Travel and Food: Europe Trip – (Germany

Assalamualaikum ..

Our 3rd day journey in Europe …

That day the weather was thankful Alhamdulillah as bright as it was. Snow has stopped falling. In fact, there are still many attraction places that we have not covered in Munich. But I can’t..we think it’s okay if I can’t afford it. We will go to Salzburg that, we only have 2-3 hours because we want to walk around Munich.

We hung out in the room until it was time to check out at 10am. We used to stay in luggage at the hotel. We decide to go Nymphenburg Palace.

Let’s store luggage first

View from the front of the hotel

The remnants of yesterday’s still looks like snow is falling … fine jer

The snow that sticks to this bike is like soap bubbles

Really like to see the snow stuck to the tree branches

Be careful we step because it is slippery … did not have time to get acquainted with the subway and tram system in sad we have to leave Munich for a few hours

At first we decided to take the hoho bus..but mom aii … mahai. It is not worth the time we have. So we decided to go jerlah Nymphenburg Palace by tram

I love that lovely. The sun shines beautifully … contra color on the earth and also the sky..white and blue..ohh..beautiful right

When using google map..we need to take the tram from the front Munich Hauptbahnhof tu..dah lupa dah saya tram no berapa. So, let’s go up. There is a machine ticket in the tram. So sad..just can use coins. We don’t have enough coins. Complaining about it..I want to go ask the driver, his seat is tightly closed. The tram stopped at this station, suddenly a big dog went up with his master … indeed we both lifted our legs down. We were both stunned at the station. Look left and right, front and back, there is no shop to exchange money..haishh. Tetibaaaa ….

Across the street we stood there I saw this … wahhh beautiful. At first my sis was angry with me when I wanted to cross the road because our problem did not settle anymore. I cheated on him … I said maybe there is a shop in front..ehhehehe. Last2 heart he was also captivated by the beauty of this place..hehehe.

If it was in Fussen last night, the camgini view..must be a beautiful picture of the castle.

Although this place is beautiful … be careful too..because the snow on the tree branches is constantly falling down. A piece of snow fell on my head … it also sounded haahhaha.

There really is no shop in that area … we try to get on the tram again. Thankfully..there are other tram staff besides the driver in the tram. He helped us exchange money from the driver. Then he taught me how to buy a ticket..well right.

Ticket for 1 way.

I snapped this view from inside the tram

Ok … until it is … not far from Munich Hauptbahnhof.

It’s not hard to find this palace..get off the tram..look at the bridge..walk towards the bridge … serve Nymphenburg Palace nun at the end there.

The bridge I meant earlier. This river is fully covered by snow..the holes are a bit swan foot. There are two swans under this bridge.

Zoom in a bit. Walk down this river..until you reach Only Nymphenburg Palace.

Nymphenburg Palace extends its building ..

We stopped by this cafe to warm up. It’s really cold outside.

I took the opportunity to taste this pretzel..cannot accept the throat deck. It’s too’s hard

We continued walking down the river

Pictured in school

See ?? Extend Nymphenburg Palace ni ?? We just serve the view from the’s okay to walk in … it’s far away

my tiny snowman..hehehe

View around the area

While walking back to the hotel, I met the swan under the bridge … hehehe.

Before taking luggage at the hotel, we stopped for lunch and packed food to take to Salzburg because it was difficult to get halal food there. This is our 2nd time eating at Uyghur restaurant ni. This time we choose rice and share both. It’s delicious too. I highly recommend mee tarik kat here … especially the fried ones … I will pack them when I arrive in’s still delicious you know !!!

Already grabbed luggage..we rushed to Munich Hauptbahnhof. Quite tormented to pull luggage in the snow that has turned to ice and also the surface of the road scattered with small stones. Not only is it difficult to pull luggage, amused gums when the luggage wheels rub against the pebbles … hahahaha

For this sis did not buy a train ticket in advance before the trip..mostly we bought a counter ticket jer. Before choosing which train to ride … my sis check the price first. Trains are frequent..but some are expensive and some are cheap. Maybe a lot of stops will be a little cheap.

The journey to Salzburg is close to 2 hours. Many times the train also stops. And the view is very beautiful along the way. Not many beautiful photos were produced due to the train window mirror being deflected.

This is the only photo I can share.

Not many stories I can share this time. Stay tuned for an exciting story in Salzburg, Austria.


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