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Assalamualaikum …

Hi’s time for me to tell a story about a village..MasyaAllah the view is really beautiful. For this trip, the first thing I was excited to go to was Neuschwanstein Castle at Munich, Germany and both are Hallstatt, Austria.

Because the place we are going to hit is the village, I also prepare supplies. My sis for an idea..if you want to make fried rice the easy way..time to cook the rice, just pour ready 2 fried rice seasonings … hahahha. It looks like beriani rice … hahaha.

So..camner nak ke Hallstatt ni ?? The day before that we checked with the information counter area Salzburg Hauptbahnhof Where do you want to wait for the bus? From my reading on the internet, many people choose this option to go Hallstatt..iaitu ..

  • take bus 105 from Salzburg Hauptbahnhof ke Bad Ischl..
  • from Bad Ischl, take the train to Hallstatt
  • and finally boarded the ferry to get to the village Hallstatt you.

So we plan so will our trip later..but something else to the end ye..hehehe.

If I’m not mistaken, that morning we left the hostel around 6.30am. We want to take the bus at 6.45am Bad Ischl. My goal is to go out early that morning to see the morning mist Hallstatt. Did I have time ?? Hmmm. Morning atmosphere at Salzburg not too lonely. Many people came out at that time..maybe they want to go to work. Bus station right in front Salzburg’s not hard to find bus no 150 tu ye. We are both jer tourist time tu..hahaha..again sorang dua tu macam local.

As usual, when I want to get on the job is to chop the front place and my sis will take care of the ticket purchase. Oh yes..ticker buy a ticket for the driver.

When my sis was ready to buy a ticket … her face suddenly looked cuak. Eh, why not? Apparently the bus driver advised him to buy a return ticket because it was cheaper. And apparently..we don’t need to take the train and ferry anymore. Let me share our journey

  • Take the bus 105 (Platform F) from Salzburg Hauptbahnhof ke Bad Ischl..
  • From Bad Ischl ke Steeg-Gosau pun by bus
  • take another bus from Steeg-Gosau ke Hallstatt.

Everything by bus ?? I don’t even know it can be like that. My face turned sour..hahahaha. I persuaded my sis and my heart as well that we can definitely reach Hallstatt. It is not possible for the driver to scam anything. The reason is, when my sis checks our budget..the fare paid is much cheaper than the normal route. So, we just feel calm. This ticket already includes fare for all three types of buses..just show it to the driver.

Our 1st bus ride is a lot right stop. Most of the passengers are schoolboys … so cute la dorang tu. The driver did not hesitate to say morning in his mouth for every passenger who wanted to get on. Morning bahasa dorang la..hehehe.

Traffic towards Salzburg is quite congested.

This is the morning mist I really want to see in Hallstatt. In fact, my intention was not achieved because it was time for Hallstatt to sun and shine completely. Thankfully he was able to see this view this time on the way.

If you follow the weather forecast, that day will be sunny. Due to the early morning, the situation was quite dark. Along the way to Bad Isch the scenery is immersive. Not long after that … the bus reached the school area..all the school children got off and left the two of us and some other passengers. I wonder why it is so far right to go to school though Salzburg Is it far from the city from this area ?? Hmm..maybe makayah dorang want school children a safe and peaceful place again engrossing this..hehehe.

I really love the view ..

The atmosphere is getting brighter..the top of the mountain in front of it is golden..I can’t explain in words how beautiful this Austrian land is.

When it arrives Bad Isch..the bus driver also told us where to wait and what bus to take. Good on him. Kecik jer bus station tu …. just ada 4 platform gitu. There is a waiting room with a heater. We waited for 15 mins as well.

Our first bus experienced countryside along the way..for the second bus..we had a chance to see a small town surrounded by snowy mountains. Most of the passengers are local and there are some people who want to go skiing. This bus goes through the narrow streets between the buildings. I like to see a town that is not crowded like jer.

Nahhh …. layan view

The last bus is ready to wait for the passengers from the second bus to get off. In the last bus..this time is a little adventure. This bus goes through a winding road and around the lake. The view served is really beautiful. I didn’t have time to snap a photo because the bus was kind of fast..hahaha.

When I want to get closer to Hallstatt … wahhh … I see that beautiful village..hehehe. Suddenly teasing impatiently. At that time, my stomach started beating. My sis is ready to order..before I want to explore Hallstatt by hook or by crook I have to eat first. I had to be patient first at that time … hahahaha.

When I got off the bus..ehh..I didn’t even see pape cafe. There is one glocery store. At least there is a cafe for us to drink coffee and open our supplies. I saw 3 amoi people from China pulling luggage. I checked this out a bit and wanted to leave Hallstatt. Means dorang quite familiar arr that place. I also asked him if there was a cafe in that area. They showed him the direction to the nearest cafe …

From the beginning I was a bit jer because this is a cafe..I didn’t think it was right..hahaha

Enter the cafe … waahhh bakery apparently .. from the beginning he did not know which one to choose. Everything looks delicious … hahaha. My sis doesn’t care about those desserts..I can’t wait to eat fried rice..hahaha.

