankfurt dah discuss next destination … dasar tamak..hahahahaha.

Even food arrives to be served. Quite hungry too. What a pity the chicken was served. The stewardess understood about halal and haram..she said there was no veggie menu for us. Then we returned and just grabbed the cake, bread and fruit. Once he added bread. Flowers in my heart I see bread..I’m a bread ghost..hahaha. Not enough from that..secekak he brought bananas and apples. Thankfully we met people like that.

When breakfast time arrives..stewardess other serve us. So sad..we can get bread, fruit and even ham for whatever. Eat me bread with cheese. Suddenly the good stewardess came with a bunch of bread and strawberry jam in bottles and butter. Infinite gratitude..can be our supply for 2-3 days..hahahha.

I’m kind of stubborn not to hear my sis say to put the jacket ready in the backpack. Ye la … I remember when the probe from the flight continued to enter the airport..once, no. Get on the bus first. Unfortunately..there were two policemen standing in front of the flight door. That’s the time to look at the passport..want to see the details of the flight back to Malaysia..this is the question What’s more … I was shivering with cold. Just a sweater glove at that time. After the police … quickly get down the stairs and get on the bus. While waiting for the bus door to’s cold.

Our flight for 12 hours..this time is not my fault at 7.30am so.

Part 1 has this story is a bit longer than the listen again yer I have coleteh..lom ready..heehheehe.

To pass immigration is one thing..1st in my life I have to serve immigration camgini. Luckily he treated us both continuously..if I was alone jer..want to cry..hahaha. Immigration wants to see all hotel bookings throughout Europe. Luckily my sis has saved in pdf all bookings in her iphone, so can show all bookings. Then, I want to see the cash we brought … we both collected the money, we passed it to him..he thought then pass back. Credit card also want to look. Luckily I didn’t tell the login saving acct to see the money … hahahha. Very very 1st time in my life.

Next..we walked to take the train to Munich … 4 hours also to get to Munich. Why didn’t we stay in Frankfurt before we went to Frankfurt ?? The reason is that I want to return to Malaysia from Frankfurt … so the last port is Frankfurt.

Train station at the airport for long distance trains.

View all the way..although tired..the eyes feel fresh because they look at the view. In this train there is also free wifi and also a cafe.

Until the Munich Hauptbahnhof … people flocked out of various types of trains. The man is no more … even the dogs are limping out. All my sis hotels are booked near the hauptbahnhof (central station). So, just walk because you can reach the hotel.

Munich greeted us with a gloomy day. In Munich there are trams, buses and even subways.

This time travel, I don’t like it the most..first..sit on the flight for too long..2nd..transitated..3rd take care of luggage. Annoying properly pull luggage. In the map show 2-3 minutes walk from Munich Hauptbahnhof..end up so 10 minutes because you have to pull luggage.

Taraaa … our room for 2 nights. It can be said that during this trip, this is the best hotel we stayed. His name is Alfa Hotel

I’m not wrong we arrived at the hotel around 1 pm..should check in around 3pm. Thankfully we were allowed to check in early. After a short break, we started exploring Munich. When we walked out..we saw a halal restaurant not far from the hotel. So, we decided to have dinner that afternoon.

The first place we went to was the Marienplatz area.

Marienplatz is like a central square..the building in the photo above is City Hall. There are a lot of people in this area. Worried also afraid of pockets.

Fountain area Marienplatz

Shopping street … this time my sis seems to have started not wanting to be healthy. Something wrong with his we decided to go back to the hotel jer.

Last photo before leaving Marienplatz

When we got to the hotel area..we stopped at the halal restaurant we saw earlier. Usually if the restaurant doner kebab will sell kebabs, right … this restaurant is a little different..there is rice and noodles. If you look at the new signboard, you know that the restaurant is Uyghur Restaurant. Let’s see what we eat.

If you go overseas..I like kebabs that are kind of round bread like this. It looks like that red sambal … fuhhh spicy melesing baq hang. But delicious !!!

While waiting for my sis’ order to arrive..I snapped this photo. The fish looked threatening …

My sis has an order. From then on I remember the fried was wrong. This is mee tarik. 2nd day in Munich I just noticed there are people making mee tarik in the kitchen. This is the best menu here … I ate half of my kebab … I must have secretly eaten my sis’ noodles..hehehe. This portion is suitable for 2 people.

Ok guys … get here first..I want to write the next entry again..hehehe. Can’t wait to share the experience in a fairy-tale place like that … Neuschwanstein Castle.

Bai …

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