Compius wants to choose which one..finally I chose appricot-based donuts. Do you know why I chose this donut ?? It’s all because of the power of advertisement. On the way to Hallstatt, I saw a large banner of donuts like this … so I ordered it..hahaha. My choice is very right. This donut is really delicious. Far different from Dunkin Donut or Jco Donut. I don’t know how many pieces I ate this donut all over in Austria..hahaha. Some people say, apple straudel is the tastiest..but for me, this one is crazy delicious !!!

Ok..satisfied already..let’s explore

Port cun to take a picture in front of nuu haa. The average visitor here is chinese mainland. Ready to know what kind of yee dorang this is. He came with a group..then as much as he wanted because he wanted to disturb our time to take pictures. Please be patient.

When the Chinese midland delegation is ahead..feel a little calm..hahaha.

The houses on the shores of this lake are just beautiful. Everything is facing the lake.

Wood carving tub old house melayu

The position of the branches of this tree is really beautiful. I believe this is a hotel.

The settlement here is quite dense to the top of the mountain. If you are diligent, you can climb the stairs up there

Do not be busy trying to serve the uniqueness of the houses here..look at this lake..Subhanallah..beautiful creation of Allah SWT. Changes in temperature cause the lake to smoke. If I arrive earlier..maybe I can see the morning mist. I want to stay 1 night at Hallstatt, I really can’t afford it..expensive.

Can’t describe how beautiful this moment is. Moreover that day is my birthday..hehehe.

The smoke that forms is moving slowly on the surface of the lake. I really fall in love !!!

That smoky moment is not finally gone..the earth is covered with the hot morning sun.

Lucky if there is a house here. Not only can you see the calming lake..even the mountains that surround this lake.

We were lucky enough that day because the weather was super duper cun poisoned !!!

The further forward … the narrower the road. It is quite troublesome when there is a difference with a vehicle passing through this road. Most troublesome if there is a difference with a dog … hahahhaa.

If the roof is not heavy duty..the house can collapse !!

Let’s go ahead again..can serve the best view in Hallstatt !!

Taraaaa … this is the postcard view in Hallstatt. Soon we are here because it is very cold. From above I can see the ferry full of passengers

Satisfied, I explored this village..let’s eat again..heehe. Coincidentally, our time here, there was a group from Malaysia..about 30 people like that. One of the members of the group reprimanded us. Friendly lady..apparently the group uses Sufi Travel and Tour services to explore Europe in 10 days if I’m not mistaken. Hallstatt was the first place they came after arriving in Austria. I think I just want to start the engine. Lucky for the group..the beginning of the trip has reached Hallstatt. Madam was so impressed because we both traveled and without using any tour agent. It can be said that our itinerary and you are more or less the same..only your trip has more than 2 countries, namely Prague & Slovakia if I am not mistaken. After sharing a little bit of our adventure throughout the trip..we parted with the lady.

Is this lake water clear ?? These two swans are busy attracting the attention of visitors here.

We stopped again at the cafe earlier..hehehe. My sis said in conjunction with my I want to eat cake.

I ordered this … I forgot the name. Rasa macam pavlova. The cream in the middle is coffee flavor..somewhat sis prefers this one.

My sis ordered pastry in the middle with filing cream cheese and barries. The barries are a bit sour … but I like we changed it

Unconsciously around 2-3 hours we also spent here..not realizing time passes.

If you go to Austria..please come here..this place is very unique. Not only that..the trip to Hallstatt will also give a pretty different experience to the unspeakable … hahaha. We used the same way to get back to Salzburg … but this time we just had to take 2 jer buses. When heading to Bad Isch..we just took one type of bus jer instead of 2 types.

Time to wait for the bus to Salzburg..we had a chat with amoi Taiwan. He travels alone. Chitchat until we have the story of our travel experience since 5-6 years..hahaha. He is really interested in hearing our story.

View from inside the bus to Bad Isch

The mirrors from Bad Isch to Salzburg are a bit, no photos to share during the trip to Salzburg. Since the day is still early..we decided to go to Old Town again … just want leisure2. If you only knew we arrived early in Salzburg..we should continue to Vienna. It’s not my fault we got to Salzburg around 3-4pm like that. In the middle of the Old Town round us again with the Sufi Travel in a day you can explore Hallstatt and Salzburg. It is normal to travel using a tour company..many countries can explore. Sometimes one country for one the two of us..until one or two places want to rest like..should be 2 weeks travel can cover 3 countries jer..hahaha. Maybe other people in 2 weeks can cover 10 countries..hehehe.

I really like is not only beautiful..even it feels safe and comfortable so ..

Before returning to the hostel..we stopped first to buy food. This kebab shop is not far from Salzburg Hauptbahnhof..just cross the street..then you will see this shop.

I like to get beef kebab … this kebab bread is also soft jer.

My sis chose another shop..not far from the shop I bought the kebab.

He chose this grilled chicket menu..this chicken is delicious..taste enough. Because of this chicken, my sis can’t finish it..I use this chicken to cook fried rice tomorrow. Can make supplies when I want to Vienna Tomorrow.

OK guys … up to here first my story throughout Hallstatt. Don’t forget to follow the next story ..Vienna pulak ye lepas ni..hehhee.

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